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  1. Painkiller!

    Painkiller! Well-Known Member

    so, Internet in my country is really really slow and it's impossible to play a game online, too much lag etc
    my question... are they going to release DOTA 2 with LAN option anytime?
    it's true most of the games are played online these days, but I think LAN can be useful still

    EDIT by Cymen: Just so we do not have more false information in this thread, here is a link to the confirmation of this feature.
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  2. matrixer

    matrixer New Member

    yeah LAN imo is a must feature. dunno why games like hoN and even starcraft 2 dont have it.
  3. hideinlight

    hideinlight Well-Known Member

    I'd like LAN, but I know there won't be any.
    Unless Icefrog announces that there will be LAN and the ability to host your own servers, you can just assume the opposite. Even though if it weren't for private servers and LAN, DOTA2 wouldn't of been here today.
  4. fastforward2

    fastforward2 Member

    i think its impossible

    oh maybe we'll just wait and see
  5. Trena

    Trena Well-Known Member

    Well in Space the internet is pretty low.. i know right..
  6. Xezko

    Xezko Well-Known Member

    you can play dota 2 at lan right now if im not mistaken. tho you need to know how to console commands work because by that is the only way to do it.
  7. MoiN

    MoiN Well-Known Member

    Lan is a must! That's why SC2 didn't get the respect it deserves.
  8. numB_

    numB_ Well-Known Member

    yes i hope lan is available
  9. Sly_theK1ng

    Sly_theK1ng Well-Known Member

    this and that
  10. OldDog

    OldDog Active Member

    There will be no LAN.

    No Lan = Valve has complete control over the game.
    LAN = Anyone can run servers.

    It is an easy decision.
  11. SharpKnife

    SharpKnife Member

    thank you
  12. Pr4nk5t3r

    Pr4nk5t3r Well-Known Member

    I thought that icefrog mentioned somewhere that there will be a seperate version for cafe owners because most dota in china is played on lan...CMIIW
  13. GoD.FuRiAFuRioN

    GoD.FuRiAFuRioN Well-Known Member

    Not gonna happen.
    LAN funtion can use for platforms like garena and others, so less profit for Valve.
    3 games that don't have LAN: LoL,HoN and starcraft II.
  14. SmellyJelly

    SmellyJelly Well-Known Member

    HoN actualy had LAN client in one of beta versions.
  15. FluffyPillow

    FluffyPillow Well-Known Member

    This game will have to have lan if it wants to succeed in china.
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  16. Hemoxyte

    Hemoxyte Well-Known Member

    I think dota2 needs lan, but we will see...
  17. StereoCast

    StereoCast Well-Known Member

    At least Dota 2 should support playing matchmaking with 2 computers at one house. So you dont have connection issues with the same Ip.
  18. the_true

    the_true Active Member

    i hope dota2 have a lan mode
  19. gnerogeem

    gnerogeem Member

    No need, SC2 don't have LAN feature but still popular in South Korea.
    LAN feature will encourage people to play the game on illegal copy rather than buying them.
    Don't play the game if don't wanna buy it. Go play tetris or pong.
  20. DLRevan

    DLRevan Well-Known Member

    As said by one person here, you can already play LAN in dota 2 by using console commands, and there is a discussion about how to get it to work in the dev forums, so while its not explicitly endorsed, its allowed.