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Discussion in 'Advanced Mechanics' started by Bloody Knuckles, May 17, 2010.

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  1. Bloody Knuckles

    Bloody Knuckles Well-Known Member

    Does purge work on omni's repel? What can diffusal blade purge?
  2. Linism

    Linism Well-Known Member

    Yes you can purge omni's repel.

    And purge can purge hardcoded magical buffs, and some triggered ones (Sven's God Strength for example).

    Link that might be useful.
  3. risingdemon

    risingdemon Well-Known Member

    Yes to omni's repel, however if the target has a linken not on cooldown, LP will be putted on CD and Repel will not be removed.

    Uhm, instally kill illusion, buff, entangle (even Tree's ulti), I think there are more but right now I can't remember all of it.
    It can not remove Doom, btw.

    Edit: ^ ninja
  4. Mag.net

    Mag.net Well-Known Member

    And it's instantly kills Warlock's golem too
  5. mustin98

    mustin98 Well-Known Member

    does it work on bkb'd units?
  6. Linism

    Linism Well-Known Member

    Just to mention in greater detail. Purge doesn't instantly KILL summons and Illusions. It does a specific amount of damage against them. Diffusal Blade's Purge does like buttloads of damage so it has that effect of insta-gibbing any eligible target currently in DotA. But Medusa's Gaze at lvl 1 does only 600 damage, so it wouldn't one-shot kill even a lvl 1 Infernal (which has 900 HP).
  7. Bloody Knuckles

    Bloody Knuckles Well-Known Member

    If a broodmother uses Hunger, then an omni repels her, is Hunger also purged if brood is purged?
  8. Snake

    Snake Well-Known Member

    What do you mean? If BM got repelled? NO.
    If BM got Purged, Repel and Hunger becomes purged as well.
  9. SN0W37

    SN0W37 Well-Known Member

    Note that for both Godstrength and the lifestealing part of Insatiable Hunger will remain for an additional 2-4 seconds after being purged due to the effects being granted by an aura. The bonus damage however from Insatiable Hunger will be removed instantly.
  10. risingdemon

    risingdemon Well-Known Member

    ^^^^ the amount of damage Diffusal's purge does is 99999, if I count right the number of "9"
    Btw, the topic asks about diffusal's Purge, not other one.
    ^^^: yes, all of it, just like an unit with Repel + Guardian angel is almost undieable before physical attach until it is purged.
    ^^^^^ No, can not be used on BKBed unit.
  11. pencilgod

    pencilgod Well-Known Member

    Is there any priority when purging? Eg. Sven gets repelled and afterwards uses God's strength. Purge will remove the aura (after the 2-4 sec. fade) or it will remove repel?
  12. SN0W37

    SN0W37 Well-Known Member

    Purge will remove all magical buffs. Gods Strength is specifcally coded to be removed if the target unit is purged.
  13. pencilgod

    pencilgod Well-Known Member

    The rest was clear, thanks!
  14. nexnikz

    nexnikz New Member

    does purge cancels balanar's fear?
  15. Legend.Ysera

    Legend.Ysera Member

  16. SoletLuna

    SoletLuna Moderator


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