Diffusal Blade for non-agi carries?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by mapdesigner, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. mapdesigner

    mapdesigner Well-Known Member

    LC build making:

    Blink >> Phase Boot >> BM >> Diffusal >> Deadalus >> AC >> Replace Diffusal with butter

    this is one way to build LC. Ofc most games you will need bkb right after BM, so get butter instead of diffusal

    35 agi for LC is not bad (35 AS + 5 armor) + purge. Purge shouldnt be underestimated, its good way to catch.

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    Diffusal gives quite good stats. yes 350 HP is good too, but purge CD is better, and it also gives better damage output with attack speed
  2. stereox

    stereox Well-Known Member

    1. Phase
    2. Blink/SB+BM
    3. Blink/SB+BM
    4. AC/Deso
    5. More HP/Armors/IAS
    6. ............
    7. Profit

    Give a try to Lens for wacky build
  3. ark-eXodia

    ark-eXodia Well-Known Member

    Aghanim, pure duel 1-1 no outside help from your or enemy team

    be a manly woman

    be proud

    lock them down for your 6,75 seconds duel, fight to the death or make it draw and say well fought
  4. Jolk

    Jolk Well-Known Member

    throw in a armlet and you are fine

    and then you dont want another mid game item like diffusal
    Though why you need the slow anyway, with blink and OO you shouldnt have any problems in chasing and for early game an oov is most times enough

    abandon :cat:
  5. mapdesigner

    mapdesigner Well-Known Member

    slowing is much better for chasing than increasing movement. Thats because if both are fast, enemy can juke.
  6. EnkiL.

    EnkiL. Well-Known Member

    I think the only reason you get Diffusal on an Int is if you're Windranger or SD.

    Got reported by enemy team for going Diffusal Windranger. Wenches didn't want their mana drained.
  7. radratray

    radratray Well-Known Member

    really I don't see the point to this. when I see legion played in high mmr she usually goes around ganking early game with 1 or 2 supports to get duel damage. if you wanted to waste gold on getting an item to finish off heroes who lived through the duel then I guess you could, but it would probably be better just to not waste her ult to begin with and not duel full health enemies without allies with some burst to help.

    even abyssal blade isn't something she really needs, her ult is already a disable and your team finishing them off should be enough even if they have basher or something, while she doesn't really need the damage, she should already have a lot of duel damage late game and she's not really a carry anyway

    you'd be better off going desolator to more quickly finish off dueled enemies and take towers faster, and assault cuirass for the same reason while also helping your team in a fight. only items she really needs are blink and blade mail so I guess it doesn't matter much, but it'd be better to spend gold on items that are more helpful to her and her team
  8. SBVenom

    SBVenom Well-Known Member

    you can build whatever you want on legion so long as you jungle with her.
  9. mapdesigner

    mapdesigner Well-Known Member

    Her ulti can only be used once in a team fight.

    I am not sure why everyone suggest BM Desu or dmg item as alternatives. These items are simply there to do another job and not for disabling.

    I know building up dmg and survivability is necesary to win duels. Duels are also very important for LC. However, it is only her first step to secure: once you have enough damage, you can then start building up disables.

    Abysal is extremly good for LC, as it enables her to start fights with double kills: pick that skywrath then duel pa

    Diffusal should only be compared to catch items: forcestaff, atos, abyssal, sny, Saber, skadi, MoM Hex.

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    Unliss you will want to argue that all you need is to pushasap ( which can be valid), in which case get desu ac and just ignore all other items
  10. FightFightFight

    FightFightFight Well-Known Member

    i don't think Diffusal is any good on strength carries. it's outclassed by SnY for chasing, and against Ghost scepters there' Basher/Abyssal. even Hex can be better if you have relevant DPS to make it worth it. However, Diffusal can be legit on strength supports in late game. Like if you have Spiritbreaker with Blademail+Aghs, there's no efficient items to improve his spells anymore, so he can get Diffu to purge Repel from enemy or silence from allies

    If SnY didn't worked i doubt Diffusal can. LC is not a good candidate for utility items because, you know... Duel disables items, that greatly reduces their effectiveness, and if you hesitate to Duel until the very last moment, you will be disabled and kited to death. Survivability and mobility items are more important.
  11. mapdesigner

    mapdesigner Well-Known Member

    I am only going to need to chase after I already won duel...
  12. FightFightFight

    FightFightFight Well-Known Member

    It's still outclassed by SnY, Echo, Abyssal for fighting/chasing outside of duel. If he already used up Duel+PTA her damage is shitty, so using diffusal may result enemy escaping and charge being wasted. SnY slows are infinite and MS bonus synergies whith high base MS. Chasing isn't really diffusal's strongest point, purging buffs is, and this aspect is screwed because you are muted for 20-50% of teamfight.
  13. BornFromAGrave

    BornFromAGrave Well-Known Member

    Diffusal on WR to deal with WK... else... cant think of anyone situation atm.
  14. Cesaille

    Cesaille Member

    Ursa is a melee agi carry with kiteing issues which purge helps with and he scales really well with attack speed + gains damage from agi. Meanwhile LC is strength, mostly a disabler and does not gain damage from agi. If you're running around trying to "catch" people with diffusal as LC you've likely already lost. Diffusal has close to zero synergy with your skillset, buy something that either synergizes with your rightclick/duel bonus damage (deso/AC, makes you blow up buildings too) or buy items that helps with those key duels that are required in some games (linkens poppers, silver edge on top of your blink, a bkb etc). Imo blink and blademail is core, the above is luxury.