Dota 2 - Changing Suggested Items Program

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  1. It allows you to choose what you want as your recommended items

    All items and hero that are in the game work in this program.

    If you see any mistakes let me know

    You will need java to be able to run this program

    Download Links:

    Download Link for people having trouble with original:

    Video Instructions:
    Dota 2 change suggested Items - YouTube

    I will be updating this program as new heroes/items are being released.

    ====================Updates======================= ==
    12/3/2011 -- Added feature to view what items are currently listed in the suggested items on the hero. Added the new hero Lifestealer

    12/6/2011 - Fixed skeleton king not properly saving item build

    12/9/2011 - Added new hero Death Prophet

    If this is your first time launching the program - you must set the directory to to the dota folder
    (The location is stored in the C drive, if you don't have a volume called C - this program will probably not work, if you really want it, email me and I'll adjust it for you)

    Once you set the directory you never have to do this again, unless you reinstall steam to a different location, or delete the dotaItem.txt file in your C drive

    After setting the directory, choose a hero and start setting the items.
    -Right clicking on the mouse will remove the icon you set on that field
    -You do not have to fill all the positions
    -you don't have to search for the full name
    -an empty search field will bring all the items/characters back on the interface -press enter or hit the search button on the empty field

    After you have finished customizing your hero, hit Run----Edit Hero -if this is your first time editing that hero, the program will create a backup of that hero before changing.

    once, you get prompted "finished creating item customization)" you are good to go, and your hero has the newly created recommended list.

    If you want to go back to the original you can either, separately restore each hero with the Run---Restore File, or you can select Run---Restore All Files and restore every file that was edited by the program back to the original content.

    If for some reason my program is not creating backups or wont restore the original file. You can go to your steam client ----Right click Dota 2 ----properties ----Local Files ---- Verify Integrity of Game Cache --This option will restore everything to the way it was.

    if this does not work, then go to your dota/itembuild folder and delete the heroes that are not restoring back to normal and rerun the instructions above, and it will restore everything back to normal.

    But I have been using my program, as well as a couple other people for testing, and they have not reported any problems.

    You do not have to have my program running when playing dota 2, or the dota 2 game doesn't have to be on to use my program.

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    Gj, come on guys we need to give some credits to him.

    some idea to change the HUD ? xD
  3. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated, as I am always willing to improve the program!.
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    good work :p
  6. mrkpwnz

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    nice, wanted to make similiar program, you saved me quite a bit of work :p

    E: any way to get default items in the edit boxes?

    KEVINSONG Well-Known Member

  8. Ya its possible, and probably after my finals week I'll start upgrading my program to be more convenient a bit because doing that is going to take some time
  9. Shin__

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    It's really cool :)

    Doing this manually would take an eternity ^^
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    Inb4 people changing suggested items to Boots+Tangoes for all heroes so that madness will be able to begin again ;)

    Anyway, good job. Shop mods and such instruments will always be appreciated, I guess :)
  12. Shin__

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    Should be implemented IG, like HoN did.
  13. Nutsy

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    W0w, nice!
  14. Added a feature where you can view your currently suggested items when you click on a area to edit.

    If you are using my program, re-download for the latest update, or if you have not used it yet check it out!
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    this is amazing sir
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    Thanks, I've been editing the item files manually but this seems alot easier.
  17. Strife025

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    So how easy will it be to get updates for this?

    Like I noticed lifestealer wasn't there yet, and since there's still ~1/2 of the heroes not out, will you provide updates or is it pretty easy to edit a .jar file yourself?
  18. I just edit my files and recompress it into a jar files and re upload to the file sharing sites. Then, I bump this thread by mentioning there is an update.

    I plan to add heroes as they update. As long as valve does not release like 30 heroes at one time, to add only one or two heroes will really only take about 5 minutes.

    As for the lifesteal item, are you sure its called lifesteal, I checked the dota 2 game and the game cannot find that item. However, there is an item called morbid mask that is labeled as item_lifesteal. I could be wrong though
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    Good work bro. I have a problem tho,cant set a directory location.. the program keeps asking me over and over again to set it.. D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota... Am i doing something wrong?
  20. Check in your C drive if you have a file called dotaItem.txt and look in it. It should be:

    D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta

    If you don't have a C drive that is probably your problem. If so, let me know and I can adjust it to put it in your D drive just give me your email or something so i can send you the adjusted program.

    I'm currently working on applying more options than C drive but I can quickly adjust one for you, it will only take a sec. If that is the problem.