Dalai Lama on the migrant crisis

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    [nqb]“A human being who is a bit more fortunate has the duty to help them. On the other hand, there are too many now,” he said, according to the German translation of the interview in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.[/nqb]
    [nqb]“Islam is a religion of peace. Those who are intolerant harm their own faith and their own brothers,” the Tibetan spiritual leader was quoted as saying in Bangalore, southern India, where he took part in a seminar on peace and the economy.[/nqb]
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    ^ There is nothing contradictory about this, he criticized Europe, specficially Germany for letting too many migrants in, not because those migrants are muslims.
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    Petique has a valid point. For instance, if a crisis occurred in Russia which displaced 10 million people and for whatever reason took refuge in Germany, I'd probably criticise that decision as well in regards to the number of refugees allowed. Just to be clear, I'm over-exaggerating.

    Furthermore as I was viewing the article posted in the OP;
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    He mentioned that there are too many. He did not criticize anyone for it. The long term goal is to have them return anyway.
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    Good luck with that.
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    I don't know what exactly your point is here. Those two things aren't mutually exclusive or something.

    That would be great, but I haven't actually seen anything from the German government which would indicate this. Also, what happens when they don't want to go?


    Fewer than 500 of 163000 asylums seekers found a job in Sweden. I knew ''good for economy'' was just propaganda, but damn. This is even worse than I expected.
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    Given the general SJW predisposition of this subforum, this is technically bait.

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    The levels of political involvement of religious authorities are getting pretty disgusting IMHO. I have no idea why Dalai Lama should give any reactions or directions regarding the refugee crisis, which is possibly the most political and least religious thing I could think of.
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    Who is Dalai Lama?

    An influential policy-maker? A credible sociologist with years of immigration research? No. He is a "spiritual leader" and a monk. Dalai Lama is a religious figure who also happens to be bad at math. There are 81 million people in Germany and 1-1.5 million refugees. 1.5/82.5 = 0.018, or 1.8% of the total population are refugees. 1.8% of the total population are not going to make the entire country "Arabs." Besides, this is not the first time in history when large masses of people moved, and the world hasn't gone down.

    Fun fact number 1: The head of the Russian church said that "Gayrope" has already disintegrated into sin, and the apocalypse is coming any second now.

    Fun fact number 2: Kenya hosts the largest refugee camp complex in the world. How come Dalai Lama hasn't commented on that? Does he not fear that the country might become more — well, I don't know — black?!

    Fun fact number 3: I intentionally avoided adding :cat: in this post because it would get too cluttered.
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    No, but both statements are contrary the popular opinion in this subforum.

    Merkel said that she aims for a situation like yugoslavia where ~70% of the refugees returned after the war.
    The syrian refugees should be less of a problem because most of them want to return anyhow. The rest we'll have to see if afrika, irak, iran and afghanistan turn out in the next years.
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    No, I would criticize western Europe for being naive and full of self guilt if they had let millions and millions of Ukainians in, while they keep making trouble, refuse to work and refuse to abide the laws of the country they migrate to. But you don't see them in the news committing mass rape do you? If they did I would be among the first to raise my voice against the issue.
    No, the Ukrainians who escaped from war are working hard in Poland first and foremost and Germany/Czechia or in other central European states.
    Blindly denying that the crimes these migrants are committing has no connection with Islam as a religion and ideology is fallacious.
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    Source on mass rape(s) commited by refugees in western europe?
    Sources on letting in refugees being based on self guilt?
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    Also, for a bonus: http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/...men-anschlag-in-duesseldorf-geplant-1.3017137

    You couldn't be serious though when you asked for a source for a FEELING!? However I can post a pretty detailed and good video where a guy explains why this whole self guilt emotion and western imperialism argument is fallacious
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    Neither rape nor mass-rape.

    Not refugees.
    We've had people attempting terrorist attacks in germany long before the refugee crisis.

    He's claiming that western europe/germany is acting based on self-guilt. So i assume he's got to have a source that supports that claim.
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    Slippery slope much? They dishonored and harassed women, because in their countries they are treated as objects also disrespecting the law in the process. Enough reason to kick those horny perverts out, if you ask me, next time they will think twice before touching a women without their permission. Those women are probably suffering from trauma and will always leave a very black mark in their memories because they simply wanted to enjoy some music.
    Can't you realize that you are playing the devil's advocate here?

    Yeah I mean, of course it has zero connection with the refugee crisis, what was I even thinking, tisk tisk. /sarcasm
    Have you at least look at the description, because I am 100% that you haven't even watched 5 minutes of the video.
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    You may as well kindly ask illegal immigrants to leave a country they illegally migrated to.

    Not only are many of the migrants not even refugees, even the refugees will have little interest returning to home. Why would they? They seemed to have no problem leaving plenty of women and children there; and chances are there will always be conflict in the Middle East, at least for their lifetimes, so there is no reason to return.

    It may surprise many people, but those who live in anything other than a first world country will put their own life at a much higher pedestal than we ever would. People in first world countries have such a lavish life compared to others that they actually have time to care about people that aren't themselves or their immediate family. Telling them to leave simply will not work.
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    A gang rape is a whole different dimension than sexual harassment. If you want to talk about sexual harassment, call it sexual harassment.

    They share the same cause, but refugees aren't causing those attempts. If you want to those attempts are made by refugees you should provide a source where refugees turn into terrorists and not terrorists disguising themselves as refugees.

    I'm not here to argue with the 1000s of youtube videos posted so easily. I'm here to argue with people. If you post the video, provide a small summary of the most important points made.

    But just for the sake of it, i'll watch a bit of it. My arguments will follow the video in chronological order, so it may be a bit messy.

    The video you posted makes a fallacy right within the first 2 minutes.

    First it creates a semi-strawman:
    While the quote itself is not wrong, it sure is formulated in a populistic way. But thats not the main issue.

    He equates the quote to:
    The first fault is disregarding the connection between leaders and population. Democracy is based on electing people to speak for us and take action in our name. It would be different if we were living in a dictatorship etc., but we don't. But thats also not my main point.

    My main point is: He equates the crisis to punishment. So within the first 2 minutes he equates taking in refugees to being punished. And thats a big fallacy right here.

    Then he goes on and makes up new quotes that should be taken as "equal" to his already fallacious quote.

    X=Jews,Muslims etc.

    So he further disconnects the population from the leaders they elected. Of course not every muslim is supporting ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc.
    And not every jew is supporting Israel.

    He modifies the scope. We have jews/muslims/africans etc. in (almost) every country in the entire world. And they don't get to vote the leaders of countries where they are the main population. But a citizen of a country gets to.

    Ah yeah, he comes back to the issue of voting shortly after. To then straightly compare the situation in a modern western country to the situation in the soviet union. Do you expect me to take this video serious after he states such a ridiculous thing in the first 4 minutes?

    But he doesn't stop here, he says we all are indoctrinated and thus cannot possibly be mature enough to know what we vote for (at least thats how i understood it). So how can we be sure that someone who wasn't mature enough to vote, now is suddenly mature enough to know what he is doing. That argument is a double edged sword.

    I'll stop it here because i don't plan to check every video anyone posts here instead of making an effort to even write down a summary of what they want to discuss.
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    Not that big of a difference if you ask me and you are still passively disregarding their crimes.
    But for your sake, here: http://www.frontpagemag.com/point/2...-raped-girl-european-school-daniel-greenfield


    Ready to wake up now? It would be about time...

    Yeah, except that other muslims were hiding the terrorists in Molenbeek and you'd be surprised how many muslims actually sympathize with them.

    You asked for a source, the video has multiple of them, make your mind up about what you want first.
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    This pretty much sums it up. I can't imagine how things will play out if they try to put the genie back in the bottle (pun intended). Mind you, where would they send them back to? A large number of these "refugees" don't have any legal documents to prove where they're from, let alone who they are.
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    Passively disregarding their crimes? I've merely asked for sources, isn't that the same what you'd expect from others?

    These crimes are horrible and i'm not excusing them. On the other hand those actions do not mean muslims should be treated worse because of actions commited by members of their faith. Or as your video would put it: "Should all muslims be punished for the actions of certain muslims?".

    Were those muslims refugees, though? Being muslim is just one trait those people share. In this context a more important trait is their position in society, as i already elaborated on in another thread. Those on the bottom of society always are more prone to become extremists or sympathize with them.

    A) I asked for a source that backups the claim that europe's policy is motivated by self-guilt
    B) If the video is full of sources, it shouldn't take you long to from a proper argument based on them, you can't expect me to watch a 30 minute video because you can't be bothered to write down the points you want to argue about.

    Not gonna address the points i made regarding the video?