Do battlefury's stack?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Dergless, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Dergless

    Dergless Well-Known Member

    I know this must have been discussed many times but I couldn't find a recent thread about it using the search feature. So the question is do battlefury's stack? And if so how many?
  2. pym-_-Shadow

    pym-_-Shadow Well-Known Member

    no it doesnt !only the agility from it !
  3. foolnidiot

    foolnidiot Well-Known Member

    Only the cleave doesn't stack. The rest does since it is not an orb effect.
  4. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    They "stack" depending on how you define it

    Each Battlefury acts independently
    You will NOT deal 210% aoe dmg with 6 Battlefurys
    You will deal 6x 35% with 6 Battlefurys

    Why does it matter?
    Because of certain Abilitys, like Lanayas Refraction and Voids Backtrack
  5. Dergless

    Dergless Well-Known Member

    ty, I wasn't sure if the cleave still stacked. I remember reading somewhere that the cleave would stack twice but no more than that.
  6. Denki~

    Denki~ Banned

    This post has failed so much it made me chuckle.
  7. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    ^ Refer to my post, else you'll get trolled
  8. Dergless

    Dergless Well-Known Member

    Okay I see how it works now, so getting more than 1 battlefury isn't really worth it then?
  9. Senjougahara

    Senjougahara Moderator

    You'll still basically cleave 210% of your damage output, but yes, it's by component.
  10. lordgraham

    lordgraham Well-Known Member

    i saw good things in this topic... the signature from foolnidiot
  11. FischiO_o

    FischiO_o Well-Known Member

    you can clear creeps pretty fast with 2 and you do good AoE damg but don't get it on many carries ... on mort it's good with satanic bkb
  12. Dergless

    Dergless Well-Known Member

    We'll ive been watching some dota 2 tourny streams and a lot of void players have been getting 1 pretty early which I never really thought of doing until now.
  13. xRdR

    xRdR Well-Known Member

    1 is fine. 2 is a waste of space. And yeah they do stack.
  14. Yoshi-

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  15. qmau

    qmau Well-Known Member

    It's like getting more than 1 manta on tinker.
  16. Shzi

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  17. ampboring

    ampboring Active Member

    waste to get 2.
  18. SNYDEN

    SNYDEN Member

    Luminous made a video ablut cleave dmg. its pretty detailed
  19. lubanadya

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    I'm not sure if this is the right section but
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