Dota 1 icon update pack

Discussion in 'Visuals' started by summer-penguin, Mar 16, 2016.

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    Updated again, folks. :santa:
  3. summer-penguin

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    . Cleared the many many troubling notes.
    . Polished a few icons.
    . . Terrorblade's.
    . . Winter Wyvern's.
    . . Krob's.
    . . Slark's.
    . . Pudge's.
    . Updated QoP's, and Batrider's.
    . Removed some.
    . Re-added Riki's.

    Any opinions guys? *-*
  4. Haasva

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    Blight Stone, Echo Sabre, Lotus Orb, Hurricane Pike, Veil of Discord, Soul Ring
    seem out of place. T-Down

    T-Up for most, especially Quelling Blade.
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  6. Dehua_Darbuya

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    So after multiple interruptions, I finally got around to this. I included some more hero sets along the way and well it might have gotten out of hand. Nevertheless Summer, here you go!

    The new Reflection is visually appealing but I think thematically it's off the mark. It makes me think that it's for a dash or movement boost spell. The ultimate looks freakin' sweet though! Very nice.

    Winter Wyvern
    I'm not sure what's changed but I like the new Arctic Burn, I can't decide between both Splinter Blast icons (in a good way ofc) and I'd rather keep the current Cold Embrace.

    Queen of Pain
    Diggin' that Scream of Pain icon! :D

    Death Prophet
    Personally, the existing Exorcism is perfect to me; it just sums up the spell so well with the ghosts in the background encircling her. Silence is nice, as is Spirit Siphon but it doesn't quite hit the mark for me.

    Legion Commander
    To be honest, I don't like the new Duel icon. The whole "triumphant" impression it gives you takes away the "duel" aspect of it, the "clash" so to speak. But that's just me!

    Stealth Assassin
    I fancy both of them but they're both quite similar, aren't they? That's really the only downside to this; nice pair though.

    Not a fan of the proposed icon for Essence Shift but I am a fan of that new Pounce icon. The ultimate is pretty neat as well.

    That Sticky Napalm is on the money but I reckon the old Flamebreak icon does well in matching the projectile. Does he actually throw a barrel in Dota 2?

    The old one doesn't do Flesh Heap justice but the new one is too... real? I can't put my finger on it but I reckon it's just the style of the image that makes it stand out from the other, WC3 icons.

    Love these two! They take the old icons and add a bold new layer to brighten it up and make them more dynamic. Well done!

    Obsidian Destroyer
    I'd probably replaced Arcane Orb with a purple-themed icon and keep the existing Essense Aura. Also, is the new icon an edit of Visage's Grave Chill? Speaking of Grave Chill, it might be worth replacing it with a new icon but that's a discussion for a later date.

    I sort of slapped this together at the end so it's not a thorough as the hero icons but to be fair, most of these are good.

    The good: Lovin' the new Lother's Edge, Veil, Flying Courier and Quelling Blade. And I just can't get over that Solar Crest. Kudos to Haasva!

    The bad: Lotus Orb is quite similar to Linken's Sphere and I'd rather keep the existing Soul Ring as it is and save the new icon for a new item or maybe even Iron Talon.

    The ugly: Octarine Core is alright but I reckon it could be a bit more octarine.
  7. summer-penguin

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    Dehua, how about this one for the Octarine Core?


    Too cartoonish? Is it octarine enough to you? :D
  8. Dehua_Darbuya

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    Yeah not a huge fan of that one. The initial icon is pretty good but I was thinking of editing your suggested icon by adding a touch of purple to give it that "octarine" feel. However I got carried away and basically recoloured the whole thing! My skills aren't as great as they used to (they weren't that great to begin with) but I tried to add some yellow/gold as well. Anyway something along these lines would do.