DoTa 2 as a LAN game

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by sugarbunneh, Oct 16, 2011.

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    for a few months i have been waiting for a dota 2 beta key, joining too many contests and staying really late up night to find more dota 2 key givaways. this treasure-hunt has made me or most of us physically and mentally stressed. until i gave up with the dota 2 beta, its still beta after all, and then i went back to dota 1 which is in the w3e. we played a ton of games with my buddies in pub games, then it hit me. i think dota would be in its full potential when your playing with your friends, but wouldn't it be a turn off if there was a lag between your games?, LAN can't produce lag in fact lagging in lan is just hardware deficiencies. i vote for dota 2 to have both LAN and online feature. let me know what you guys think


    in addition, most internet cafe's in our country has dota written all over its face, meaning all computers in an internet cafe containing 50 units of computers have customers playing dota in them. if dota would switch to dota 2 then they should find away to let this people transfer from 1 to 2.

    fact: this people would rather choose an old lan game other than a fancy online game. its all about the GAMEPLAY..i love dota not because of the graphics because of the gameplay and because how we and our friends enjoy playing it.
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    you cant really vote on these type of things. although i agree that there should be a Lan feature, having it would risk piracy in the event that DotA2 would be P2P. If DotA2 becomes F2P, Lan would not be an issue but the quality of community members will suffer.

    IceFrog will find the balance, young padawan.
  4. InvaderAmoto

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    There is no doubt in my mind that Valve will allow people to host LAN servers. Every past Source game has had the ability to host them. And not including LAN support would simply be stupid for a game that has such a large focus on playing with friends.
  5. sugarbunneh

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    yes, piracy is infact a problem! i know they could find a way.

    indeed you are correct. the problem with most online games are the inability to play with friends in ease.
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    On piracy: I don't think Valve really cares about piracy that much. They don't do much to combat it besides, in their own words, "offering a better product than the pirates". Gabe and co. have said time and again that piracy is not something on their list of priorities, because if you offer people a good enough product at a good enough price, then they will buy it. There is no way that the threat of piracy (it would get pirated anyway) would cause them to disallow LAN server creation.
  7. Dota2Panda

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    Dota 2 will not have DotA's success if there is no LAN.
  8. Nutsy

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    I agree... One of the features why DotA1 is so popular in third world contries and in China.
  9. sugarbunneh

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    of course! marketing power, valve never ceases to amaze me.

    You hit the right spot, especially here in the Philippines.
  10. TK.darkro90

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    I hope Valve stick to it's "quality over piracy" motto, unlike Blizzshit
  11. NoThlnG

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    I would like to have LAN games as well.

    But why don't just make it that you need to go online first THEN you can LAN? I don't found any problem in that based on the reason why you want LAN.
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    Could have
    So I think we will have
  13. Wintersun

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    All Source games have LAN support, DotA 2 won't be an exception.

    Who cares about piracy, you need Steam to run it anyway.
  14. Captain Planet

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    Lol fuck no. That means you can't play with friends if you don't have an internet connection. LAN mode should be able to be played 100% offline, since that's the WHOLE POINT OF A LAN >_>
  15. Wintersun

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    All Source games have LAN support, DotA 2 won't be an exception.

    Who cares about piracy, you need Steam to run it anyway.

    Edit: Valve has stated multiple times in interviews they don't care about piracy because they offer great products and think people want to buy them to support the company.
  16. Nutsy

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    This. And having LAN will eliminate the problem encountered in 'The International'... no more disconnections and lags.
  17. R.U.Sty

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    Regardless of LAN dota 2 will have very different success from DotA. I'm thinking of making a thread or a blog about it.:cool1:
  18. Humlesnurr

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    Meh would be nice, but I don't really need it.
  19. CraigJ

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    Yeah a lan feature would be great and i think it exists in other source games aswell so the possibillity of having lan support could be high.
  20. TK.darkro90

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