Dota 2: Finding match takes a long time

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by sm0kie, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. sm0kie

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    It takes me a very long time to find a game, sometimes 15-20 minutes and the range finder goes to max. It goes up to like 7 players and drops to 2-5 players. Only rarely does it ever start the game.

    I live in Los Angeles, I clicked activate US West and East servers before finding match.

    My score is 4-1-0. People say maybe I abandoned a game, but I never did...

    And when I ask around they said they wait 30 secs usually, 3 min max. What's wrong with me? :shock:
  2. Rosenzweig

    Rosenzweig Well-Known Member

    There's this thing called the Match making system which attempts to match you with people of similar skill. Those people you spoke with are in a skill level with MOST of the Dota 2 players at the moment. Unfortunately, my W/L ratio will never be like yours. I've been in the beta long before there were noobs. :(
  3. sm0kie

    sm0kie New Member

    Well crap =( I just won another one. Had to wait 15 minutes to start though =/ Im gonna throw 3-4 games and see if thats better.
  4. FreeBorN

    FreeBorN Well-Known Member

    if you really really didnt leave and you are in the eu region you should find games like in 3 seconds-1 mins.
    Works for me at ANY fucked up time
  5. iHaxed

    iHaxed Well-Known Member

    yea it used to take much less time but then it took an arrow to the knee
  6. soulzor

    soulzor Well-Known Member

    it takes 30 sec here.
  7. klearion

    klearion Well-Known Member

    OMG hahahahaahh

  8. Guce

    Guce Well-Known Member

    lol no.
    the onyl thing that effects matchmaking(in beta atm) is if u are in leaver brakets for leaving/afk games
  9. overkooled

    overkooled Member

    add europe
  10. JX_Blue

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    Try adding other servers close to your country. I live in SEA and I take quite a while for matchmaking if I only use SEA servers. Using US West + US East + SEA lets me find games in anything from 1 minute - 5 minutes. Also, try playing when there are more people online. Sometimes there are only 6k people playing, sometimes there can be up to 18k.
  11. Inuyaki

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    hmm, I only had 10-20min in the beginning when there were never more than 1500ppl online, but nowadays its more like 1min max...

    Edit Europe only
  12. sm0kie

    sm0kie New Member

    I shouldn't be in the leaver pool, because I have 0 abandons right?

    Well I do usually play at like 12 AM. I did activate all areas once, but it didn't help. There was like 160 people each area.
  13. Baxk45

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    i know thats not a right place.
    how can i send messages to valve about bugs in dota2? reply plz in pm.
    hope someone knows
  14. Guce

    Guce Well-Known Member

    using dev forums
  15. Dwarrior92

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  16. Inuyaki

    Inuyaki Well-Known Member

    How can you not see the big fat "feedback" button ingame?
  17. Mr. Burns

    Mr. Burns Well-Known Member

    :O For me it takes 30 secs - 2 min.
  18. Terrawind

    Terrawind Well-Known Member

    Well, is still beta... I also took a very long time to find a match...
    Try to party with friends, if they got a match, you will also be in the match as a team.
  19. smasherz

    smasherz Active Member

    It will improve. it's just beta dude
  20. Drimuz

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