Dota 2 MMR system?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by BubbleTea812, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. BubbleTea812

    BubbleTea812 Well-Known Member

    So what do you guys think the Dota 2 MMR system is going to be like?

    Is it going to be HoN where it shows your MMR when you play All Pick or Single Draft?

    Or is it going to be like LoL where you have to reach the max level and play Single Draft for it to show you MMR?

    Honestly I like the LoL idea more.

    So whatcha guys hope for?
  2. weMYM

    weMYM Well-Known Member

    i stopped playing lol after finding out i had to reach level 30 to even start to care about the game
  3. Graybes

    Graybes Well-Known Member

    The game should have a completely hidden ranking for MM but still show a level based on how much you have played. There is a level system in the profiles already. I hope they use that just as a progression and unlock thing and to show how much someone has played. MM ranking numbers should stay hidden.
  4. Elqt

    Elqt New Member

    Well as we have seen in League of Legends and has obviously carried over to DoTA2 (Despite not working yet because of Beta), we're going to recieving a leveling system and I really don't know if a 'ranked' is really going to justify it. I'd appreciate more of a Starcraft 2 approach to ranking (despite all the flak that it gets) I find it is a great representation, you have a hidden MMR and your only ranking is really represented throughout a league (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters, Grand Masters) and within your bracket (usually around 200 players) you can move up throughout them and even hold your spot within your own individual league.

    Take out the 'individual league' aspect of it, and we seem to have some rough representation of what a players skill level is at, be it that you may have to add a few more rankings along the way (have about 10 or so) to make it a little more accurate. I think it would be excellent.
  5. Semi-Formal

    Semi-Formal Well-Known Member

    Either way, people are going to cry about how unfair the system is and they should be ranked higher. Also, noobs are only on their team, not the opponents.
  6. xRdR

    xRdR Well-Known Member

    Keep it hidden. It works just fine right now.
  7. WoodWyzard

    WoodWyzard Well-Known Member

    Well usually the way MMR works in games like this is, the servers search very hard to find people who've played the game for maybe 2 days now and puts them all with you while the enemy team is comprised of Koreans moved to your server via "magick" for great rage.
  8. Cecrit

    Cecrit Well-Known Member


    The Starcraft 2 system worked well for me, you have your goal to get to the top off your bracket..and still you are not compared to the rest of the world. All you see is your league and that's it.
    Great for your e-peen as well
  9. Manlybug

    Manlybug Well-Known Member

    Valve is probably gonna think of something unique. They have tendency to experiment new ideas.

    Go Valve!
  10. nickmpidis

    nickmpidis Active Member

    Theres obviously goin to be one but not right now
  11. revenoff

    revenoff Well-Known Member

    there already is one, right now

  12. FGBgaming

    FGBgaming Well-Known Member

    if they want to succede in this game we need ladder, this is not casual game we need ranking
  13. EmtZasz

    EmtZasz Well-Known Member

    True that.

    People won't be satisfied whatever the system ends up being. "It's always the teammates man, only reason I have this low rating". There is already a system intact. It's just hidden. It might be kept hidden but I would prefer if it was available. If we had private stats and rating just for us to see then some people might actually wake up from the dream that they are all pros and try and improve, start accepting advises and so on. That is the only reason I would want it. My stats and rating at Hon helped me improve so much because it was the only reason I realized how bad I was and worked on my game. It is satisfying in my opinion, still not everyone has to improve in order to enjoy this game though.
  14. Vadoff

    Vadoff Well-Known Member

    There definitely needs to be some form of exposed ranking available to the player. I don't care if the exact numbers (MMR/ELO) are given, but there needs to be a way for the player to know how he/she stands up to others, whether it's ranking on a list, leagues, ratings, etc. This is a given in such a competitive game, and all other competing MOBAs have this for a reason (as well as garena, and other dota 1 clients).

    Having it completely hidden just feels really murky, and really takes away some of the passion in tirelessly raising your skill level and rating.

    Some people have issues with having ratings exposed because players will flame each other in games. I actually believe it would diffuse arguments more quickly than spark it, as a player with massively lower rating wouldn't be able to argue back much. Also, matchmaking does a good job so it would be rare that you encounter someone that's far below your rating. And if there's still a problem, the rating system can be made so that it's only viewable by the player, and not to the public. I, and I'm sure many others, just need some way to tell how we stack up.
  15. ChaQ

    ChaQ Well-Known Member

    They should copy ranking system from starcraft 2. It's almost perfect.
  16. LemonCrusader

    LemonCrusader Well-Known Member

    There should be a ranked option with visible MMR, so that people can more easily know what skill level they are at and what to strive for. It should be captains mode to make it even more hardcore and to make sure that people don't end up with 5 carry heroes. Invisible MMR is just lame, it brings no joy and you have no idea when you have reached your goal.

    They should also have a normal mode without any matchmaking at all so that people who don't take the game so seriously or just want to practice can play. This mode should have all the neat features such as random gold.
  17. LemonCrusader

    LemonCrusader Well-Known Member

    Edit: Get a new server for the forum T_T
  18. MurNa

    MurNa Well-Known Member

    i dont fucking want to play as solo que vs tryhard premades
  19. Endorian2

    Endorian2 New Member


    Some amazing facts you quote my friend, I agree in what you say.
    - Of course you depend on your team's composition of players but still... its not always that. Many players forget to count themselves in when blaming "their awful teammates". Like you are that perfect gamer without mistakes -_-

    - I do think there should be some visible kind of rating like mmr or elo. BUT therefor it shouldn't be shown to other players. Keep the current system (like i know how it works...) but change the fact that I can not even see my own statistics, rating, average gpm, xpm, etc.
    Like the guy here said before me, some players do find that important to improve themselves.
  20. samekind

    samekind Well-Known Member

    Play with friends. Always.
    This will make any rating senseless.
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