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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by ptoss1, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. ptoss1

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    Hello my friends, I'm here because I need a little help.

    I'm a veteran LoL player, and recently I've got a DotA 2 key, Then I started playing and the fact that most confused me was the mini-map to be on the left side.

    In LoL, the map is on the right side and can be easily configured to the left, so I wonder if you can change the minimap place in DotA 2, and how can I do it.

    Thank You!
  2. BearSengord

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  3. LemonCrusader

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    Why would you want your minimap to be on the right? It makes no sense at all.

    You should embrace the fact that the map is at the side where it's suppose to be.
  4. ptoss1

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    just drag it? o_O

    So, as I said, I'm a veteran League of Legends player, and I'm used to look the map on the right side.

    So, I didn't stop to play LoL, and I want to have a similar interface on both games.

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  5. okrane

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    it's currently not available in the beta but I reckon it will get coded at some point, it's just not in the priority list
  6. Green Yoshi

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    Well, sad news for you: You can't put the map on the right side
  7. Machz

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    Haven't seen an option that enables this.

    Suggest it in the Dota2 dev forums.
  8. BearSengord

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  9. ptoss1

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    Is it Fake?


    Too bad quality image, only now I could see that the image is inverted ^^

    nice try

  10. Hemoxyte

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    Try asking this in dota2 reddit.... iirc there was a post on making it so...
  11. imaHooker

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    Are you serious?
  12. MeePwn

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    The entire interface is still WIP, it will be worked on eventually and if alot of people feel the same it will be implemented. That's how our friends at valve roll!

    as for justification, the minimap on the right side is a little further away from where you usualy look at but it's also less likely to accidently rightclick the minimap that way.
  13. QQmorebro

    QQmorebro Well-Known Member

    Just get used to the interface, no problem in that
  14. ptoss1

    ptoss1 Well-Known Member

    I not only think it should be a priority, but would have already been implemented...

    this is ESSENTIAL, after DotA 1, so many similar games have been created and all of them have a configurable interface.

    And if Valve wants to take players from these games, it should provide a comfortable gameplay for all.
  15. QQmorebro

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  16. MNoya

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    They guy asks if it is fake... lol...
  17. Rabscuttle

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    He means the monitor
  18. ptoss1

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    You're very wrong.

    it shoud be written as follows:


    and DotA 2 have a specific situation that it have to attract players from other very simmilar games that have small differences that can easily be implemented to DotA 2 to make things more comfortable to these new players.
  19. Zeibi

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    DEAL WITH IT.jpg
  20. scricK

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    No, you can't don't get trolled, just deal with it.