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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by cetoNx, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. cetoNx

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    Hi playdota, first thread here, wanna try to make it useful.
    How to play dota2 offline?
    What do you need for it?
    Steam and any version of dota2.
    How to play?
    First of all start offline mode at steam.
    Open launch options and enter this commands:
    -console (adds console)
    -novid (no intro, bold guy from valve)
    -nod3d9ex (game runs at directx9)
    -windowed -w xxx -h xxx (this is ONLY if resolution is bad, where xxx are desireble width and height)
    -noborder (no border on window)

    Now start the game. Console appears over the "connecting to dota2 network". If it didnt appear then open it "`". Type this:
    dota_start_ai_game 1
    sv_lan 1
    sv_cheats 1
    dota_bot_set_difficulty 0/1/2/3 depends of skill level you want.
    Map dota.
    After map dota command game begins. Just wait a bit.
    Hope it helps. Sorry for bad english, not my native language.
    Ps. if you cant join radiant or dire just write in console jointeam good or bad
  2. OlpusBonzo

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    You can play offline with bots, the LAN option isn't already implemented.
  3. ZZkirk

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    Ahem, there IS currently a way to play the game offline mode with other players.
    But Im not supposed to tell it in this place.
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  6. OlpusBonzo

    OlpusBonzo Well-Known Member

    There is a shadowed button for LAN in Dota 2. Just wait and Valve will implement it.
  7. Denki.gif

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    Why would you play offline?

    Too poor to have an internet connection in the 21st century?
  8. pinkypub

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    Flame inc.
  9. MrGordija

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    This can be insanely usefull for me when I move to my other house where I still don't have an internet connection. Thanks a lot.
  10. Koutsiog~

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    I feel useful today
    haven't tried, but seems to work
  11. HBK_QoP

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    By playing Dota 2 offline, how do I supposed to choose heroes? Is there like ANY special command or something to choose heroes, or is it like the normal Dota 2 online? *Sorry for my bad English...
  12. holyshitfroz

    holyshitfroz Well-Known Member

    Is same as normal picking.
  13. fomor1

    fomor1 Well-Known Member

    Just like Dota 2 picking hero :)
  14. Laocedric16

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    Legit Necroing :clap:
  15. Akazawa

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    And when someone creates a new thread you will tell them to use search function then they will eventually post on that thread which will cause necro again.
  16. patnacario1

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    how to go back in online? i cant play in online
  17. Kik0Matchi

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    Because the net is so freaking useless to play with my RUSSIAN friends.
  18. Feeder_chan

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    Well some people have to deploy to protet their country.
  19. SpellBindeR~

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    Restart Steam. Open Dota 2 again and it's fixed.
  20. Alaizabel

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    sooooo is there any way to activate cheats when playing against bots w/ these commands so i can use this as a training mode ? : )