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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Dohvakiin, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Dohvakiin

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    Havent played dota 2 yet, but if may i ask, the buying items there? is like dota 1? (different shop for each type of items) or like in HoN (a drag down something)
    dont know about LoL havent played it yet...
  2. Rabadon

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    You have some recommended items on left :p
  3. Maydie-

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    It's nothing like Dota 1. Surely you've seen some screenshots from the shop on the net? It's basically one single shop where you buy your items. And you have different tabs to choose from, like "Upgrades", "Weapons", "Support", etc.
  4. sweetjones

    sweetjones Well-Known Member

    dota 1 shop is abysmal.
  5. dota.imba

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  6. wesai

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    Dota 2's shop is just like the normal Dota's, the only difference is that it's improved and easier to use. Each shop in Dota 1 is represented by a category in the menus in Dota 2.

    You will get used to it pretty fast, and you can build your own recommended items, which is amazing. Don't want to finish building an item through browsing the shop menus or usinga large amount of hotkeys? No problems, you can stick all the items you will need on the UI for easier purchasing.

    In my opinion, Dota 2's shop is great. There's many things to improve about it yet, but with enough feedback those things will be addressed.
  7. FGBgaming

    FGBgaming Well-Known Member

    It like HoN shop but without key binding and without draging

    U can do everything with right click, and some draging that is not needed with left click

    Like HoN one if you played that
  8. Dohvakiin

    Dohvakiin Member

    ok, well thanks for insight, looking forward for a beta key lol and the eventual release of dota 2

    HHHNNNGGG Well-Known Member

    I miss the old item arrangements.
  10. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    It's like this:


    There is also the new version. There are 2 tabs with just items icons, one tab for basic items, another one for composite ones.

    Note that screenshot is pretty old and UI has changed a bit since then, including shop options.
  11. Dohvakiin

    Dohvakiin Member

    it really does look like hon... all item are included or the secret shop is seperate?
  12. N0oDLX

    N0oDLX Well-Known Member

    Secret shop is separated.
  13. ParaToxic

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    It looks interesting :)
  14. raio

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    same items as dota 1
  15. Alzenryo

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    no, its different

    Dota2 shop like a shop at HON