Dota 2 and magic immunity.

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by MeSoloTopPlz, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. MeSoloTopPlz

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    As many dota 2 beta players may or have not noticed,magic immunity is different than in dota 1,and i wonder if this is the case because valve are not limited by warcraft 3 game engine,or if they have the guts to make such a huge change in game balance.


    oh right,let me give you some very practical and obvious examples : In dota 1 any ulti which is a debuf will not be removed by bkb/rage etc(except global silence) whereas in dota 2 it is removed, eg : Track,amplify damage,Netherstrike of viper.
  2. NaixForMayor

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    Amplify damage can be removed by rage. Dont know if track can. It should but viper's strike I dont think so
  3. Manlybug

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    ส็็็็็็็็็็็็ Yea, you don't receive viper damage if your are in BKB.

    Its not such a big change as you describe it.
  4. jimmyvan

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    Track,amplify damage,Netherstrike of viper
    i am pretty sure track and amplify damage are removed if you activate BKB. as for VIPER strike, i guess you may still be slowed but no damage.
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  5. MeSoloTopPlz

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    Really?afaic in dota 1 amp dmg and track always stayed on you,bkb or not,i guess they removed it in the latest patches.
  6. Yendor

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    No. If you have BKB, they can track/amplify you. If you get tracked/amplified and THEN BKB, it vanishes.

    They are ultimates that means you can cast them ON magic immune targets. Yet the magic immunity removves some effects if cast afterwards.

    (and it was always like that. One might even say it's hardcoded in WC3 ;p)
  7. RaidenStorms

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    You forgot to mention how you can cast positive buffs on allies, while they are magic immune.
  8. Lord_Talron

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    iirc most slows are not removed when you gain magic immunity.
  9. NoThlnG

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    Track and Amplify Damage is removed in Dota 1 as well though you can cast it through BKB (which is same wth BKB)
  10. MeSoloTopPlz

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    Ah one more thing i forgot to mention,in dota 2 you cannot double click force staff yourself when bkb is activated,im sure thats a bug,Valve needs to fix that.Very annoying with OD to not work.
  11. fushengyuan

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    what are you talking about.. if u get viper's ulti, then turning on bkb wont remove the slow.
  12. Lord_Talron

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    thats what i said
  13. LostENT

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    I've heard people complaining that Tiny's toss shouldn't work on BKB'd units. Someone was mad about it during one of my last games so I figured I'd share it.

    Same goes for Fiend's grip. I'm not complaining.
  14. Typhox

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    According to IceFrog, it is an intended change from DotA. You can't cast forcestaff on magic immune units including yourself in DotA, afaik the fact that you could still do it with double clicking the item is a bug in DotA/WC3 Limitation.

    People always get mad when they get ulted^^
  15. Luffydude

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    It was stupid when Huskar desperately needs BKB, he gets it and then his survival skill doesn't work.

    Same thing with Naix and alacrity, what is the point of buffing your ally when he's gonna lose the buff?

    Dota2 for the win
  16. hANDoFbLOOD

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  17. doomsheep

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    ults go through immunity but gaining immunity also removes (most?) buffs from ults. basically the later casted affects the first one. it has always been like this.

    i'm guessing things that were ladder ults stay on even if you become immune (doom) but things that were originally normal abilites keep ther behavoir even though they can be casted on immunes.

    of course there's also the triggered stuff that typically doesn't care what happens to your hero like battlehunger or maledict.
  18. Sly_theK1ng

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    it is hardcoded ;p
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    dat frog :cool1: