[DISCUSSION]Is it time for a new SOTW series?

Discussion in 'Studio D'Art' started by carlvic, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. carlvic

    carlvic Graphics Crew

    Before we start with a new one, I wish we could set up the atmosphere by making more tags and inviting the newcomers.
    Also if we did indeed start, will it hoard in entries?
    And even if the good 'ol graphics guys join our medals don't stack.

    So before starting a new SOTW series we'll need to consider the ff:
    • A new reward system? Aside from the medals of course.
    • Will it click? Considering the amount of activity here in SDA.
    • Does anyone still know how to make a tag? Joke question. But you get the point.

    Things we can do to promote SOTW:
    • Global Announcement.*
    • Stack SOTW Medals.*
    • Give a contest to decide on new Graphics Crew members.
    • Give in-game dota 2 rewards. (We need sponsors.)
    *I'd also like to ask Lycan if we, indeed, can stack medals or have a global announcement.

    IMHO we're currently becoming a waste of forum space, nobody is posting their works here and everybody's either too lazy or too busy to fill up member requests. (Since the requests are mostly asking for logos for their nab groups without consulting the request rules. lol.)

    Thoughts? Let's bring back SDA guys.
    So that we can kill it again a some time later.
  2. 31n07

    31n07 Well-Known Member

    how will you know if I will submit a plagiarized pic?
    how will you know if I will connive with other people to make me win?

  3. carlvic

    carlvic Graphics Crew

    The host may ask the competitors to submit a PSD and his Stock images used. The competitors and members of PD also seem to have the ability to spot which tag is plagiarized and which one is not.

    Also before, all competitors post some of their artistic works for Critique and Comments so we know who is capable of making tags and their style.

    It's quite a shame for someone to cheat. Especially if all we're fighting for is a minute amount bragging rights.
  4. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    we could stack a medal, but 8 entries at least

    I have never known how to made a sig you should know that.

    Also google has image match nowadays youcan track user pic's for plagiarism through it along with educator(that tool that reads all our papers which our teacher are to lazy to go through themselves)

    Perhaps instead of a SotW we should do an Imaginary teamlogo + banner ;)
  5. carlvic

    carlvic Graphics Crew

    I was thinking of setting up the mood first with some foreplay. ;)
    Tutorials of the week anyone?
  6. -AvA-

    -AvA- Well-Known Member

    Just posting to state my interest in this.
  7. Fate Trap

    Fate Trap Well-Known Member

  8. carlvic

    carlvic Graphics Crew

    Thanks. I'd really like to see the hands of those willing to join in.
    (raises feet)
  9. -AvA-

    -AvA- Well-Known Member

    There doesn't seem to be any interest in this.

    Such a shame.
  10. A5G_Reaper

    A5G_Reaper Well-Known Member

    Wasn't there someone in FFnL with two literary award displayed?
  11. carlvic

    carlvic Graphics Crew

    Those medals stack I think.
    So far, I haven't seen anyone here in Studio D' Art with two SOTW medals. Maybe because it's not decided by a panel of moderators but instead, a few number of voters.
  12. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    planet has a duplicate medal which is workaround of an old bug in the website. They don't stack, but the honorary can show more than one thing