Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAMES!

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    (Doesn't belong in suggestions as it's for sheer entertainment)

    Pick your any of your favorite video game characters and turn them into a dota hero. The fun trick is to design them creatively yet pretty grounded so they're viable and not overpowered.

    I'll do one.. feel free to add anyone from Zelda/Final Fantasy/Metroid/Street Fighter whatever universe. Blanka would be exciting (barrel roll, electricity, etc)

    Hails from the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario has joined the Sentinel to uproot the evil that influences Bowser.

    Strength/Melee/300 ms (avg stat gain, tankable with right items or ganker)

    Super Mario (icon is Mushroom)
    With the power of magical mushroom, Mario grows in size temporarily and stomps for damage. While Mario is big, he can jump repeatedly for damage.
    Level 1: (3) sec duration, 150 range jump/50 stomp damage/0.5 sec stun
    Level 2: (4) sec duration, 175 range jump/75 stomp damage/0.5 sec stun
    Level 3: (5) sec duration, 200 range jump/100 stomp damage/0.5 sec stun
    Level 4: (6) sec duration, 225 range jump/125 stomp damage/0.5 sec stun
    (0.5 sec CD between each jump)

    *On duration, Mario can spam this for rapid damage. Mario still has to be careful due to the 0.5 sec CD and is still susceptible to stuns & disables.
    *Also great for chasing as well as merely escaping

    Fireball (icon is Flower)
    With the power of magical mushroom, Mario hurls balls of fiery inferno.
    Level 1: Rapidly hurls (2) fireballs that travel up to 700 distance, 50 dmg each
    Level 2: (2) fireballs, 800 distance, 75 dmg each
    Level 3: (3) fireballs, 900 distance, 75 dmg each
    Level 4: (3) fireballs, 1000 distance, 100 dmg each

    *Travels rather slowly like Batrider's projectile.
    *Rolls & bounces off the ground just like in Nintendo.
    *Longer cool down & moderate mana cost to prevent overpower when combo'ed with other skills.

    Coins (PASSIVE) (icon is mario gold coin)
    Mario can detect and extract hidden gold from creeps
    Level 1: 10% chance to gain double creep bounty on last hit
    Level 2: 20%
    Level 3: 30%
    Level 4: 40%

    *A great passive to farm with. On proc, it produces gold-coin sfx.

    STAR POWER (Ultimate)
    Mario will ignore ALL incoming damage and whoever contacts him will receive damage with a knock back (Plays global star music)
    Level 1: 5 second duration, 100 contact damage, 200 distance knockback
    Level 2: 6 second duration, 150 contact damage, 200 distance knockback
    Level 3: 7 second duration, 200 contact damage, 200 distance knockback

    *KEY is Mario is still fully vulnerable to disables/stuns/sheep, he will simply ignore all damage and cannot die.
    *No particular spells of Mario are stellar, but Mario's power comes from ability to combo Mushroom/Flower at once or with Star combined. He will truly shine if he has a disabler teammate. I guess he's in a way a castor STR like Tauren Chieftan
    *A great initiator spell to jump into the fire with and knockback everyone

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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Lulz.Tank Mario ftw!

    Will come back later for mine.
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    i have one in hero ideas, please do comment on him. he's the Shale Lord from BR.

    anyway i have another one.

    Altair - Follower of the Creed

    1st skill - Blend: Blends with surroundings, being invisible while near allied creeps.
    2nd skill - Stealth Kill: Deals damage without breaking invisibility
    3rd skill - Counter Attack: if attacked, has a chance to instantly kill any non hero units(except roshan) and deal high amount of damage to heroes.
    Ulti - Leap of Faith: Climbs a tree, when you jump out of it, you get 0 visibility from enemies(cannot be seen even by gem) for 12 seconds. If you attack while this is active, all enemies will get more attention to your hero(creeps would automatically attack you instead of your allies)
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Kart Mario!
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Remi Gailard in dota for teh lulz
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Jesus Christ


    1st skill: Divine touch- Jesus Christ heals himself and nearby allies in 500 aoe with 100hp, cd 5 sec.
    2nd skill: Pray: Jesus Christ prays for 5 seconds (atropos nightmare effect on himself without damage). After he finishes praying he buffs himself and nearby allies with 30% magic resistence increase. Last 10 seconds.
    3rd skill: Revenge: Jesus Christ puts on his special glasses and see's everybody as jews making him deal 50% more damage. last for 3/4/5/6 attacks
    ultimate: Resurrection: When he dies Jesus Christ respawns 50% faster then normal. 0 mana cost, 240 sec cd.
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Strenght melee hero

    first skill: jump.
    second skill: dash.
    third skill: sh*t rainbows
    ultimate: Starts singing and turns into gay every enemy player.
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM


    Zealot Charge, Charges nearby enemy unit gaining lots of speed.
    Psionic Storm, Calls down a big thunderstorm dealing damage to all units in it.
    Permanent Cloak, Permanently cloaked.
    *PRO*Toss, You gain pro status and evolve into a protoss shield, armor and weapons are all uppgraded to level 3. And if there is another *PRO*Toss hero around you two gain merge into a powerfull Archon which both and none of you control because you are now one.
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Link - The Hero of Time

    Fairy Bow

    Link use his bow give it by the fairys and shoot an arrow to the enemy

    Level 1 - Shoot a normal aroow, deals 90 damage
    Level 2 - Shoot a Fire arrow, deals 120 damage and deals 10 DPS for 10 seconds
    Level 3 - Shoot a Ice arrow, deals 225 damage and slows the enemy for 5 seconds
    Level 4 - Shoot a Light arrow, deals 275 damage and blind the enemy for 7 seconds

    Links use the bombs that he buy to the gorons to deal damge in AoE

    Level 1 - Deals 120 Damage and .5 ministun
    Level 2 - Deals 175 damge and .7 ministun
    Level 3 - Deals 225 damage and .9 ministun
    Level 4 - Deals 300 damage and 1.2 ministun

    Master Sword
    Link have the legendary master sword, wich each atack link have the oportunity to deal more damage or do a spin atack

    Level 1 - 5% to do twice damage or to do 75 damage in 200 AoE
    Level 2 - 7% to do tiwce damge or to do 100 damage in 200 AoE
    Level 3 - 9% to do twice damage or to do 150 damage in 200 AoE
    Level 4 - 12% to do twice damage or to do 175 damage in AoE

    Link his blessed with the triforce of Brave so in the worst moments hi can activated his power to defeat the enemy

    Level 1 - Gives him 200 hp, 60 atack , 30% AS and the pasive skill change of tunic
    Level 2 - Gives him 400 hp, 120 atack , 40% AS and the pasive skill change of tunic
    Level 3 - Gives him 600 hp, 180 atack , 50% AS and the pasive skill change of tunic

    Extra skill: Change of tunic

    When recieve any type of damage he can reduct the damage taken

    Kokiri Tunic - Reduce the damage taken by 20
    Red Tunic - Reduce the damage taken in DPS
    Zora Tunic - Reduce the efect of slow by 5%


    Im not good in numbers
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    ok another one:

    Pikachu ​

    Electric Mouse

    Thundershock: Deals damage in a chain to enemies.The hit enemies lose some damage for few seconds

    Deals: 80/120/190/230 Damage to all opponents in a chain.Reduces 5/10/15/20 Damage for 5 seconds.

    ThunderBolt:Deals straight damage to a single opponent and paralysing them.

    Deals: 120/200/320/400 Damage and stuns for 1 second for every level.

    [Passive]QuickSpeed: Pikachu is a fast mouse.As pikachu is trained more he utilizes all the electrical energy in him to have a greater speed.

    Does: Increases MS by 10%/15%/20%/25% whenever pikachu hasn't casted any skill in the last 3 seconds.

    [ultimate]Iron Tail:Pikachu jumps in the air and lands on the ground at a target location dealing AOE Damage & Stun

    Does: 200/300/400-250/350/500 Damage in an AOE. More Damage is dealt if you are closer to the Impact spot. Stuns for 2.3 seconds each level. Range 700/1000/1400

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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Weedle uses Ultra Beam!
  13. TurtleLord

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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Lol that would be great. His ultimate would be to call in all his friends to have a 'party' at a certain location. Chaos ensues.
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    The venerable spiritual & political leader who strongly opposes violence.

    Verbal Persuasion
    Gandhi peacefully uses his words of wisdom to put a stop to this bloody conflict
    Level 1: 2 second channeling, then does nothing, 0 damage
    Level 2: 3 second channeling, then target almost becomes convinced- not. 0 damage
    Level 3: 4 second channeling, then does nothing and inflicts self-damage of 100 for stress
    Level 4: 5 second channeling, then target becomes convinced for a 0.5 second of stun. Inflicts 200 self-damage

    Stance of Dominance
    Gandhi is sick of the bloodshed. He makes a peaceful stance of stern dominance in an attempt to stop this battle
    Level 1: Gandhi pauses & says "STOP", no one cares
    Level 2: Gandhi makes a stronger stance of dominance with a palm of his hand stretched forward. Receives additional 25% damage
    Level 3: Gandhi somewhat makes a differences, all heroes (allies & enemies) do 30% damage less.
    Level 4: Everyone is sick of this curryfag and are forced to attack Gandhi.

    Hug of Love
    When all else fails, a physical affection will prevail.
    Level 1: Gandhi hugs target and is stuck to him for 3 seconds, 0 damage, 20% slow
    Level 2: 3 seconds, heals for 100, 30% slow, cannot cast on allies.
    Level 3: 3 seconds, heals for 200, 40% slow, cannot cast on allies.
    Level 4: 3 seconds, heals for 300, 50% slow, cannot cast on allies.

    Level 1: 1000 AOE DAMAGE, 30 SECOND STUN


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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    There are plenty of heroes from warcraft that need to be put in dota.
    None of fans of war would like to destroy its synergy with environment with some strange mushrooms and mario-gnomes.
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Well sort of off topic but QoP and Drow are inspired by R.A. Salvatore's Icewind Dale trilogy (absolutely brilliant reads by the way).


    1. Assasinate

    Kills a stunned hero. Range increases with level. 100/200/300/400. 2 second channeling

    2. Throwing knife

    Throws a 100% accurate knife that kills a creep and does 20/30/40/50% of a hero's max hp as damage. 150 second cooldown when used on heroes, 40 when used on a creep

    3. RUN

    Altair runs like a mother****er

    Gives 2000/3000/4000/5000 ms and the ability to go through anything, also invisibility and invulnerability. Lasts for 10 seconds. Can't attack or cast spells or use items when RUNning.

    4. Air to Assasinate

    Instagibs an unlucky victim with a cool animation.
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Devouring One

    Primary: Agility
    Range: 100 (Melee)
    MS: 325
    BAT: 1.6
    Casting point: 0.50/0.00
    STR: 12 + 1.1
    AGI: 18 + 3.2
    INT: 13 + 1.2
    Sight: 1600/1200

    Devouring One burrows underground, making him invisible. While burrowed, Devouring One cannot move, attack, or cast spells, and has decreased sight range, but has greatly increased HP regen. Cast again to unburrow.

    Level 1: 2% HP/sec
    Level 2: 3% HP/sec
    Level 3: 4% HP/sec
    Level 4: 5% HP/sec
    (Sight reduced to 1000/800 and 0.5 sec burrow/unburrow casting animation at all levels)

    Cooldown: 0
    Manacost: 0

    Carapace and Melee Attacks:
    Devouring One's armor and damage are passively increased.
    Level 1: 6 dmg, 2 armor
    Level 2: 12 dmg, 3 armor
    Level 3: 18 dmg, 4 armor
    Level 4: 24 dmg, 5 armor

    Metabolic Boost and Adrenal Glands:
    Devouring One's movespeed and attack speed are passively improved.

    Level 1: 8% MS, 1.45 sec BAT
    Level 2: 16% MS, 1.30 sec BAT
    Level 3: 24% MS, 1.15 sec BAT
    Level 4: 32% MS, 1.00 sec BAT

    Morph Baneling:
    Devouring One forms a cocoon around himself for five seconds before emerging as a Baneling. The Baneling has additional HP and armor, no attack, and Suicide.

    Level 1: 200 bonus hp, 2 bonus armor
    Level 2: 300 bonus hp, 4 bonus armor
    Level 3: 400 bonus hp, 6 bonus armor

    Cooldown: 0 (Morph is permanent. When Devouring One emerges from his cocoon, Morph Baneling is replaced by Suicide. When he dies, he respawns as a Zergling.)
    Manacost: 200/300/400

    New abilities:

    Devouring One explodes, killing himself and dealing massive magical damage,
    slowing, and poisoning an area around him. After Suicide, Devouring One
    respawns more quickly than normal.

    Level 1: 800 dmg, 10 sec faster respawn
    Level 2: 1000 dmg, 20 sec faster respawn
    Level 3: 1200 dmg, 30 sec faster respawn

    1000 AoE, 40% slow, 10 dps poison, and 8 sec duration at all levels.

    Cooldown: 0 (Can be autocast, like Goblin Techies' ability Suicide Squad,
    Manacost: 200/300/400
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    Demon Hunter
    "Though a fight every now and then does make life a little more interesting, don't ya think?"

    Dante - son of the Demonic Knight Sparda and Eva, and the twin brother of Vergil. As such, he is a half-demon. Dante is a mercenary who specializes in paranormal cases, preferring those that call for demon slaying.

    STR 21 + 2.5
    AGI 21 + 3.2
    INT 13 + 1

    Damage 60-66
    Armor 1.75
    Movespeed 310
    Attack animation 0.3/0.4
    Casting animation 0.3/0.33
    Sight range 1800/1800

    Ebony and Ivory

    Handcrafted demonic twin handguns that never have to be reloaded. Shoots 13 bullets rapidly at the targeted enemy, each bullet dealing damage. Shots are made every 0.2 seconds (whole set of bullets take 2.6 seconds). Channeling. After the set, enemy bleeds for 5 seconds (slow by 20% and 20 pure dmg).
    For Tony Redgrave, By.45 Art Warks

    Level 1 120mp CD 0 CR 750 Each bullet 10 psychical dmg
    Level 2 120mp CD 0 CR 750 Each bullet 18 psychical dmg
    Level 3 120mp CD 0 CR 750 Each bullet 26 psychical dmg
    Level 4 120mp CD 0 CR 750 Each bullet 36 psychical dmg

    If an enemy walks out of 750 casting range, the shooting stops.

    Rebellion - Round Trip

    Rebellion once belonged to Dante's father, the Dark Knight Sparda, and was given to Dante as a keepsake. Though it has the form of a standard claymore, it is a magical blade, reacting to Dante's calls. Dante sends the sword slashing in 400 AOE around himself, dealing psychical damage over time. When the sword comes back to Dante, enemies in 400 AOE are knocked back 250 units by the force of Rebellion reuniting with Dante.

    Level 1 140mp CD 20 130 dmg Duration 1 second
    Level 2 140mp CD 20 230 dmg Duration 1.5 seconds
    Level 3 140mp CD 20 340 dmg Duration 2.3 seconds
    Level 4 140mp CD 20 500 dmg Duration 3 seconds

    During the duration of the skill, Dante is unable to attack with normal attack due to the absence of his sword.

    Demon Blood


    Dante possesses power that surpasses that of most demons. He has enough superhuman physical strength to punch through stone with little difficulty, and often overpowers demons much larger than himself. Dante is extremely agile, able to jump to great heights or even to balance on a flying rocket. He is able to channel his power into various physical objects, ranging from his guns to the air itself, and exhibits mastery of any weapon he picks up. Dante can instantly heal from nearly any wound.
    Devil May Cry

    Level 1 Adds 3% MS 10% AS 10% DMG 1.5 HP/sec
    Level 2 Adds 6% MS 20% AS 20% DMG 2.8 HP/sec
    Level 3 Adds 9% MS 30% AS 30% DMG 4.1 HP/sec
    Level 4 Adds 12% MS 40% AS 40% DMG 5.4 HP/sec

    Devil Trigger

    The Devil Trigger is a special technique possessed by demons and half-demons which allows it's user to release their demonic side. While in Devil Trigger, the Dante will assume his true, demonic form. In this form, Dante's attributes are amplified and he gains additions to his abilities.
    I can already tell. Looks like this is gonna be one hell of a party!

    Level 1 When active, doubles the HP regeneration and agility. Duration 30sec.
    Level 2 When active, triples the HP regeneration, doubles the agility and gives passive 30% 100 units knockback bash. Duration 40sec.
    Level 3 When active, quadruples the HP regeneration, triples the agility, gives passive 35% 150 units knockback bash with 50 bonus magical damage, gives active Sparda's Soul Beam ability. Duration 50sec.

    Sparda's Soul Beam

    Shoots a straight beam, imbued by Sparda's soul, to a targeted direction, dealing damage to anything it hits (including allied units and buildings).

    180mp CD 18 Deals 450 magical damage. Range 2000. AOE 250.
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    RED XIII from FF he doesn't need skills he's just to plain awsome from the start.
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    Re: Create your OWN dota hero from other VIDEO GAM

    From Street fighter
    AKUMA! (or gouki depending your version)

    skill 1
    skill 2
    shoryuken(knockdown/stun + small dmg)
    skill 3
    Tatsumaki-Senpū kyaku(aka wirlwind kick)(similar to yurnero blade fury)

    shun goku satsu(aka instant hell murder)
    must be in melee range, target is insta killed and all nearby heroes are stunned
    by akuma's awesomness. :rambo: