Different item builds for Nyx?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by zerrax, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. fireblaze762

    fireblaze762 Well-Known Member

    Force is a very decent item. Makes him nigh unkilllable (if he wasn't already).

    EB is pretty much the best lategame extension there is, giving you great stats (a good right click) along with boosting your combo significantly.

    BoT of course is fantastic.

    Once you've bought a few casting items (typically dagon / necro + arcane + mobility items / mana regen items) you should be focusing on being a physical threat, either by having high EHP (soulbooster, pipe) + annoyance or by having some actual (multipurpose) physical damage (in the form of items such as EB, basher and mjolnir)
  2. TaxmanD

    TaxmanD Well-Known Member

    People who still make dagon on Nyx are stupid, core should be orchid sny deso butterfly. Sometime linken works if you wanna be the annoying juker with your extremely annoying carapace. Basically anything but a noobdagon.
  3. sumthingsup

    sumthingsup Well-Known Member

    dagon is an item that is very very misunderstood.
  4. colinKaline

    colinKaline Well-Known Member


    Sheep stick



    Refresher orb works too

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    Nyx is not a right clicker, he's got no right click power at all compared to the likes of Luna or faceless void; he's a nuked and disabler who deals insane amount of burst damage

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    Nyx is not a right clicker, he's got no right click power at all compared to the likes of Luna or faceless void; he's a nuked and disabler who deals insane amount of burst damage
  5. Monsterlord_2nd

    Monsterlord_2nd Well-Known Member

    I've screwed around with some builds against lineups where it's difficult to straight-up murder someone in one combo, which saw me going for items like Deso, Drums, SnY and Eblade, but the results were meh. I stayed useful by the endgame, but it doesn't really compare to his standard build, so I'd just say avoid him in games where you can't do your job.
  6. -Groove.Mike-

    -Groove.Mike- Well-Known Member

    Arcane [Dagon] Dagger [Eul] Guinsoo

    Situational items reason :
    Dagon : If you're having free farm and there's a couple of squishies in the ennemy team.
    Eul : Another disable, if the lone target is finally not alone (eul the other guy)
    Eul yourself > Dagger for the reliable escape.

    Arcane Dagger is a must, arcane for the much needed mana pool, Dagger for the initiating/escaping ability. You will not always initiate with Vendetta, unless you are already level 16 (same duration as cooldown) and even there, they will have gem/sentries and wait for you.
  7. SugaSutA

    SugaSutA Well-Known Member

    I normally stay useful late game with an Eblade.
  8. -Groove.Mike-

    -Groove.Mike- Well-Known Member

    Of course Eblade is mandatory on late-game, but it's all depending on your farm/farm priority.
  9. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

    What is the "usual" item build for Nyx, anyway? Haven't played him for ages.
  10. colinKaline

    colinKaline Well-Known Member

    Oh and I think BKB is pretty good on him

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    Bottle, Talisman, Arcane, Urn, Dagon, E-blade, Sheep Stick; by that time the game should endd
  11. Huntsekker

    Huntsekker Well-Known Member

    Hmm I do not think Nyx needs much to be effective in what he does. However, if we are talking about late game, I see Eblade as 1 of the most logical items extension.

    To be fair I never understood why competitive players like to build blink on him. His ulti seems good enough to me for him to get the good fight initiations. Sure blink is instant + the surprise factor and all, but the 2150 gold spent there could be better off spent on something like a ghost scepter (for future Eblade).

    Dagon on him seems to be a throwback to the old times item build as well. Unless Eblade is completed on him and he still seems to be rolling in cash I guess.
  12. MaDuiN

    MaDuiN Well-Known Member

    The best build for Nyx is of course

    Phase, Orchid, EB, Bottle with a Bracer and telescrolls.

    I got like 68% wins with +150 games at page 1-2 games. It literally cannot lose.

    Almost every game when I go for AB, I lose. Almost every game I go for Dagon, I lose.
  13. Millennium

    Millennium Well-Known Member

    What about Tranquil Boots/SR/Urn/RoA?

    Wouldn't Orchid be a situational item for those heroes who rely on their spells to escape? 99% of the time you can't benefit from Vendetta + Orchid combo, unless you cast Orchid first and then go Vendetta later.
  14. Yoyo Cream

    Yoyo Cream Well-Known Member

    Blade mail
  15. OvejaExplosiva

    OvejaExplosiva Well-Known Member

    I've been lately abusing the absurdness of his E to get orchid+phase boots+battlefury. Gives you good farming and a nice amount of rightclick power. You will have little HP but who cares? Spiked carapace ftw!