Does DotA 2 have an offline mode?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Yandols93, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Yandols93

    Yandols93 Member

    I'm curious since I don't know much about the DotA 2, so this is my second thread ever made on these forums.

    My question this time is, does DotA 2 have an offline mode, equipped with A.I.s so we can train by ourselves if we don't have an internet connection, etc ?
  2. MikeFU

    MikeFU Well-Known Member

    probably yes
  3. Leandros

    Leandros Well-Known Member

  4. AmtsboteHannes

    AmtsboteHannes Well-Known Member

    There are bots available right now, although you still have to be connected to the Internet. Apparently there is going to be a LAN-mode at some point, though, so I´m guessing the option to play with bots offline seems like a logical step.
  5. Leandros

    Leandros Well-Known Member

    Right. I missread question, you can't play DotA 2 if steam is in offline mode.
  6. Yandols93

    Yandols93 Member

    Oh, this is still good news. At least there are bots for me to train with. Hearing about DotA 2 is not playable while steam is in offline mode is sad, but I hope they add support for it soon. :)
  7. Kyleday

    Kyleday Active Member

    I offline much practice for better
  8. tikshow

    tikshow Well-Known Member

    no-no-no, you misunderstood the answer if you are connected to steam you can play, you can be in online, away, busy or offline mode(in friend list) it doesn't matter, until the steam and dota servers are up you can play everything(matchmaking, practice etc.)
  9. Yandols93

    Yandols93 Member

    So that means I can't play without an internet connection?
  10. Sonic

    Sonic Well-Known Member

    ^ now yes
  11. Walker8

    Walker8 Well-Known Member

    Probably in the future because there will be LAN mode but right now you can't because you need to connect to Steam before you can play.
  12. BlueStar5106

    BlueStar5106 New Member

    You can play practice with your friends and can add bots.Just gonna do that with my friend to teach him right now.So yes there's an offline mode for dota 2.You can add bots and there are a few commands.
  13. tehMarkerer

    tehMarkerer Well-Known Member

    Actually playing offline bots now in Beta isn't actually offline because U still need to be connected to internet to actually play with them or continue playing with them when you have some sort of disconnection :)
  14. gazer101e

    gazer101e New Member

    so that mean we can't play without internet????
  15. MurNa

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    RCHLNKI Well-Known Member

    Probably in the future it will have
  17. Bernoully

    Bernoully Well-Known Member

    Seeing the many greyed out buttons at the side bar in the Play tab, a true offline bot match should be available in the future.
  18. Terrawind

    Terrawind Well-Known Member

    Most probably yes since is a Valve game. And LAN is going to implement soon, so offline mode could be available in the future.
  19. SiNitar

    SiNitar Well-Known Member

    You can access single player game vs bots via console since the last patch. Just type: Map Dota 2... and you are ready to go. Dunno about settings of that just starts as AP and i have no idea about difficulty of bots.
  20. demonhunter204

    demonhunter204 Well-Known Member