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Discussion in 'Visuals' started by Dreamscribe, Feb 5, 2012.

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  1. Dreamscribe

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    Cross-posting this from the beta forums, but here's goes...

    I'd like to see a cast radius when I select a spell that requires a target (whether it be Point, AOE or Unit). As someone who's just started to play Dota 2 and genuinely wants to learn, it's helpful to be able to see whether or not I'm in range of an enemy. Especially given how punishing Dota can be with its long stuns and the ability of many Heroes to instagib while you're chain CC'd, this would make my experience far, far more enjoyable.

    Before the extremists start shitting bricks and slinging epithets about "dumbing down the game", let me just say to them: There's the door. :right:
  2. Foede

    Foede Forum Manager

    1) Dota 2 suggestions are not allowed on this forum. Post them in the beta dev forum.

    2) Try with this console command:
    Taken from here, where you'll find how to activate the console.

    Closing. PM me if you have any doubt or question.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.