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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by NXTk, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. NXTk

    NXTk Well-Known Member

    Some nice tricks with aliases in source engine.
    Create "autoexec.cfg" file in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg\" with following text.

    // Toggle show\hide net_graph (ping,fps,delays) when press "p".
    bind "p" "net_graph_on"
    alias net_graph_on "net_graph 4; bind p net_graph_off;"
    alias net_graph_off "net_graph 0; bind p net_graph_on;"
    //Toggle show\hide healthbars when press "[".
    alias bar_on "dota_hud_healthbars 1; bind [ bar_off;"
    alias bar_off "dota_hud_healthbars 0; bind [ bar_on;"
    bind "[" "bar_on"
    //Toggle show\hide health bars then "shift" key pressed. (you cant use "alt" for this)
    alias +bar_on "dota_hud_healthbars 1"
    alias -bar_on "dota_hud_healthbars 0"
    bind "shift" "+bar_on"
    //Toggle show\hide glow selection effect when press "]".
    alias on_glow "glow_outline_effect_enable 1; bind ] off_glow;"
    alias off_glow "glow_outline_effect_enable 0; bind ] on_glow;"
    bind ] "on_glow"
    //Toggle on-off two colors minimap (green\red) when press "o".
    alias simple_map_on "dota_minimap_simple_colors 1; bind o simple_map_off;"
    alias simple_map_off "dota_minimap_simple_colors 0; bind o simple_map_on;"
    bind o "simple_map_on"
    Some useful console commands:

    on\off health bars
    dota_hud_healthbars 0\1

    off\on 2 colors minimap
    dota_minimap_simple_colors 0\1

    off\on glow effect
    glow_outline_effect_enable 0\1

    off\on annoying, faded red\green rings under units
    dota_disable_unit_ring 1\0

    on\off annoying portrait movements.
    dota_portrait_animate 1\0

    on\off fog of war at minimap
    dota_minimap_draw_fow 1\0

    To make healthbar WC3 like (one bar with instant animation when health decreased):

    dota_health_hurt_decay_time_min 0
    dota_health_hurt_decay_time_max 0
    dota_health_hurt_delay 0
    dota_health_per_vertical_marker 9999
    dota_health_hurt_threshold 0

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  2. SmellyJelly

    SmellyJelly Well-Known Member

    If you dont have

    cl_interp 0.0152
    cl_interp_ratio 1
    cl_smooth 0
    cl_smooth time 0.01

    In autoexec.cfg it helps out to smooth up game abit.
  3. StraY_WolF

    StraY_WolF Well-Known Member

    Can I ask how to do this.
    Lets assume I have no idea how a game works.
  4. PuneetRJ

    PuneetRJ Well-Known Member

    Care to explain what this does?
  5. NXTk

    NXTk Well-Known Member

    It's console commands, if you put they in autoexec.cfg file they will be execute when game starts.
  6. Y-O-D-A

    Y-O-D-A Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't this be posted in the dota2 beta forums.... The majority of the people here are going to have no uses for this.
  7. Denki~

    Denki~ Banned

    Type bind mouse1 "+attack;impulse 101" to gain 16000 gold whenever you press your left mouse button.
  8. NXTk

    NXTk Well-Known Member

    Should, but i am not in beta. =( restricted for public users.
  9. googleson78

    googleson78 Well-Known Member

    Nice try >_<
    E: Tried, works.
  10. Twz

    Twz Well-Known Member

  11. SmellyJelly

    SmellyJelly Well-Known Member

    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\your username in steam or in common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg

    In this folder create text file 'autoexec.cfg' (extension must be cfg) and just paste in those commands in there save -> and every time you launch game they will automaticly exec for you. So you dont have to type anything each time.
  12. Dota2Panda

    Dota2Panda Well-Known Member

    OK. This would be more useful for people in the dev forums.
  13. nashmarco

    nashmarco New Member

    Hi I was wondering if there is a command that let me edit the resolution of my dota 2, because in settings there are a few to choose, so I was looking for a command that let me change it , like with the cursor in other games, for example WoW you can edit the resolution as you want
  14. ZeLover

    ZeLover Well-Known Member

    a 2011 thread... Nice
  15. Super-sheep

    Super-sheep Banned

    Right click on Dota 2 -> properties -> launch options from general tab and add this:
    -width X -height Y
    Where X is your desired screen width and Y is the height.
  16. 16marru

    16marru Well-Known Member

    2011 and still active gg
  17. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    im trying to make this command work but i dont know why it doesnt work
    alias level "bind p dota_ability_execute 0"
  18. Lama051

    Lama051 Moderator

    No necros allowed, create a thread in Quick help instead.
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