Dota 2 Health Bars

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by skadoosh, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. skadoosh

    skadoosh Well-Known Member

    What do people think about the health bars being green for Radiant and red for Dire?

    It is different from Dota 1. Honestly I think the green to orange to red, as your health gets lower is a better system.

    Is the green for Radiant and Red for Dire supposed to help learners differentiate who is on your team and who is the enemy?
  2. Hemoxyte

    Hemoxyte Well-Known Member

    i think its that way only if ur spectating, otherwise your team is green and opponent is red.
  3. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    Yes, but I think that it is unnecessary and that the old system works the best.
  4. skadoosh

    skadoosh Well-Known Member

    lol did you read my post?
    that's exactly what i do not like
  5. Yriel_

    Yriel_ Well-Known Member

    Are you joking ?

    Having the same health bar for evryone is the worst thing that could happen for a competitive game.

    In Dota 2 it's clear, if a thing is red, it's your ennemy, if a thing is green, it's your ally.

    Making things harder than it should be is fucking silly.
  6. diaz_

    diaz_ Well-Known Member

    green for allies and red for enemys is the best imo.
  7. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    No one had any problems at all with same colored health bars in DotA 1. :facepalm:
  8. Dota2Panda

    Dota2Panda Well-Known Member

    Current Dota 2 set-up: Red for enemies; green for allies.

    Opinion: No problem with it. It's better than Warcraft's system.

    Mulit-colored HP bars that change according to HP percentage can get confusing and they can be quite misleading.

    Red HP Pudge may have more than a thousand HP.
  9. Yriel_

    Yriel_ Well-Known Member

    Because you're used to.

    That's just it.

    Any other players don't want to be forced to have the same old stupid features that you seems to like.
  10. Hemoxyte

    Hemoxyte Well-Known Member

    hahaha your funny, no, lots did.
  11. dota-vu

    dota-vu Well-Known Member

    Disagree. The health bars does a better job indicating the enemy rather than trying to memorize enemy's colors.
  12. Aarondude

    Aarondude Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind if they added yellow/purple or a blue for neutrals tbh....

    Gets a bit confusing when in a jungle ect.
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  13. Zenchi

    Zenchi Well-Known Member

    Actually i'm sure most people agree with me that we did have a problem with those healthbars. Looking excactly like creeps not to mention same color is just major bleh. Personally i really like the new colors and different looking healthbars than creeps have.
  14. kit333

    kit333 Well-Known Member


    i still play the old school press alternate to show heathbar way -.-
  15. Koxeida

    Koxeida Well-Known Member

    Let people able to toggle between these 2 settings. Joy for both parties!
  16. getdagger

    getdagger Well-Known Member

    No problem.
  17. system_failure

    system_failure Well-Known Member

    it must be an option
  18. blinkdagger

    blinkdagger Well-Known Member

    This.... T-up! Valve should implement this option asap. Stop this silly bickering.
  19. ralje

    ralje Well-Known Member

    Remove them, I like point and click adventures.
  20. Cymen

    Cymen Moderator

    You mean nobody cared because there was not the option to change it.
    There are some things that can and should be dropped and improved to make it a better game. Making the game visually clearer is one of those things and that includes not only effects but also color-sheme and HP-bars.