Dota 2 File Size: 3 Gigabytes

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Dota2Sniper, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Dota2Sniper

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    According to Dota 2 Updates via their Chinese Dota 2 beta tester sources:

    DOTA 2 will be 3 GB in Size

    Aside from revealing the game size of Dota 2, the source has said that Dota 2 Achievements are also already in-game.

    Screenshot of Achivements on the Chinese Steam Landing page:

    Don't have 3 GB? Delete League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth from your hard drive to make way for Dota 2.
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  2. Lord_Nat

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    Re: Got 3 GB ready for the Dota 2 beta client?

    3 GB?
    HoN is only 654 MB and it has a ton of content.
    I wonder if it is bloat like LoL has (over 7 GB).

    Source is not know for being that bad for space wasting so it makes me think there might be more to DotA 2 then just core DotA.
    Alien Swarm clocks in at just over 2 GB and has a ton of large levels, a fair chunk of effects, and a good set of weapons.
    DotA 2 will have a huge mass of animations, spell effects, and the like to deal with but I am not sure it will be 3 GB worth.

    This has me vary interested to see what extras there might be for us to see at Gamescom.
  3. Dif

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    Huh, previous dota is <10MB. This will be epic!!! (x300)
  4. vtor67

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    That's not a fair comparison... That ~8MB of the map uses 1 GB of WC3 resource files + certain custom things contained in the map.
  5. Xezko

    Xezko Well-Known Member

    lol, file size is the last thing i will care of.
    i better want to know system requirements :c
  6. DeliciousCaek

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    Only 3GB? Nice, and what about system requeriments?
  7. JuBa34

    JuBa34 Well-Known Member

    source engine ... so if you cant run counter strike source at 100 fps fully (including 10 players on screen , with smoke and omg spray around) , dont even try dota 2 ... i think they gonna exploit to the maximum the source engine ... and ... low computer (kind of computer who run w3 perfectly at 64fps) cant run the game , or enjoy a "real game" (if 3 ppl cast spells same time , and you go down to 10 fps ... pointless) .

    ps : in FAQ , icefrog said , system requirement more or less the same than dota w3 engine ... my ass , i want to see that , if he include pixel shader 2.0 , lot of ppl gonna stay on w3 engine , and btw poor country like china have crappy computer (in general , like other emergent country) , so ... that scare me to .
  8. patrishosho

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    I'm surprised that none cared about the leaked achievements! :D
  9. CasioFX

    CasioFX Well-Known Member

    maybe it has heaps of movies/cinematics.
  10. LightningZLaser

    LightningZLaser Well-Known Member

    i dont think game file sizes are anything to be concerned about nowadays, current comps have at least 400GB+ usually
  11. snow.pika

    snow.pika Well-Known Member

    How does 3GB compare to current games anyway? The games I have are so old school, I don't even know what's 3GB worth of a game .__.
  12. JuBa34

    JuBa34 Well-Known Member

    go ask china and other "poor" country ... 80 % of the players and coffee have shitty computer 1.8 ghz with bad radeon 9800 who dont even support pixel shader 2.0 so ... valve take a risk ,a big risk .
  13. picklefish

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    Source engine is incredibly scalable and valve is going out of their way to make sure a large range of computers can play Dota 2.
  14. Xezko

    Xezko Well-Known Member

    they said they'll have a wide range of graphic quality to fit several comp specs. the idea is, the more people can play, the more people can buy :B
    having great graphics doesnt means you cant lower them to make it runs smoothly in your old comp. ^^,
  15. JuBa34

    JuBa34 Well-Known Member

    you look sure about that , any info ? or "rumor" ? because valve hate their customers .
  16. Tranquil

    Tranquil Well-Known Member

    What is with you guys and poor China? Wtf... fuck 'em if they can't move on with the future. DotA 2 will get a bunch of new players. DotA isn't popular because of the lower system specs. Look how many people are ready to release gallons of semen inside steam servers when DotA 2 comes out. Valve isn't taking a risk and is not worried at all. Icefrog is enough of a reason. The game will be 120$ and require high end alienware just to fuck with China and will still own LoL and HoN.

    Oh and P.S. Valve stated that the graphics could be tuned nicely to allow lower-end systems to play, while having the capability of very nice graphics.
  17. JuBa34

    JuBa34 Well-Known Member

    if the system requirement is lower than LOL , this is perfect . if you need a pixel shader 2.0 supported video card or more for play , its over .
  18. Elements-

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  19. Lord_Nat

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    most on board video cards have pixel shader 2.0 at this point.

    Also most computers in china are not that bad, people play at Lan Shops and the computers there are up to snuff for most modern games.
  20. Tranquil

    Tranquil Well-Known Member

    Yea.. that's why they got so many competetive teams already? People forget that the reason why DotA 2 is so wanted and will be THE game to get is because it is AN EXACT COPY OF DOTA FRONTED BY THE EXACT SAME DEVELOPER THAT MANY WORSHIP. It has NOTHING to do with price or specs. Guinsoos DotA was free too and had same spec requirements.

    Shhh.. of course JuBa34 actually visited China and isn't speaking out of his ass!