Dota 2 Beta Practice Cheat

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Sonic_Stream, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Sonic_Stream

    Sonic_Stream Well-Known Member

    I noticed that during the practice game and single player, there were option to turn on the cheats. Sadly I do not know the code. Anyone know it though?
  2. Darklycan51

    Darklycan51 Banned

    try cheat engine. maybe it'll work
  3. SmellyJelly

    SmellyJelly Well-Known Member

    -gold XXXX
    -lvlup XXXX
  4. Sonic_Stream

    Sonic_Stream Well-Known Member

    wait what? the cheat is same to -test?
  5. tikshow

    tikshow Well-Known Member

    -spawn creeps

    edit: too late... :D
  6. †André†

    †André† Well-Known Member

    its all the test commands in wc3 dota... they should not have named it as cheats.. its more of a test function..
  7. parawarrior

    parawarrior Well-Known Member

    and me dont haz a beta key :(
  8. SmellyJelly

    SmellyJelly Well-Known Member

    Well neither do i
  9. KillerCold

    KillerCold Well-Known Member

    neither do i xD
  10. Myself

    Myself Well-Known Member

  11. Ollmar

    Ollmar Well-Known Member

    It's a bit weird though, they assume you already know the commands. Not even all the cheats(/test) commands are in there.
  12. Fyrren

    Fyrren Well-Known Member

    This made me thing of noclipping in Dota :mellow:
    ...and drawothermodels (aka wallhack).
  13. Denki~

    Denki~ Banned

    Type bind mouse1 "+attack;impulse 101" to gain 16000 gold whenever you press your left mouse button.
  14. NXTk

    NXTk Well-Known Member

    Valve devs have special commands for testing purposes, off in "public" beta client.
    dota_create_unit unit side
    dota_dev param value
    where param is:
    jointeam side
  15. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    Didn't know people here know about source/goldsource scripting :ninja:
  16. clq2010

    clq2010 Well-Known Member

    need a key
  17. NXTk

    NXTk Well-Known Member

    7 years of CS1.5,1.6,source since 2000 before dota in 2008 + 5 years of Gentoo linux :D

    write aliases like a boss
  18. Cymen

    Cymen Moderator

    I'm sorry but if you want to play a Source game, learn how to use the dev-console please.
    Same goes for people who play a Source in anything other than borderless-window-mode.
  19. NXTk

    NXTk Well-Known Member

    Cymen find the key for me :D
  20. AvunaOs

    AvunaOs Well-Known Member

    they're not cheats, they're testing commands...
    why people why?