Dota 2 announcer guide ?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by FreeSpirit, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. FreeSpirit

    FreeSpirit Well-Known Member

    I dont know what things that announcer says mean . Like i was on Rampage , i gues its when i killed 5 enemys , but i dont know what rest of the stuff means .
    I looked for this on internet and didnt find anything
  2. Astropuf

    Astropuf Well-Known Member

    double, triple kill -> obvious
    ultra kill -> killed 4 heroes in a fight
    rampage -> killed 5 heroes in a fight
    and the rest are for the hero's streak (I don't remember the order exactly):
    -killing spree: 3 kills without dying
    -dominating: 4 kills without dying
    -mega kill: 5 kills without dying
    and so on...
    -beyond godlike: >9 kills without dying
  3. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    Killing spree = 3 kills without dying
    Dominating = 4 kills without dying
    Mega kill = 5 kills without dying
    Unstoppable = 6 kills without dying
    Wicked sick = 7 kills without dying
    Monster kill = 8 kills without dying
    Godlike = 9 kills without dying
    Holy shit = Over 9 kills without dying

    Not sure if I wrote them right since I was on a rush
  4. FreeSpirit

    FreeSpirit Well-Known Member

    tnx for response
  5. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

    I miss combo whore.
  6. FreeSpirit

    FreeSpirit Well-Known Member

    what is combo whore ?
  7. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    I think it was a streak which got removed from the game.
  8. tehMarkerer

    tehMarkerer Well-Known Member

    What about "OWNAGE" ? I haven't seen it in DOTA 2
  9. Astropuf

    Astropuf Well-Known Member

    OWNAGE sucked tbh. I'm happy it wasn't ported to Dota2
  10. tehMarkerer

    tehMarkerer Well-Known Member

    But it's still in the directory of killing spree announcer folder in the DOTA 2 files ... Weird
  11. Shizzy-

    Shizzy- Well-Known Member

    We need Ludicrous kill.
  12. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    Ludicrous Kill and Combo Whore are just quotes from the Unreal Announcer nya (Same one used in DotA) they aren't used and DotA and as far as mew knows, never have-(Just like over other 20+ quotes from him). Some people put them in videos and stuff because well, it's the same guy so it fits nya~
  13. Shtaudeyy

    Shtaudeyy Well-Known Member

    combo whore would be awesome tbh.
  14. Sentry_ward

    Sentry_ward Banned

    put it on 6 kills (rampage + aegis/buyback)
  15. zwegat85

    zwegat85 Well-Known Member

    Because you hear it everytime an ally dies? :ninja:
  16. damN_Grave

    damN_Grave Well-Known Member

    I like to hear OWNAGE when I'm owning, not the enemy.