Dota 2 Mouse Speed and Acceleration

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by shadowjerm, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. shadowjerm

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    Hi guys. I was playing DotA 2 and I realized after a couple games that the rate of moving my mouse to move the screen in DotA 2 is significantly different from that of DotA 1. I went into the game settings and saw there was a place to change mouse speed/acceleration. I messed around with the acceleration, making it faster, and that seemed to make it a little more similar to DotA 1. Does anyone know like the exact settings to make these so that it is almost an exact mirror of DotA 1's mouse settings? This would help immensely since I'm better at last hitting and stuff with better mouse movement. Thanks!
  2. Dota2Panda

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    Try adjusting 1st option to 90
    then 2nd option to around 60
  3. PuneetRJ

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    I have this same problem, the camera kind of 'softens' at the end of my mouse move, kind of like what you would see in dota 2 auto camera for those of you not in beta.

    This is pretty annoying :/ Currently I put the 2nd one at 100 and 1st one at midpoint, it's pretty ok but still not what I'm looking for.
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    same here
  5. StudyMan

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    i went with 100-0
    did wonders!

    Stiff like an alchemist's release.
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    Now I know why dota 2 feels a little different to me. Gonna mess with the settings a bit when I get home later.
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    this. :eek:n2long:
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    I got used to it already :D :D
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    is this camera acceleration your talking about?...
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