Dota 2 BS voice acting is BS

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Millennium, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

    Seriously, I have never seen a more unfitting voice acting for a hero. I hope it's just a placeholder.
  2. Light~

    Light~ Well-Known Member

    Your claim that BS' voice acting is BS is obviously BS.
  3. Xenowar

    Xenowar Well-Known Member

  4. 300thecat

    300thecat Well-Known Member

    Not as bad as SB's.
  5. Rabscuttle

    Rabscuttle Well-Known Member

    Disagreed... Good voice acting is good
  6. Sly_theK1ng

    Sly_theK1ng Well-Known Member

    i dont get here anything -.-
  7. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    There are far more retarded voices

    Stryg's is actually quite good
  8. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

  9. hANDoFbLOOD

    hANDoFbLOOD Well-Known Member

    My mind's getting filled up with fucks.
  10. ShadowThanatos

    ShadowThanatos Well-Known Member

    Storm Spirit's voice is one of the best, don't touch it.
  11. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    What's exactly wrong with BS' voice anyways?
  12. sndwch

    sndwch Well-Known Member

    It's too civilized. Bloodseeker looks (and is supposed to be) a crazy hunter for blood, but he talks like he just stepped out of Red Cross.
  13. JustAnotherDude

    JustAnotherDude Well-Known Member

    Thought I was the only one.....
  14. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    I agree blood's model, and voice are terrible.
  15. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    I don't think he's supposed to be mad or something. To me, his backstory resembes Aztec cult. Those belonged to it were looking pretty much like sick fucks, but it was more about following weird traditions rather than being madmen. I'd say, comparision with Red Cross is pretty exaggerated :)
  16. Jerubbaal

    Jerubbaal Well-Known Member

    He sounds to me like the kind of guy who would cut off an enemy's head and shit down their neck.

    Fail thread is fail.
  17. MR-President

    MR-President Well-Known Member


    He has a very cool voice. He sounds like a vampire Ezio Auditore. Nuff said.
  18. Orichalcum

    Orichalcum Well-Known Member

    You are actually right, lol.

    Bloodseeker's lore:

  19. ma3la

    ma3la Banned

    I disagree.

    My only complaint is how some voices sound too similar. I know that Valve only have a limited number of voice actors, but compare Bloodseeker and Kunkka (both voiced by the same actor yet sound completely different) to Sand King and Sven (both voiced by the same actor and sound very similar).

    See what I'm sayin'?
  20. LightningPowah

    LightningPowah Well-Known Member

    It seems okay.

    "Here, have a cookie."