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    Stone Cold

    Darkjr's guide to Kaldr, The Ancient Apparition


    First, English is not my native language, so feel free to tell me if there is any errors. If you think that something in my guide is not right, leave a comment and I will see. Also, this guide isn’t made for someone that can’t support more than 4 active spells, duh.

    Background story

    Defeated in a battle long forgotten, this once great mage was banished to a tomb of ice for all eternity. For countless ages he lay in unbearable anguish until he was discovered by minions of the Lich King. In a vain attempt to gain favor with this ancient soul for his own purposes, the Lich King released him. But this soul no longer knew gratitude, it no longer knew friend from foe, it knew only pain. With it's bodylong since decayed, the soul took up the only form it knew. Consumed with hatred, even a touch from this monstrosity causes agony. Able to conjure devastating ice storms with a mere thought and hurl soul-shattering bolts of frost seemingly impossible distances, this creature punishes all who dare to stand their ground against it.

    To-do list
    I've replied to your comments and will adapt my guide to them whenever I can:
    - Test Ice Blast with Skeleton King's Ultimate
    - Adapt starting items to Sobi Mask
    - Add notes to skills
    - Add infos to items
    - Remake Ice Blast Mini-Guide
    - Make a section for Bloodstone


    (11/02/2010) - Guide uploaded
    (11/02/2010) - Minor changes
    (11/02/2010) - Remade the Alt-tab mini-guide
    (12/02/2010) – Moved Urn of Shadows to optional core and added Point Booster to situational items
    (12/02/2010) – Added a note to Ice Blast and Meepo to Best Allies
    (15/02/2010) – Minors fixes
    (19/02/2010) - Guide published
    (19/04/2010) - I've decided to remake the guide with a new more effective core, Eul's instead of Guinsoo
    (19/04/2010) - Guide adapted to V6.67c
    (20/04/2010) - Work on things written in comments
    (22/04/2010) - Added Mjoft's replay

    Table of content

    1. Alt-tab mini-guide
    2. Stats
    3. Pros / Cons
    4. Skills
    5. Items
    6. Gameplay
    7. Enemies / Allies
    8. Replays
    9. Ending

    1. Alt-tab mini-guide


    Normal build
    1. Cold Feet
    2. Ice Vortex
    3. Cold Feet
    4. Ice Vortex
    5. Cold Feet
    6. Ice Blast
    7. Cold Feet
    8-9. Ice Vortex
    10. Stats
    11. Ice Blast
    12-15. Chilling Touch
    16. Ice Blast
    17-25. Stats


    [​IMG][​IMG](or [​IMG])

    [​IMG][​IMG](or [​IMG])
    [​IMG][​IMG] then -> [​IMG]
    Trouble surviving: [​IMG] after Nulls

    Optional / Situational

    Extensions / Luxuries


    1. Harass with Cold Feet early game
    2. Don’t use Ice Vortex early game, besides for kills
    3. Gank at level 6
    4. DON’T FORGET ICE BLAST and initiate team battle with it
    5. Map awareness
    6. Stick with your team

    2. Stats

    Hero Type: Intelligence

    HP: 492
    Mana: 325

    Strength: 18 + 1.4
    Agility: 20 + 2.2
    Intelligence: 25 + 2.6

    Advanced stats

    Affiliation: Neutral
    Attack Animation: 0.45 / 0.3
    Damage: 44 - 54
    Casting Animation: 0.01 / 0.75
    Armor: 4.8
    Base Attack Time: 1.7
    Movespeed: 295
    Missile Speed: 1250
    Attack Range: 600
    Sight Range: 1800 / 1400

    3. Pros / Cons

    + Very powerful early game
    + Good int gain
    + Good base armor
    + Very powerful ultimate
    + Good casting animation
    + Spammable spells

    - Lack of strength / HP
    - Ultimate is hard to place well
    - Chilling Touch can be a debuff for your team if you don’t use it correctly
    - Silence is a pain for him

    4. Skills

    Cold Feet

    The Apparition curses his foes with The Frozen Mark which will freeze enemies to the ground. Unless target enemy moves at least 740 away from the mark within 4 seconds he is frozen still.

    Casting Range: 700
    Damage per second: 37.5 / 50 / 62.5 / 75
    Stun duration if triggered: 1.25 / 2 / 2.75 / 3.5
    Cooldown: 15 / 13 / 11 / 9
    Manacost: 150


    • Deals 37.5/50/62.5/75 magic damage at 0.8, 1.6, 2.5, 3.4 seconds
    • Effect ends when the unit dies, the distance is over 765 or it no longer has the aura placed buff
    • Blocked by Linken's Sphere

    Harass, nuke, disable, combo

    Ice Vortex

    Gathers ancient frost energy into one area to create a small, immobile ice vortex at a location. Whenever enemies are near it, their movement speed and magical resistance are reduced.

    Casting Range: 1500
    AOE: 275
    Movement Reduction: 18 / 22 / 26 / 30
    Magic Resistance: -10 / -15 / -20 / -25
    Duration: 12
    Cooldown: 6
    Manacost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110


    • Since all your spells are magical, Ice Vortex boost them all.
    • New units are checked for every 0.1 seconds.
    • Does not affect magic immune units
    • Does not affect Forged Spirit, Familiar, Stone Form

    Scout: Since it has a very long range (1500) you can place it to watch against enemy ganks, but don’t spam it if you don’t have a good mana pool to support it.
    Initiate: It breaks magic resistance, duh, use your nuke after
    Chasing: It slows enemies, duh.

    Chilling Touch

    Releases a gust of cold wind at a target area, enchanting allied heroes with bonus magical damage on their attacks. Lasts for a limited number of attacks up to a maximum of 40 seconds. While the enchanted heroes have this chilling touch, their attack speed is reduced by 15%.

    Casting Range: 800
    AOE: 400
    Maximum number of attacks: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (or 40 seconds)
    Bonus Damage: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70
    Attack Speed Reduction: -15%
    Cooldown: 50 / 46 / 42 / 38
    Manacost: 140

    • Damage type: magic
    • Extra damage is it's own instance of damage as opposed to added to the attack.
    • If an attack is interrupted before dealing damage the count of attacks is not lowered.

    Use it only just before a team battle or your team will suffer of a -15% ASR. Not good.

    Ice Blast

    Ancient Apparition projects his presence out to make way for a powerful ripple of hailstone and dark magic. Once cast, it can release the spell to strike targets within 200 area of where his presence was upon release. It will deal damage to enemy units and apply a frostbite curse on them for 7 seconds where their health regeneration will be frozen and will shatter if they fall close enough to death. This spell has global range depending on how long you wait for the projections to move. Frostbitten units will take minor damage over time.

    Casting Range: Global (!!!)
    AOE: *
    Impact Damage: 250 / 350 / 450
    Shatter Threshold: 10% / 11% / 12%
    Cooldown: 44 / 32 / 20
    Manacost: 100 / 125 / 150

    • Damage type: magic
    • * The area of effect for the damage is 225+50*TimeTraveled capped at 1000, The area of effect for HP freeze is 275 along the path of the second projectile and upon the final strike area.
    • First projectile has a 1500 movespeed, stops when the caster dies or casts the second part of the skill
    • First projectile clears fog in a 500 radius circle at its end.
    • When a hero dies under the threshold the kill is granted to Kaldr.
    • Fatal damage is 100000000 physical and clears all debuffs prior damaging.
    • The instant kill does not work on Illusions or Meepo clones.
    • HP freeze prevents most kinds of healing including those from skills or items.
    • The frozen buff can be purged, and the shatter damage will not kill you if you are affected by Shallow Grave.

    There is an interesting note from elsoloist:

    Initiate: Works well in the face of 5 enemy heroes and it freezes their HP
    Kill: Always fun when you are at your fountain and kill someone fleeing with low HP

    Mini-guide to Ice Blast

    When you press [​IMG], click where you want you ultimate go. It is important to know that it will ONLY influence the direction Ice Blast will go. Now watch the little “missile” go (it move really fast, 1500 ms) and when it is at the location that you want to stop, press [​IMG] again. The second part of the spell is now activated and another missile is launched from Kaldr and will blast the area that the first missile stoped (The movespeed of this one depends of the distance it has to travel. It needs about 2 seconds to reach its destination). The second projectile will freeze the HP of all heroes it meets and damage is done only in the AoE. Instant kill when an hero is under the effect of the HP freeze and is under 10 to 12% of his max HP.

    Tips and tricks

    1v1: You and your enemy are level 16. You have your core. No spell in cooldown. Let’s start.
    Chilling touch before initiating the battle
    Ice vortex (Behind him if he doesn’t do anything or farm, in front of you if he charges at you)
    Disable with Eul's
    Cold feet (~7 second disable, hell yeah)
    Wack, wack, wack
    Ult him and wack to death

    Skill build

    1. Cold Feet
    2. Ice Vortex
    3. Cold Feet
    4. Ice Vortex
    5. Cold Feet
    6. Ice Blast
    7. Cold Feet
    8-9. Ice Vortex
    10. Stats
    11. Ice Blast
    12-15. Chilling Touch
    16. Ice Blast
    17-25. Stats

    Skill choice

    Cold Feet is your main nuke/disable. Level whenever you can. Ice Vortex is leveled right after, because Ice Vortex/Cold Feet is a good combo. Take Ice Blast when you can for obvious reasons. Take one stat point at level 10 to give you a little more survivability and mana. Take Chilling Touch right after since you might not use it early game, since you don’t have a large mana pool.

    Special build

    1. Cold Feet
    2. Chilling Touch
    3. Cold Feet
    4. Chilling Touch
    5. Cold Feet
    6. Ice Blast
    7. Cold Feet
    8. Chilling Touch
    9. Chilling Touch
    10. Ice Vortex
    11. Ice Blast
    12. Ice Vortex
    13. Ice Vortex
    14. Ice Vortex
    15. Stats
    16. Ice Blast
    17-25. Stats

    Not very sure of this build, but Chilling Touch can input a very good amount of damage with a good ganker with you (you are better not do that if you are planning to be alone, Ice Vortex would be a better choice), but personally, I don’t use this built.

    5. Items

    [​IMG][​IMG](or [​IMG])

    Obvious reasons, mana and health and start your Null Talismans / Bracers

    [​IMG][​IMG](or [​IMG])
    [​IMG][​IMG] then -> [​IMG]

    2x Null (or Bracers) for mana and health, boots: my first choice would be Power Treads (Str for your HP needs) since he lacks strength terribly, Boots of Travel if you want to, or just normal boots is okay, it depends on your farming. Grab a Void Stone first while doing your Eul's for mana regen / spammability. Why Eul's? For a powerful disabling stack. Disable, then Cold Feet. For the win.

    Items to consider

    Optional Core

    [​IMG] Trouble staying alive? This is the item for you. It is one of the only item that you could take if you need to delay your core. Try to stick with your team most of the time to heal them (and yourself) and have charges. Buy it before Guinsoo if you need to.

    Extensions / Luxuries

    [​IMG] Need armor? Another slow?
    [​IMG] Think you are made of paper?
    [​IMG] For a powerful 7 second disable and even 9.5 if put Eul's after, it sure rocks. Only works if the enemy hero doesn’t call himself Lycan with is ultimate (It’s always fun to see a chicken running at 522 ms, but it is not the purpose of this item).
    [​IMG] Ice Vortex / Dagon always welcome.
    [​IMG] Ice Vortex / Soul Burn always welcome too + DPS.
    Note on Soul Burn: Amplify damage (20%) and it is dealt at the end of the duration as MAGIC damage. Also silence the target and lasts 5 seconds. Only hope the targeted hero is on the Ice Vortex at the end of the duration, or ask a perma-disabler to have it stay.
    [​IMG] More slow, yay. (Skadi is not an orb since your hero is ranged, only a buff placer)
    [​IMG] Alright, it may sounds weird, but anyways. It is an alternate way to Shiva and try a wannabe DPSer. Don’t take it if someone else does.
    [​IMG] For supporting your allies.

    Optional / Situational

    [​IMG] For early game ganks and mana needs.
    [​IMG] Scared of Ursa, or glass cannons? (Very situational and underestimated item)
    [​IMG] Too many nukers?
    [​IMG] You hate invisible heroes?
    [​IMG] Anti glass cannons for the win.
    [​IMG] Good for staying alive early game and boost your mana pool. Vitality Booster could also do the job, depending of your needs.

    Orb effect item

    Kaldr doesn't need orb effects.

    [​IMG] Wannabe DPSer + good orb, for fun only, because there are better items for Kaldr.

    Rejected items

    [​IMG] First on the list and you know why, extremely low cooldown skills.
    [​IMG] Try to have a better attack speed before getting this.
    [​IMG] The hell, disable all of them before thinking of that.
    [​IMG] I’ve seen someone with that… MS? Eul’s. DPS? Take Orchid. And they both have a disable included.
    [​IMG] Treads and BoT are better. Okay, let me explain myself. The Ancient Apparition lacks terribly of HP. The damage bonus of Phase boots isn't as appealing as the strength bonus of Power Treads. BoT are for supporting purpose, which Phase boots don't have.
    [​IMG] What? It is a good item for him! Since Eul's is in core and your spells doesn’t cost more than 150 mana each, you don’t need a lot more mana regen. If you need HP, take Tarrasque goddamn. I recommend Guinsoo’s if you REALLY want infinite mana. Anyway, If I would build one, I'd stick with Perseverance, because Bloodstone is better when you have it early and I don't think it really is effective to build it late game.
    [​IMG] I’d rather want to see a super-tank Kaldr with 3 Tarrasques than one with lifesteal.

    Final builds
    If you ever reach all those 6 items in a real game…

    Nuke + Disable

    DPS + Disable

    Support + Disable

    Why your builds always have a Tarrasque?
    I want to stay with my team as much as possible for support purpose.

    And Guinsoo?
    I'm sorry if it disturbs you. I like disables. Kaldr is a nice supporter. That's all you need to know.

    Do I have to follow those builds?
    Not necessarily. A good combination of the core and extension / optional items does a great job. And don’t forget that your build MUST be in function of your game. Anyways, you will probably never have a final item build in a normal game.

    6. Gameplay

    Early Game: Level 1

    Take with you 2 Mantles of Intelligence (2 Gauntlets or 1 Gauntlet and 1 Mantle can do the job if you need more HP), 1 Circlet of Nobility, 1 Tango and 2 Clarities.

    You should not go to the middle lane unless no one is a good pick to solo in your team. The thing is that it could be very difficult for you to stay in lane if you face a nuker like Lina or a spell spammer like Zeus. A good lane partner would be a disabler or a stunner to provide you an easy first blood. However, a good nuker can do the job.

    Kaldr have a good attack animation, so it will be easy for you to last hit and deny creeps. For the enemy heroes, harass them as much as possible, it is your role at this state of the game. You have to prevent them to do anything.

    Nevertheless, don’t spam your Cold Feet. Use it when they come to last hit a creep so they will have to get away, or they will take damage and be disabled. Don’t use any other spell unless you think you can have the kill. The key is communication. Have your partner know what you are intending to do.

    Buy boots when you have 500 gold and try to not miss too much exp.

    Mid Game: Level 6

    Alright, if you are in a 2v1 situation (you and your partner vs enemy), just kill him. In a 2v2, Ice Blast them both if you can and if you have enough mana to support it, do a Ice Vortex / Cold Feet combo on the hero that have the less HP. If your lane partner is good, you should do a double kill with the shatter. In a 1v2, do the same thing, but only if you think that you can kill one hero without tanking too much damage, or be dead. If you ever are in a 1v0 lane, you can use Ice Vortex to scout, but I recommend you to go kill some heroes when you reach level 6.

    Next, as Kaldr and having an ultimate with global range, like Silencer and Lord of Olympia, you must check the map as much as you can and kill those fleeing heroes. Oh, yeah, and as a teammate of the Ancient Apparition, you must say it when you see someone fleeing, even if you think it is maybe too late. A fountain kill is always fun (or very raging, depending on which side you are).

    When you are in a big battle (let’s say 5v5), Chilling Touch before the battle and cast Ice Blast. It is better to initiate than to kill with this spell, because of the HP freeze. They are now more vulnerable to your attacks. Spam Ice Vortex and Cold Feet on the glass cannon (or disabler) whenever you can.

    For items, buy your Null Talismans / Bracers, then a Void Stone. Always have a TP for emergencies or to return to your base faster. Buy a Mystic Staff and an Ultimate Orb after that.

    Late Game: Level 16

    I will assume that you have your core now and you should have it mid game if you had a good early game. This means Eul's. Now have fun with your Ice Vortex / Eul's / Cold Feet combo. Stay with your team and support it as much as you can. Initiate all fights with Ice Blast. Always target the disablers and glass cannons first, and buff your team.

    7. Enemies / Allies

    Enemies to avoid


    If you can’t use your spells, what can you do? Silencer also prevent you from spamming your spells. For all illusion users, especially Meepo's clones, I have to warn you of something about Ice Blast. Instant kill does NOT work on them.

    Best allies


    Fall in love with a combo of Enrage / Overpower / Chilling Touch. Beastmaster and Troll for extra DPS. Murloc does well with Chilling Touch and Kaldr with Pounce. Perma-disablers are always good teammates. And Geomancer is made for Chilling Touch, it input so much damage!

    8. Replays

    Here is one in 6.66b from Mjoft

    You can download it here

    He doesn't follow the core build, but in his situation, he was just destroying the other team, he didn't even needed it. I've put this replay to show the way Kaldr must be played to be effective.

    Some points that I want you to look at when watching this replay:
    - Nice harass on Shadow Fiend early game
    - Good ultimate usage
    - Ganks
    - Positions in team battle
    - Hex / Cold Feet combo (~30 min mark)
    - Map awareness

    Here is the final score

    Feel free to give me your good replays; I will add them to the guide.

    9. Ending

    Thanks to elsoloist for the Ice Blast, Meepo, Point Booster and Urn of Shadows infos.
    Thanks to Mjoft for the replay.

    Thanks for all those who left a commant on this guide.

    I would also like to thanks everyone who contributed to the community of DotA, especially IceFrog for making this awesome game and also all the people who made good guides; you all gave me the inspiration for this one.

  2. elsoloist

    elsoloist Well-Known Member

    Having played onli AA (ok, 95% of the games i played is AA), since his introduction as a practice to perfect AA play, it's important to note that the current iceblast is pretty bugger (doesnt do all that it says), as sometimes, the aoe that does damage and the aoe that surrounds the point that gain the freezing debuff is different. What i mean is that if u and ur opponent is like this: You -------X--Opponent, there could be chance that when u toss ur ice blast to x, ur opponent get the debuff, but no damage. The opposite can sometime happen, but i'm not sure how the layout would be like.

    Another note is that geomancer is ridiculous with chill touch. as in RIDICULOUS. Throw 3x meepo with lv 2 chill touch and they probably will finish ani hero that isnt a tankish build in the number of attacks with chill touch. It's that painful.

    The last point that i hope to mention is that u might wan to consider getting a point booster (or vit booster for the matter), early on since he got one of the WORST hp gain in the game (one reason why urn shud be a core for him, but it's dependent on game). He got decent armor however, so if for some reason u manage to get urself chill touched before that BS silence u, u can effectively just stand there and fight it out with him (dependent on situation) if he's not over-fed.
  3. zaphodbrx99

    zaphodbrx99 Well-Known Member

    not bad but you need more details, especially about his ulti and how to use it effectively.
  4. Darkjr

    Darkjr Member

    Thanks for the infos, I just added them to the guide.
  5. Nored

    Nored Well-Known Member

    New Comment

    You should get Euls before Guinsoo. In any non-em game, you won't be able to farm a Guinsoo very quickly. As such, you need the Euls disable to land your Cold Feet first. For example, you're the closest one to an enemy hero you're trying to gank. Certainly Ice Vortex won't hold them long enough for Cold Feet to settle in, so you need the disable. You should not expect a Guinsoo very often; you are not a carry.
  6. Omega Dragrus X

    Omega Dragrus X Well-Known Member

    New Comment

    it's an ok guide. guisnoo is quite expensive just like what nored said. and like what he said, eul's is the way to go plus you can land a cold feet frostbite when you cyclone the guy before the 4 seconds of the cold feet is up. But for the next 2.5 seconds, cold feet won't deal damage. Also, ome of the rejected items like Phase boots are not bad. The damage is good considering he is a semi-DPSer. And since he is a semi-DPSer, he is also a semi-carry, meaning the carry items is good for him. Good but not necessarily needed or rejected. But anyways, ok guide for me. ^_^
  7. Thanatism

    Thanatism Well-Known Member

    New Comment

    You should mention that AA's Ult removes Skeleton kings buff on his ult so he will reraise with very little hp
  8. IAmTheSpoon

    IAmTheSpoon Well-Known Member

    Needs a better layout.
  9. LaStorm

    LaStorm Well-Known Member

    I guess this is quite a decent guide for AA. Why is the rating so low lol. I have some opinion though.

    I think a magic wand will do him good. Since he need both hp and mana. Also as he is playing the role of ganker, will usually encounter with a lot of skill spamming. It is a good way to survive in a gank, and even counter gank. Imagine you are out of mana, one more skill to kill fleeing hero, 5~6 charge in magic wand, isn't it pleasant? Even lane with spell spammer that rely on their spell to gain lane control, this will help a lot and even counter control the lane.

    Other from that, I think AC is not a good item for him. In a proper team, there should always be a carry that suit this item. It will never be you. I just don't recommend AA should be play as a carry or dpser except is a stomping. Shivas will do him good, with additional mana, all the armor that he needs, and a homosexual AoE slow combine with his skill.

    Many people argue about him not be able to farm guinsoo in time. Well, for me it is very situational. If you are playing a good game, manage to get some kill, get to farm a little bit. I see no reason why you should not get a guinsoo. Jakiro is a team support hero, but guinsoo is his core after mekanism. Of course you don't see them having guinsoo in every game, but it still remain the core item for support hero. AA is not the primary support hero in my opinion. So the chances for him to get a guinsoo is better. Well, as I said it is situational, if you are not doing too well, of course the adaptation will be making a void stone that you bought into an Eul.

    And I do agree making Urn of Shadow into core, since he need survivability and he is a ganker which will come over a lot of enemy death. HP boost checked, mana regen checked, HP regain checked. How better can this item be for a ganker? Gank someone, kill them, take some damage, heal up, next target. Save so much time and gold for fountain trip.
  10. em0king

    em0king New Member

    New Comment

    i feel like your guide is ...i dont mean it... In my opinion.aa isn't plby like this especially the item built:-( i'll say sorry first for my command
  11. Mjoft

    Mjoft Member

    Kaldr, replay

    This is a public game, Kaldr is not yet available at -cm modes. So we wont be seeing him in competitive games in some time.
    But this is my way of the Kaldr. I stay in lane alot to gain a quick level 16. Uses my ulti to aid my team. Also i have some different itembuild. I really like Dominator on him. I have np with the rest.
    If you can't find some else game with AA it's ok if you use mine in your guide.

    PS. Look closely on my positions in team battles! Thats the differers from a good Kaldr and a bad one. DS.
  12. bigdick90

    bigdick90 Well-Known Member

    thanks it helped
  13. Ghostier

    Ghostier Well-Known Member

    New Comment

    Maybe worth adding in cons.
    - Mana heavy skills
  14. Wendek

    Wendek Well-Known Member

    What do you think about starting with a sobi mask? My usual starting items are like : one sobi, one set of tangoes, one salve and a GG branch.
    I do that because Cold Feet deals insane damage at low level when compared to other nukes (150 at lvl 1 that's ridiculously good, think about Dragon Slave which does 80 without the potential disable), so I basically spam it and make laning a nightmare for the enemy (in pubs it's hilarious, if the guy got boots/gloves first i'll send him back in about 1-2 minutes). Then I get urn asap because it owns on all supporters and imo Kaldr should always get one since it gives manareg that he needs, some hps to survive and a free salve with the charges. Kaldr doesn't have problem for getting said charges since he should be ganking a lot.

    Should at least mention wards imo, but it depends on the level of your games.
  15. changw0093

    changw0093 New Member

    It is a good guide about AA. And I agree with Wendek that starting with Sobi Mask because I do that. I usually start with Sobi Mask + Ironwood Branch + Magic Stick ( only when enemy is a magic spammer ). Then later i buy Quarterstaff and Robe of the Magi for Oblivion Staff for Orchid Malevolence. Because 1 or 2 Oblivion Staff be4 OM will help AA to spam ColdFeet and IceVoltex by increasing Mana Regen. But i dont prefer buy OM directly. i prefer while buying oblivion staff see your enemies and gold then buy basic items also, like Speed of Boots or Planeswalker's Cloack or Stout Shield

    Darkjr, author, said that Ice Voltex is for chasing, scout and initiate. IV is not only for chasing,scout and initiate! but also for Escaping! :)
    And use Ultimate for Farming and Pushing or Defending tower in other lane by killing creeps or harassing Enemies also. Because ultimate's cooldown is only 20 sec when lvl 16!!XD
  16. leechengjie

    leechengjie New Member

    A good guide.
    Maybe you should point out that his ulti has a low mana cost and extremely short cd especially at lv 16. It is good to cast it every time it cools down, preferably aimed at dual lanes, to harass (or even kill) your enemies). It is best cast when the enemies have just encountered a new wave of your creeps, making them more likely to stay in the same position while your spell travels to their location.

    Other heroes that lane well with AA are furion; level 1 sprout already almost guarantees a freeze with cold feet if they have no escape mechanism.
    Pugna with his decrip to further slow and reduce magic resistance.
    Of course, the list of good lane partners is almost endless.
  17. Neoghost

    Neoghost Well-Known Member

    New Comment

    Get eul's, cast cold feet then use the power of eul's scpeter => the opponent won't escape cold feet's stun (perfect for chase and gank)
  18. sirAL

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    kaldr dont need to worry for bloodseeker it is because using euls always help kaldr either fight back or run away. then, using cold feet for escape purposes must need a little estimation to avoid such kind of scenario. lastly, never ever use euls while cold feet is still on that hero(before frostbite) because all the DPS earning from that hero will be wasted. and by the way, using ice blast is such a tricky skill. whenever i use kaldr, i use my ice blast(lvl 1 - 2) directly to my opponent IF ever the enemy has been frozen(or if i spot enemies with low life)while on lvl 3 ice blast, i use it to farm. kaldr too is best suitable and applicable using a dagger for escape purposes and for ganking. hope u like my comment -.-
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  19. Obsession

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    Bloodstone > Hex. He needs HP/Mana/Regen, bloodstone provides, in easily farmed parts. Easy to get charges too, from ultimate.
  20. cobalt21

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    COuld you add morphling to enemies to avoid because I already mastered Kaldr and how many times I try to counter morphling I only win 2 out of 5 battles...