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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by mt2886, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. mt2886

    mt2886 Member

    So i'm getting my laptop tomorrow, but i won't have internet, so will I not be able to play with bots in offline mode? I read they were working on it?
  2. Life-Stealer

    Life-Stealer Well-Known Member

    You can play with bots in offline mode. I did it once and it worked just fine.
  3. Skaloon

    Skaloon Banned

    no never - it's like diablo 3 - they don't want you to crack the game - and play on single player and LAN for free and get LVL 9999 by cheating.

    oh wait...
  4. scricK

    scricK Well-Known Member

    No, you can't. If you don't have internet, you won't be able to connect to DotA 2 network.
  5. mt2886

    mt2886 Member

    lots of diff answers...?
  6. mt2886

    mt2886 Member

  7. darewin

    darewin Well-Known Member

    Impossible at the moment.
  8. CaptainJack

    CaptainJack Well-Known Member

    They should be putting it in eventually, but for now you cannot.
  9. Bernoully

    Bernoully Well-Known Member

    You still have to connect to a server to play with bots, for now. The true offline mode will come later.
  10. MonkeyEx

    MonkeyEx Well-Known Member

    how are you going to download the game without internet? o_O
  11. mt2886

    mt2886 Member

    I'll download it at work thru wifi.
  12. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member

    i can confirm it doesnt work
  13. halfash

    halfash Well-Known Member


    this is what you get if you don't have an internet.
  14. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member

    ^or when you're me, trying to load it up normally. FFS STEAM I DID SYNC MY DOTA 2 FILES
  15. mt2886

    mt2886 Member

    Well that sucks :/