Dota 2 Hero names...

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by -Fs-Kev, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. -Fs-Kev

    -Fs-Kev Well-Known Member

    Are they gonna take the Title or the Name of the heroes?

    In the artwork released, we saw;

    BloodSeeker - Title
    Lina - Name
    Drow Ranger - Title
    Morphling - Name/Title

    I honestly would prefer all the heroes either given their Titles or names instead of mixed.
  2. Pingus!

    Pingus! Well-Known Member

    2 titles vs 1 name (not counting morph)
    Maybe they will have small name changes. but only heroes such as Anub`arak or shit.
  3. Bardenne

    Bardenne Well-Known Member

    They will take the one that stands out the most.

    Cause if you saw a hero called Aiushta, you would go WTF who is that just to realize it was in fact Enchantress.
  4. -Fs-Kev

    -Fs-Kev Well-Known Member

    Imo it would be very bad if you mix the two... Just keep it to Titles, or change it to other names if they sound akward.

    But i'd still go for the Titles.
  5. _Quetzalcoatl_

    _Quetzalcoatl_ Well-Known Member

    er, how about both?
  6. Pingus!

    Pingus! Well-Known Member

    Arent some names copyrighted?
  7. fr0zenknife

    fr0zenknife Well-Known Member

    Imho, Title only, since there is fun names too and it can change.
  8. kamecin

    kamecin Well-Known Member

    Titles are actually so much better.
  9. Amoe

    Amoe Well-Known Member

    How are they gonna name strygwyr's thirst then?
  10. Lories

    Lories Well-Known Member

    ..Bloodseeker's Thirst?
  11. Valorian

    Valorian Forum Manager

    I think just plain Bloodthirst sounds pretty potent imo


    ALL_CAPS_GUY Well-Known Member

    I want to see only the name that most people call the hero. No mixups.
    Lina, Zeus, Axe, Beastmaster, Dark Seer, Witch Doctor, Night Stalker, Lycan (no fkn ...-thrope or Banehallow), Panda (not ..brewmaster, not Mangix) a.s.o.
  13. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    I have bad news for you. Like 1/3 of heroes will get new names, and their design will be changed a lot. I mean, bareheaded Lina is merely a setback, you will see that trolls won't probably be trolls anymore (I'm not even sure about TW), pandas won't probably be pandas, there will be no Frozen Throne anymore, and World Tree's name itself makes me feel that tribal theme that displeased some of you will possibly be dominant.

    I believe it will be this way.

    Don't worry, there will be none of Mangix, Banehallows etc. By the way, since when Balanar became Night Stalker? I mean, I've never heard anyone called Balanar in some other way in his speech, except short form (NS).
  14. Green Yoshi

    Green Yoshi Well-Known Member

    I wonder what they gonna do about heroes whose names will be definitely copyrighted by Blizzard (Kel'Thuzad the Lich, for example)
  15. Cyampagn

    Cyampagn Well-Known Member

    Who cares. All these 'Dota 2' threads are useless and just make the wait seem longer.