dota 2 in Frozen Throne(Blizzard)

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by irvine619, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. irvine619

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  2. Cyampagn

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    It's like hoping my HDTV could reproduce videos in CRT's 480p resolution.
  3. irvine619

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  4. bloodchow2

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    not gonna back to dota 1
  5. Kaissar

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    what's new?
    tried dota 1.5 (predecessor of wardota)
    long long time ago

    its just skin with shitty engine
  6. Aircross

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    ...Rubick can't steal ALL the spells.
  7. Overwinning.

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    Stop linking people in other threads to this thread, OP, holy shit.
  8. pilz

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    That's cool, now we can keep the bad graphics and engine limitations but use new skill icons :)

  9. ShowThemHell

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    Sf looks nice but PL looks like shit.
  10. SugaSutA

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    Want a Invite?
  12. Typhox

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    I think the standard WC3 graphics look much better than this.
  13. iSnooz

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    It's like a hobo wearing a lawyer suit
  14. FoXX.lim

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    Hah, funny. Someone putting too much time into that for a small reward though.
  15. Ritmas

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    Soo much haters and valvefags here..
  16. Typhox

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    It would be better if they put their time into fixing some of the problems with WC3 instead of abusing the graphics from Dota 2 and make them totally unfitting and bad and violently try to put them into WC3 although it looks like shit.
  17. Drikam

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    I cam here because the title had no sense.

    Wow, this is pretty cool. However it will never be official, because Valve != Blizzard

    Imba Blizzard sues Valve for using Valve graphics in a Blizzard Game. /o_O\
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  19. Boss_Kobra

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    I know plenty of Lawyers who look like hobos and hippies.
  20. Night1301

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    Basically its for those poor souls that doesn't have invite.