dendi's sister

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Darklycan51, Sep 23, 2012.

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    and? discuss as he said LOL jk -.-ยด
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    This thread gave me cancer.
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    really? didn't know after 100 threads, also wrong section and reported
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    God this OP is such a faggot Dendi ball licker,i remember he was the guy saying Navi will beat the chinese,feel the burn you lowlife paparazzi,and get your own life.
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    You guys should really go out man...
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    I support this post.
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    You've noticed that if one of the siblings is beautiful, the other one is not?
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    I heard that Dendi is a tiny dude... but just how short is she?

    (Dendi sexier than her btw)
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    They look extremely alike.
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    yup, those are trees behind dendi.
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    TGAT is stalking dendi!
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    id bang the one on the left, who wouldnt?