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    Nephalem Valor buff

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    I really like it. It promotes longer runs which will be less repetitious. The level 60 kick in means that you can still experiment with skills as they come into effect while leveling up without penalty. Drop rates can be adjusted so that it is still ridiculously hard to find gear. The only reason it was easy to acquire loot in d2 was because of all the botting and duping.

    I hope it stacks with small increments up to 10 or so times lasting say 30 mins each or until death/change skills/leave game. The rest of the community seems very positive on this development too
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    Gee, how many WF and GF have you found with stacked mf? I found like 1 WF and 1 GF in my whole D2 career (around 8 years).

    Besides, the best item in-game are rare items along with crafted items. Even with high mf, the best items are still very rare. You will just end up getting more blues, yellow and unique items (to salvage).
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    This sounds about right. I never played with map hacks or bots and my really rare drops would include: Cham, Vex, Sur, Darkforce, GF, griffins, Ik armor, COA, Gris helm. Im sure there were a few more in there but only ever 1 of each and that was over about 10 years of on and off playing. A little extra mf bonus might be nice lol
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    Well I like it for one. It encourages running a whole act instead of Baal runs or Meph runs lasting a few minutes each. I also think that having a legitimate buff to mf would decrease the amount of people tempted to bot or hack for items. Having to work for it (doing an entire arc) means that people who actually enjoy playing certain areas of the game are rewarded more. Well cheaters will be cheaters, so it's still not enough for most people, but I'll enjoy it for sure.
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    It depends on level design and distribution of drop chances and difficulty. Keeping in mind one of D2, sweeping locations right before the boss (you'll have to do this anyways since there's no more 0 CD teleport) to stack buff, get the boss, then restart and repeat still sounds more effective than derping through white trash and occassional quasi-bosses for 30 minutes, with buffs or not. But yeah, as I've said, it depends on numbers and geography.

    Also my opinion on drop chances stays: it should be challenging to get gear, but IMO it should be challenging in terms of beating encounters, not playing a lottery for 9000 times, doing the same boring runs. Sure, you can't stall the plot progress with hard-to-beat act bosses just because they are supposed to drop better loot, but that's why we have optional encounters (like Uber bosses content from D2; the last one, pandemonium, is "how it's done" material IMO, except maybe the fact that it was an instance run for just one, very specific, piece of gear).

    That's the reason I stronly dislike +mf gear. I want to fight challenging monsters, not drop chances ffs.
    In D2 the situation with that was quite bad, chasm between playing for fun and playing for in-game reward was huuuuuuge. Of course, gathering gear is quite fun, but it's a hard choice between two kinds of fun, with one of them being so dependant on "playing the game as if it was your job" factor. More precise, it's the character customisation that is fun, including getting specific items, not just struggling to get those items.
    It's important to see your hero's performance when you get something new to see any satisfaction though, but no, using new items used to result in wasting valuable +mf slot... If that doesn't sound retarded (while being the truth), I don't know what does.
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    I find mf annoying when it becomes the only optimal way of playing. -_-
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    I think you guys are missing the point of Diablo. The entire game is an item pinball machine. That is the sole purpose of the PVE game and the main reason it is so attractive and addictive. The reason mf is so adored is because it increases your minimalistic chances a little bit like a flag in the distance indicating some hope. The rest of the social and PVP aspects are a byproduct of this casino game.
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    Haha, as usual I'm different from most. I usually don't give a damn about the gear. The most important stuff to me will always be the story and the spells, as well as how they can be combined. I'm mostly just happy JUST when I find the new gear, then I kind of forget about it. Gear doesn't matter much to me at all. Still this is my favorite game :)

    I wasn't much for runs either. I hated doing it.
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    Haha you are definitely in the minority then!
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    i'm with Punkz; the ideal RPG is one that is endless and renewing, and Diablo succeeds in that aspect with its potentially limitless customization, because no game can be truly infinite.

    However with D2 it can feel like you are deprived of everything that can be experienced in the game thanks to impossible drops if you either decide to play offline SP or not twink your character to MF, and I'm happy to see D3 alleviate those frustrations somewhat. Just hoping it won't backfire like it did with SC2 when Blizzard tried to answer fan expectations.
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    So the minority are people who enjoy diablo's lore?

    I dunno, I always thought it had a good story, they just never seemed to focus on it.
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    You will experience the same thing in D3. Maybe it will be even more random than D2 but that's what made Diablo.
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    Diablo provide a good universe actually, but it's not a game's story treatment that is the main point of current discussion. It was implied that the minority are those who gave more damns about story than about "lottery" aspect :)
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    Long time no see! I am so excited about D3!! 15th of May then...
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    Another Day has passed,
    Diablo 3's approaching fast,
    I try my best to bide my time,
    So I came up with this rhyme.
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    I was looking at that yesterday and im not sure how I feel. I guess I will just have to trust Blizzard here that it feels better. If they can balance it so that acts 1+2 are easier but just have a lower chance of the same high drops of acts 3+4 I will be happy.
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    I didn't understand that Inferno worked like that from the beginning. I thought it was self-explanatory that it had to work like that.. You've already been through all of the acts before, why would you wanna go through them all again if it doesn't get harder and harder? There's just no point. Anyway, good that they changed it.