Dead firefighters in Cyprus forest fire

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    In Sunday, possibly an act of inconsideration (and stupidity) by a 12 year-old kid playing with a lighter, a forest fire started in the mountain area of Troodos, Cyprus.

    Because of a very high peak in temperature (40 degrees Celsius the highest recorded thus far), the fire has spread rapidly and uncontrollably destroying around 10-15 thousand square kilometers of pine forest, while inhabitants from nearby villages evacuated due to the smoke.

    The article is about the second recorded death of a firefighter in action, while water aircraft from Greece, Israel and the UK have come to assist. France, Italy and Turkey are expected to provide some as well.

    This is yet another example of a really dumb kid lacking any real supervision and allowed to cause huge damage. Cyprus is generally lacking in green and forests and this kind of damage is truly staggering.
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    I have a bit of a question: Why is there a kid out in the forest with no supervision? Especially with a lighter?
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    He was at his grandfather's house in a village in that region. I have no idea what the grandfather was doing at that time, but boy did he fuck up.

    OT: [​IMG]

    Part of the area affected. Whatever is shown here was completely burned down.
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    Mad respect to firefighters, cops and EMTs.
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    It's less of an unsupervised kid thing but more a fire safety thing in general. People seem to be criminally unaware what can cause a fire and how it spreads. May it be at home or in the forest.

    Has someone more info how they died exactly? It usually only happens due to tragic mistakes.
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    I don't think the kid was unaware at all. Talks on forest fires are very frequent and playing with a lighter outdoors in such an environment in such weather conditions is completely unforgivable.

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    Yes they it is unforgivable but it shows more that nobody has taught the kid that. Similar, a large amount of fires are totally preventable if people aren't idiots. That's why you have to remind people about safety so often just for them to do stupid shit anyway.

    I've read the article but "overturned" doesn't say much. It could have been an accident totally unrelated to the fire.
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    Nothing else has been said about it. I suspect the smoke and the overall confusion lead to some impact or fall of the vehicle and so it overturned.
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    Whats happening with these parents today ? Its one kid being devoured by a crocodile, the other having his arm removed by a tiger, the other falling into a Gorilla pit and now the other killing 10k square km of life. Man, the information is spreading so quickly, how/why don't they ever learn ? Well, I think I can't really complain about them. What are the chances of my kid doing a crap like this ? I have none btw.

    Is it their fault, or the place's security fault ?
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    Why is this such a big news though? Now don't get me wrong I wholeheartedly pass my condolences to everyone who has been effected by this very dangerous thing but forest fires happen quite literally every year in Greece and as you said, it isn't that extraordinary in Cyprus either (unfortunately). So what should we discuss here exactly?
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    White man's agony.
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    What people should also be aware of is carbon monoxide (probably even more than of fire).
    It was actually one of the first things we were thought here before any of us was sent to put out fires.
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    I direct you towards Necalli's post to answer your question.

    To sum up, it's not just the unusual scale of the incident in of itself, but also the nature of the accident which has been relevant a lot lately.