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    Warlock's a better mid than Undying and Undying does well in trilanes and against other trilanes, though he could go against the Luna and Ogre Magi dual lane.

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    I have never done any captain pick before so don't know much about that. I thought that it would be better if Warlock goes baby-sitting.

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    I guess Lich could also mid if you want Warlock to babysit Void.

    Those fast levels will allow Lich to gank early with Chain Frost, though Warlock's ult is better for ganking.
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    Too bad it has an epic cooldown... Not much better than Golems though, but still.


    I do not like your draft, the only true #5 hero (Lich) is paired with a farmer on top. Your #4 hero (Warlock) is paired with your #1 (Void). Warlock cannot pull and farm the jungle for the first few minutes, since he needs to heal Void and harass tree. Once Void obtains some regeneration Warlock can start to pull and farm some neutrals.

    You have a really bad hero as solo mid, Undyings power is the fact that he wins tri-vs-trilane scenarios. He will also get harassed a lot by Spirit Bear.

    Your team also lacks synergies, Chronosphere also stops a number of your spells from working effectively (Tombstone and Golem).

    Lich ulti will also be relatively useless in teamfight as Chen's Creep will soak up a lot of bounces.

    Also with this lineup I would put Doom in jungle. This will cause Doom to farm slightly slower, however Lich will farm more and level quicker. Therefore denying more farm to the enemy carry. The farm will help Lich to buy supportive items a lot quicker in the early game. Also you will need a quick level 6 on Lich to stop Chen from pushing your t1/t2.

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    No. Because Warlock is a bad solo long lane in the first place, second Lone Druid is an avarage jungler. Also this implies that their trilane faces a dual lane and will rape that.

    This draft is better than the previous, however there are somethings to note. You have almost no non-ulti crowd control. You trilane lacks a slow / stun (except for tomb). You will only get kills on their trilane if they miss their combo and tombstone + decay start to kick in.

    Their trilane has a nice combo, however you should be able to survive with soul rip + shadow word.