Countering Invoker In Lane

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Thor258, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Thor258

    Thor258 Well-Known Member

    What hero pick can really out cs / harass a high skilled invoker? The only one I can think of is Astral Imprisonment Obsidian Destroyer build, but if invoker stays out of astral Imprisonment cast range he gets his int back. And then he can proceed to own.
  2. deaded

    deaded Well-Known Member

    he is a very very good laner, he is quite squishy early so vulnerable to nukers/ganks.

    my top pick would be tinker - try to avoid the emp though :s

    edit: batrider as well maybe - invoker has very bad starting ms
  3. CaptainPlatypus

    CaptainPlatypus Well-Known Member

    Solo versus solo? Enigma does decently, but then it comes down to a last-hitting war. Other than that, most things that beat an exort-laner won't do shit to a quas-laner, and vice versa.
  4. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    The only vulnerable builds are the ones that for some reason don't have quas...
  5. themanguydude

    themanguydude Well-Known Member

    ^ agree, builds focused on quas early are incredibly hard to outlane simply because if you can't kill him, he will come back with full health after 7-10 seconds(?)

    Then you have to look at the disadvantage of an early quas build, he has no wex/exort early, which means he can't land last hits as easily if he has them.
  6. asdfgadsfz12

    asdfgadsfz12 Well-Known Member

    nortrom/od owns invoker any time of the day o_O
  7. themanguydude

    themanguydude Well-Known Member

    ^Unlocking an early Alacrity solves Curse
  8. Thor258

    Thor258 Well-Known Member

    You sir need to learn to read. And notrom doesn't do shit against invoker in the lane. Silence is usless against imbaregen/high attack damage.
  9. mitchi

    mitchi Well-Known Member

    a good sniper (headshot, take aim) is good against invoker. Invoker is very slow, that's his biggest problem. With Sniper, you won't die and you can deny a lot of creeps and out-creep invoker.
  10. Val

    Val Well-Known Member

    Harass just won't work with a couple levels of Q. I can't think of anyone who can do it. CotS is trivially easy to counter with any low cost spell: alac, spirits, cold snap. OD can survive just fine. He'll prolly do well, but it won't be like voker gets owned or anything.

    Really, Voker's vulnerable to ganks. Not so much to 1v1.
  11. themanguydude

    themanguydude Well-Known Member

    Sniper is also slow ( movespeed wise )
  12. Thor258

    Thor258 Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure EW voker with Alacrity out DPS's sniper with ease. Therefore sniper wont get cs or harass well despite outranging him. A percent chance to proc headshot doesnt help much when trying to cs. Sniper has low base damage anyway.
  13. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    Fun that no one says Bane he get more counters that chuck norris
  14. FMArthur

    FMArthur Well-Known Member

    Sniper can attack Invoker as much as he wants with no fear of retaliation because he both outranges and outruns Invoker. You'd be surprised how good his shitty attack damage can be if he can do it all the time. There's really nothing Invoker can do about it.
  15. Thor258

    Thor258 Well-Known Member

    ....this is in the lane. In the lane bane will get 0 creep kills due to not-so-high base damage and tons of harassment. He will end up level 3 when voker is 5. When bane is at half hp from harassment voker drops meteor + alacrities himself and then proceeds to attack bane. FIRST BLOOD.

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    Sniper won't have a chance to level as invoker has superior damage for better last hitting and denying. Sniper will be 3 when voker is 5.
  16. mitchi

    mitchi Well-Known Member

    Sniper is excellent against Invoker...
    I don't get why you mention DPS, since sniper is clearly not going to stay in one spot and trade hits with you. Invoker has incredible DPS but since he's very slow, all you have to do is run out of the way.
  17. LiquidNitrogen

    LiquidNitrogen Well-Known Member

    So Invoker>harrass

    Burst damage>Invoker

    therefore Tinker SF OD Sniper Lion Drow Viper who rely on softening up their opponents are not very good, though Viper Tinker and SF are the very aggressive ones who can outlane but not kill Invoker.

    Therefore, the best Invoker counter IMO is the one and only Storm Spirit. I played against a Quas Invoker as Storm recently and did well. You will will the first few levels (1-3), until he gets 2 quas and a Cold Snap, which is when he will step up the harrass and start outlaning you. Get him overconfident and harrass back (he will win the right clicking battle with his tankiness and Snap ofc). Regenerate your health back with a salve/bottle, then rofl and kill him. Invoker really has no defense against this except stay back. Beyond level 6, the lane is yours to keep and command. It also helps to grab a DD/Haste/Illusion rune to increase your damage output so you don't miss him during your burst of mana. DD and Haste pretty much guarantee kills. Invis rune can save you mana to be more efficient, Illusions can dps and make Voker miss his cold snap. Regeneration rune lets you guarantee a kill if he has pushed and no creeps are on the way to help him.
  18. Thor258

    Thor258 Well-Known Member

    However invoker can go Exort against Storm spirit and get every last hit and deny and your stuck underleveled to do his high base damage.
  19. mitchi

    mitchi Well-Known Member

    There are so many heroes that can beat Invoker 1v1...
    I'm proud of my Invoker laning skills but it's the truth. He is not the ultimate 1on1 hero. Broodmother is.
  20. LiquidNitrogen

    LiquidNitrogen Well-Known Member

    Are you kidding me? Quas Invoker>>Exort Invoker at soloing. Exort invoker doesn't have any particularly helpful abilities that beat Storm. They will trade last hits and denies, and if Voker tries to harass with his cute autoattack storm remnants him, smacks him in the face, pulls him, smacks him in the face, then remnants him against and smacks him a couple times, thus sending him packing. And without a high level of Quas, regeneration is not so easy, and a Exort-centric build leaves Invoker without any HP.

    Storm>>>squishies with no silence and no hard disable, and it also helps if they can't nuke very well, though Storm takes on Tinker and Zeus just fine. Invoker falls into that category, and any build with him, Storm can beat.

    Bane is similar. Once he gets Bottle+Soul Ring+Level 6, he can instagib Invoker after a Brain Sap or two, and he doesn't fear harass either. If last-hits are somehow getting very difficult (Bane has high starting damage and a decent animation compared to Voker), he can always just Nightmare him and get freefarm.

    Also, Broodmother>slow squishies with weak or no aoe, and early Invoker definitely falls into that category. She can kill him easily with just boots and Bite, and push to rape his ass.