DotA 2 crash on start

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Hellsucker, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hellsucker

    Hellsucker Member

    today i received the invitation to DotA 2 from Steam and installed it.
    But when i start the game i just see a blackscreen and nothing else happens.
    I have to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to close the not-responding-DotA 2-task.
    My pc specs are:
    Intel i7-2600k
    AMD 6970
    Asrock P67 extreme4
    Windows 7 64bit

    I tried to solve it with starting it in windowed mode or directly executing the dota2.exe from the games folder but no solution. :no:

    Help would be nice.

    Edit: As mentioned in this thread i try to reinstall Steam.
  2. parawarrior

    parawarrior Well-Known Member

    reinstall and download dota 2 again.
    Once you uninstall steam, dota 2 will also be uninstalled. when you install back steam you will have to download dota 2 again. That will fix the problem.
  3. Basqat

    Basqat Well-Known Member

    You have a pretty beastly pc so there must be another problem for you...but cant think something about that...
    Someone that is in the beta can help you more accurate than me.
  4. Hellsucker

    Hellsucker Member

    No solution for me :-(
    Windows Firewall allows Dota2 so this shouldn't also be a problem.
  5. Basqat

    Basqat Well-Known Member

    Have you tried to update your pc drivers?
    Maybe there could be a problem...
  6. Hellsucker

    Hellsucker Member

    All Drivers are uptodate because of Battlefield 3 ;-)
  7. dofeer

    dofeer Well-Known Member

    Some PM me.. He says just switch off you firewall... it do the trick..
  8. Hellsucker

    Hellsucker Member

    Dota2 is allowed in the firewall so switching off wont change anything, but i did turn it off. No change. Still blackscreen after i klick on play.
  9. studnicka.m

    studnicka.m New Member

    I have the same problem
  10. Hellsucker

    Hellsucker Member

    I solved the problem by starting Dota2.exe with compatibilitymode on XP SP3. My luck that i have Win7 Pro with real Win XP compatibility. :)
    Hope it works for you too and thank you all for you help.
  11. felparabioso

    felparabioso Active Member

    Guys you have to run dota 2 from SteamApps... in c: /program.... etc. Change the resolution and then open the normal dota 2. Try
  12. Rosenzweig

    Rosenzweig Well-Known Member

    Didn't you just post this on /v/?
  13. Shzi

    Shzi Well-Known Member

    Crash to desktop when loading up the game
    1.go to steamapps/common/dota2 beta/ dota.exe (run this)'ll load up the game with closed doors (not connected to steam network) but will allow you to change settings
    3.change ALL the video settings to lowest, including screen res (not sure if this has to be lowest? sarkastik used 800x600) + set it as windowed mode.
    4.Close game.
    5.Launch game from steam client.
    6.edit settings back to normal (not sure if this causes a crash after? - can someone confirm?)
    Crash to desktop and not being able to load game after recieving a party invite
    For some reason the invite is still valid after you have crashed, which causes the game to crash on booting up, if this has happened do the following:
    1. Get whoever sent you the invite to restart their client
    2. Load up the game
    3. Ask them not to send another invite
    4. goto graphic settings
    5. change screen ratio from 4:3 to something else

    Crash to desktop after MM queue (Finding a game)
    1. Load game
    2. goto graphic settings
    3. change screen ratio from 4:3 to something else (or try playing around with the screen res, reports that 1024x768 causes crashes)

    edit: again, i've not actually experienced these problems myself but have been on the forums all night helping people get it working
  14. scoRRRp

    scoRRRp Member

    I followed these directions, and this solved my crashing on startup issue, you really have to set your resolution to the lowest that the game lets you, and use windowed mode. Close DotA2 and then launch it through Steam afterward, and it should work.

    It crashed once when I tried speccing a live game, but then I started it up again and it fixed itself somehow. GLHF.
  15. pakinrhymes

    pakinrhymes Member

    I tried running from steam apps but it still crashes..
  16. bloodyredd

    bloodyredd Active Member

    Run steam as administrator that should do the trick
  17. pakinrhymes

    pakinrhymes Member

    Nope that doesn't work either...

    So far I reinstalled, ran from steam apps, tried in windowed/no border mode, ran as admin, turned off firewall..

    WHAT TO DO?!?!
  18. melvinwky

    melvinwky Member

    Have you tried changing launch options directly from steam? Thats what i did to get mine to work.
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