dota 2 crash at start

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  1. I played last week without any problem but since I updated it friday the game is not starting anymore..
    I tried all I could..reinstalled steam..redownloaded dota 2..when i start game the screen goes black..but then after few seconds it returns to desktop..
    I searched in the dota 2 folder and found some .MDMP files that contain all the crashes from everytime I tried to play the game..
    I even tried to launch dota 2 in 640 X 480 resolution and still the same problem.. I don't know what happened..I played the entire last week just bug at all..and now when I updated it doesn't work anymore..
    Please if someone can help me..I don't know what to do anymore.. :no:
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    Are you tried update software for your graphic card ?
  3. I haven't tried it, but before i updated the game it worked just fine..I have 1gb video card wtf.. I will try it anyway and reply to u the result..
  4. nothing happend..i don't know that to do anymore..
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    what is your pc spec?
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  8. I posted my message on that forum 2 hours ago and still no one answered..:(
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