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  1. greenspleen

    greenspleen Well-Known Member

    Which skills do the command -disablehelp disable? I already know that Chen's heal is disabled, but what else?
  2. SoletLuna

    SoletLuna Moderator

  3. greenspleen

    greenspleen Well-Known Member

    oh wow

    close this thread please...
  4. Magicmaster

    Magicmaster Well-Known Member

    Before closing this thread, I have one question concerning

    If they already picked any of those items, will they drop them or not?

    E: Sorry mods, doubleposted and renewed another topic :X
  5. BBQ

    BBQ Well-Known Member

  6. Drickosh

    Drickosh Well-Known Member

    chen's heal is disable too?
  7. JohnnyMoe

    JohnnyMoe Well-Known Member

  8. Azure

    Azure Well-Known Member

    also it makes allied omni's repel unable to cast on you, afaik.
  9. Cáno

    Cáno Well-Known Member

    Afaik it's senseless to post without reading thread beforehand.
  10. Lordshinjo

    Lordshinjo Well-Known Member

    Additional info, and not in one really long sentence, so that stupid people can understand it.

    Complete list of deactivated spells:
    X Marks the Spot (cast canceled, error message)
    Test of Faith (spell put in cooldown, no effect)
    Sprout (cast canceled, error message)
    Recall (cast canceled, error message)
    Astral Imprisonment (cast canceled, error message)
    Force Staff (spell put in cooldown, no effect)
  11. Black Isle

    Black Isle Well-Known Member

    Question answered.
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