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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by deejayii, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. deejayii

    deejayii Well-Known Member

    Who all here gonna give Diablo 3 a try? I know myself gonna be all over it, been playing Diablo since Diablo 1. From various Gameplay video they have provided, it looks really promising, and as a Diablo fan that i am, i ain't disappointed and more hyped then ever.



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  2. Ne0Majorer0

    Ne0Majorer0 Well-Known Member

    Me. Definetly, from day 1.

    The only game I see myself truly exchanging places with DotA - even though I'll also look into (ofc) Starcraft 2.

    I only ask two things to Blizzard:

    -> Please, please make some decent PvP in Diablo
    -> Map Editor. I want Diablo 3 DotA :geek: :geek:
  3. Dark Mizuki

    Dark Mizuki Well-Known Member

    LOL It'll be awesomesauce to have a Diablo Map Editor

    Anyway, in Diablo, we can't spam potions now, so more strategies should be opened up instead of hit and run.

    I'll definitely choose the female wizard as my first character. So hot.
  4. SirNeo

    SirNeo Member

    Starcraft II and Diablo III
    can't wait to play those games
  5. deejayii

    deejayii Well-Known Member

    I'm actually really curious how diablo 3 pvp system is gonna work.

    LOL a diablo 3 dota would be really really interesting considering its not a RTS lol. I don't think I'll completely quit dota when diablo 3 comes out, dota will always have a little something in my heart, but i will be focusing alot of time into diablo 3 more then dota.
  6. Wizard

    Wizard Well-Known Member

    I've played D2 for like 2 years...TBH one of the best RPG in the world,Blizzards games are always good,cant w8 for D3!
  7. SpeakerOfDead

    SpeakerOfDead Member

    Ahh diablo 3. I can't wait to play this... D2 was my fav game for about 4-5 years? The good old times. I couldn't believe when i saw the first videos after so many years of waiting. The only thing i worry about is that ill have to change my pc ;(
  8. deejayii

    deejayii Well-Known Member

    Agree, blizzard is one of the best in the industry thats for sure, I'm pretty sure Diablo 3 won't be released till late 2010 is my guess.

    I'll be playing a Wizard, atleast from what we have seen so far, gotta love my teleport cant leave home without it :) Depends what the other 2 unannounced classes are tho.
  9. Cappu

    Cappu Well-Known Member

    ya diablo 3 will be a hammer game
  10. Tieria

    Tieria Well-Known Member

    Ultra-bright colors :>
  11. deejayii

    deejayii Well-Known Member

    Meh it still looks all the same to me, we are moving more into newer technology etc, diablo 2 is old... diablo 3 still has its dark creepy looks to it imo.
  12. reh

    reh Well-Known Member

    Played d2 since classic, there's no game I spent more time with.
    D3 = Must-have, but I try not to think of it, so much time until it'll be released. :/

    Gimme at least the announced d2 patch/reset soon, thx!
  13. AP()ll()_TTFU

    AP()ll()_TTFU Well-Known Member

    I spend my entire classes 10-11 with D2 now D3 YaY
  14. deejayii

    deejayii Well-Known Member

    Agree, Well I'm the type that likes to browse around and see if there's any new news :) but ya I've been waiting for the diablo 2 ladder to reset so i could start fresh on there till diablo 3 comes out, they announced it being reset awhile ago and still hasn't. My guess is its gonna be reset on June 17th, like it has been for the past few years lol.
  15. reh

    reh Well-Known Member

    "We try to give everyone at least a two week notice before a ladder reset." :/
    So there are still some weeks left before our addiction starts again. ;D
  16. deejayii

    deejayii Well-Known Member

    Technically..... they already gave us a notice like 2 months ago hehe :p So if that counts it could be any time :)
  17. Valorian

    Valorian Forum Manager

    Needs a Monk class desperately, mixing Paladin with Assassin, uses staff weapons with Ki skills.

    Imagine pole vaulting into a bunch of enemies and stunning them, then 360 swing with knockdown, and Ki Bolting archers with knockback!
  18. m1pe

    m1pe Well-Known Member

    The only game I'm currently waiting for (well ok, I'm kinda curious about MW2 too), looks so fu*king awesome!
    I remember playing Diablo II all night and loving every second of it.
  19. Ne0Majorer0

    Ne0Majorer0 Well-Known Member

    Monk classes are a tricky thing in online RPGs, specially if you go down the D&D route - no armor and almost no weapon types. I like the idea too, but I just cry when I see everyone else in shinning armor and badass weapons and look at me going around half naked. At least in D3 you can pick male/female chars, so a half naked female cant be that bad.

    Anyway, as long as hammerdins dont make a comeback Im fine, even though some sort of "saint" class will eventually be in the game.
  20. deejayii

    deejayii Well-Known Member

    I want the last 2 unannounced character to be something completely different from the classes diablo 2 had.