Do you use Windows 8 ?

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Shadowic, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Shadowic

    Shadowic Well-Known Member

    Is it worth to switch from win 7 to win 8?

    I don't have a touch screen or tablet so for desktop pc i don't know.

    If anyone uses it for gaming tell me your experiences.
  2. Skyforger4.0

    Skyforger4.0 Banned

  3. Schafter

    Schafter Well-Known Member

    FUCK NO!
  4. Valorian

    Valorian Forum Manager

    if you don't have a touchscreen display then there's no need to.

    however MS is planning to make the metro UI optional and reinstate the start button
  5. Koutsiog~

    Koutsiog~ Well-Known Member

    I do, sadly
    It's not that bad but I'd never switch voluntarily
  6. Ety

    Ety Well-Known Member

    Tried it. It's horribly impractical for a desktop pc. Apparently it's slightly faster than Win7, but I'm pretty sure Microsoft purposely made Win7 less optimal than it could be to lure both pc and tablet users to Win8.
  7. Shadowic

    Shadowic Well-Known Member

    So for your opinion win 7 is better to stay ?
  8. Cyampagn

    Cyampagn Well-Known Member

    Best than XP, best than 7.

  9. ~Noxonius

    ~Noxonius Well-Known Member

    Windows 8 is actually super-fast, a lot faster than the previous versions.

    However, the interface is kinda annoying, but you can download Classic Shell and other programs to bring back start-up button and other stuff. It's tolerable.
  10. Erios

    Erios Well-Known Member

  11. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

  12. noonepwnedsome1

    noonepwnedsome1 Well-Known Member

    The thing that windows 8 sucks is that it no longer has a start menu (and yes that could be real trouble) and it cannot create ad hoc networks directly (troublesome when I want to share my internet with my friends).
  13. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    I had to switch. There's too much of a mac in it for my taste, but in terms of performance I can't say bad word. But that could be due to the sheer power of NASA laptops

    No start button isn't that big of a deal, the fact that crapload of programs for win8 are designed to be used y braindeads is
  14. Bulbasaurr

    Bulbasaurr Banned

    I don't, but I personally never understood why do people hate it so much. Sure, I agree that Windows 7 is the best thing to come out of Microsoft in years and there's really no reason to use anything else, but I heard Windows 8 actually uses less RAM. So wouldn't it be more suitable for high RAM processes, such as gaming for example?
  15. Koutsiog~

    Koutsiog~ Well-Known Member

    If you're thinking of upgrading your OS, I advise against it
    If you're thinking of buying a better PC and it comes with win 8 preinstalled, go for it

    Win 8 is faster, that's true, but it's user unfriendly
    If you want to make your PC faster, you're better off with a SSD
  16. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Then again Windows 8 is also cheaper.
    But yes, SSD is the for speed for a pc if you're already over the RAM threshold.
  17. Denki.gif

    Denki.gif Well-Known Member

    I'm using Windows 8, and it's awesome IMO.
  18. Nope. It looks so corny and a try-hard for edginess.
  19. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    It's also faster.
    npnp edge
  20. KingMurdoc

    KingMurdoc Well-Known Member

    It's really, really annoying to use