Disgusting Chat between Puppey and 1437 leaked

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by iLag, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. iLag

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    I know some one will come here, probably a long time advocate of Puppey being the best drafter ever or some shit but this is obviously real. Puppey indeed talks like this, and I remember someone's ask.fm or something said something about puppey as a player they like him or something of the sort.

    Not to mention 1437 is an idiot and has been hacked SEVERAL times over the last month or so on his social media. In fact he was hacked on twitter multiple times in a single day a few weeks back :rofl:


    If you can be bothered, go ahead and its funny as fuck the way Puppey types, like you expect that from a fucking 13 year old or maybe sumail at 15 or something.

    Also it just shows how disgusting they treat Kuroky. Just because he disagreed and didnt want to bend over backwards for Puppey. Its also funny how Arteezy has no problem doing it for puppey but did for PPD (following his 'ideology'/game plan). And Im sure zai is the type of person that either doesnt give a fuck or doesnt say anything, and probably understands Arteezy's fault. He probably saw this disgusting behaviour and GTFOd there.

    Thats probably why they made Kuroky support also, even though he was arguably better as carry than Arteezy for Secret, so he has less control/ability to make his own decision.

    Im sure this also tilted Kuroky as this was literally the day before today, and thats where Liquid absolutely got stomped by FNATIC
  2. Nicolas_Cage

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    It's already established that Puppey is a piece of shit and Secret is a shit team.
  3. RandomFlamer

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    If this message is genuine kudos to the hacker because it clearly presents all parties in a bad light. Kuroky turned out to be a manipulative asshole, Puppey has a bad case of narcissism and 1437 appears to be an ass kisser.

    just what they all needed after Secret's third massive failure
  4. InThoX

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    tl;dr version of this shit plz

    also: shits fake as fuq
  5. iser

    iser Well-Known Member

    yea tldr. someone give a summary. also, any proof of its authenticity?
  6. Mr. BoB

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    Its authrntic.
    tldr is basically 1437 being a sneaky cunt and whispering in puppey's ear like the fucking devil, like he wants to fuck a relationship up on purpose. Fucking snake.

    Being the unstable ego maniac he is, Puppey embraces this bullshit and the dick sucking from 1437 commences.

    1437: "Oh Puppey you're so good, you could be the President of Estonia if you want to. Kuroky wanted to take over behind your back, it feels so good to get this off my chest".

    Puppey: " Yeah fuck that delusional little faggot kuroky, everything is his fault, he could lose all his teeth if he fucks with my people again"
  7. GoLD-ReaVeR

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    There's also this little bit before that where KuroKy allegedly was being a sneaky little cunt... That is what the convo seems to have been about. Who's side is truthful... who knows. I don't monitor their chat and teamspeak every day and I doubt anyone else here is doing that either.

    I will say that this kind of shit is exactly why I'm always first in line to take a dump on the matchmaking and punishment system implemented. DotA2 players are, as is made clear here (again), not stable. And if we assume the worst case, which is that pretty much every team swap has a story like this behind it, you're not even looking at a toxic community, but toxic waste. Good teams, stable teams, stay together through their losses and hardships. They may not instantly become good, they may not even peak; but they will be consistent performers and will serve as good entertainment as you see them adjusting and getting better. Instead, DotA2 pro players are giving prostitutes a run for their money when it comes to the quantity of customers served.
  8. Ninjerk

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    In case anyone else reads this tl;dr--the president of Estonia thing is not a joke. 1437 really did say he was such a great leader he could be the president of Estonia. :rofl:
  9. BigBadBossDk

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    So from what I've gathered from this is

    1) Artour had a very valid reason to despise Kuroky (Although this was already backed by Zai and s4 who has supported his claims)

    2) Kuroky again seems to be very manipulative

    3) If you ever wonder how Puppey's dick taste like you can always ask 1437
  10. RisaStoleMyHart

    RisaStoleMyHart Well-Known Member

    People don't act professional in private. Wow who knew. If you could hack FB/Skype conversations of pros or casters all of them probably talk shit behind each others backs.

    Kuroky tried to kick Puppey from Secret. That's pretty much sums all the drama. Ironic considering Puppey kicked Notail, Fly, Misery and W33.
  11. Trew

    Trew Well-Known Member

    It's weird that I got a newfound respect for Puppey after these messages.
  12. BigBadBossDk

    BigBadBossDk Well-Known Member

    n0tail and Fly were probably a team decision. The thing is Kuro tried to kick Puppey out of HIS own team. Puppey was the one who was the captain, he was the one who was organizing sponsorship and behind the scene stuff for the team.
  13. Mognakor

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    The amount of ass-licking coming from 1437 is way above normal levels, though.

    Where do you get that from? Did i miss anything in the conversation? what they wrote was vague and no exact clarification on what happened.
  14. Houselife

    Houselife Well-Known Member

    Popey and Kuroky are equally stupid, both are trash gamers, but Popa is probably worst, he does not have any respect toward well-qualified gamers, he's always likely to kick core gamers because he's afraid of losing his captain rank by Team Secret, he should quit Dota already and pass the team to a better leadership, Popa isn't anymore the Pope from those times, he's Poop nowdays.
  15. Nietzschean

    Nietzschean Well-Known Member

    tldr arteezy is a shitter who will never win anything worthwhile.
  16. Sarvik

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    If it is true then it does suggest that Kuroky was a major issue in Secret. Rtz, Zai and 1437 have all indicated that Kuroky was a problem, if you now add Puppey to this then it only leaves S4 who hasn't said anything yet.

    Also 1437 is a grade A asskisser, Puppey really should stop working with him, it is unlikely to be beneficial in a long run.
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  17. iser

    iser Well-Known Member


    the dear leader vouches for puppey's leadership skills.
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  18. r0xo

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    My take on this, seems like people don't understand how conversations between friends work especially when they discuss emotional events.

    What is weird about the "ass licking" comments that 1437 made? President of Estonia thing was obviously a joke, most of those immense comments where exaggerated jokes. That's what you do when you are friends. You compliment a person and especially in that type of conversation you see he is feeling down and say hey man don't forget these positive qualities you have.

    And the way they talked so much shit about Kuro... People, remember the bigger picture here. Puppey feels like he was betrayed by a long time friend. Those two where good friends and then that shit happens. It is not like rtz did it, it is someone you trusted. Of course you are going to go a bit overboard with the anger. Because you are hurt. And when you discuss this topic with someone you trust/feel comfortable with you feel like you can open up and get these shitty feelings out. You say things that are very negative because emotions are irrational, later on you say well I don't hate the guy I just needed time even though he did wrong.

    Have you never had a conversation about bad shit with a friend?
  19. Wait, is this from this year? Or last year?

    The way they talk it more seems like its from last year, right?
    So how does the OP go on to conlcude that that tilted kky in the liquid match?:mellow:
  20. iLag

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    it got released day before