dota 2 not working

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Taiyoukaixzion, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. opens up but nothing shows up. Can't play or anything
  2. TheBigDiz

    TheBigDiz Member

    In game
    Computer Crashes
    Open Dota
    Nothing works
  3. Hemoxyte

    Hemoxyte Well-Known Member

    update steam?
  4. apulmadeekoud

    apulmadeekoud Well-Known Member

    beta is finished
  5. xicoloco

    xicoloco Well-Known Member

  6. WhatDaF

    WhatDaF Well-Known Member

    Maybe dota servers are down?
    Whatever, try to update it or download it again.
  7. B3yondL

    B3yondL Banned

    Open beta incoming, prepare anus.
  8. z10

    z10 Well-Known Member

    you need to be connected to steam
  9. DaftPunk323

    DaftPunk323 New Member

    It's down for me as well

    Sad face
  10. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

    This is happening to me too.
  11. xetory

    xetory Member

    to me too
  12. themito

    themito Well-Known Member

    Servers down i guess
  13. Mizure

    Mizure Banned

    yeah, server are down/cant connect to server, just wait :)
  14. gnaLor

    gnaLor Well-Known Member

    The servers are probably down. They already had problems with with them today, so lets hope they fix it soon.
  15. ADozeNFurieS

    ADozeNFurieS Well-Known Member

    Is this what's happening to you too, guys?
  16. Asmodification

    Asmodification Well-Known Member

    Servers are down i believe.
  17. WallaceGrover

    WallaceGrover Well-Known Member

    They're adding new heroes...
  18. Copy

    Copy Well-Known Member

    chill out :D servers are down nothing more
  19. themito

    themito Well-Known Member

  20. XBocks

    XBocks Well-Known Member

    Don't care it will back soon.