Counter of Batrider Solo Mid

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by DracoLich, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. DracoLich

    DracoLich Well-Known Member

    If tell about game w/o team, usual pub, where only sometimes, very rarely, someone bother about teammates on other lines and coming to gangs.
    Who could stay against him, but keep farming also?
  2. Drickosh

    Drickosh Well-Known Member

    Windrunner, Medusa to some extent with wand, Sniper with take aim, Doom with the right neutral creep after level 3 (kobold or ogre magi)
  3. Exacerbated

    Exacerbated Well-Known Member

    Batrider is the best anti-carry hero right now. If you're talking about a pub, the Batrider might not be good enough anyways, and just take advantage of that fact. If the Batrider proves himself, however, just try not to die, buy magic stick, and scrape last hits. If Batrider doesn't do enough damage in the laning phase, he's pretty much expended his use and you can proceed to dominate him in the later stages of the game. If you can get a friend, put Ezalor + Phantom Lancer mid and shut him down.

    Perhaps Invoker's EMP+Tornado build/Nerubian Assassin's Mana Burn/Harbinger's Astral Imprisonment could help so he doesn't have mana to stack napalms, but the lane will still be difficult and it is totally dependent on player skill. Windrunner could work defensively so he can't hit you with physical attacks, but she will still most likely get outlaned.
  4. ShadeIzPain

    ShadeIzPain Well-Known Member

    1. storm spirit with vortex and remmant can do well.
    2. shadow demon with maxed disruption.

    Generally, you need good general dota skills to do well, in fact, in counts for 60-80%, more so compared to what hero you use.

    Try not to get more then 3-4 stacks on you, once you have about 3 stacks, hide in fog for about 7 seconds.
    Do not go down cliff with more then 3/4 stacks, its suicidal.

    Remember, surviving is more important then anything against batrider. If you really make a mistake early on and die couple of times, change lanes if you cant get a stunner ally with you.

    Once you die twice, your level difference will probably be around 3, meaning you will be about lvl3, while he is lvl6. You rather leave that lane empty and farm forest then going back, cause bat will just kill you.

    All in all, bat is one of the best solos, if he outskills you, you are dead. Be patient and call for ganks. Or die.

    Edit: Magic sticks are overated against him, if you think you can solo him with 10 charges, think again. if he gets more then 5 stacks on you, your 10 charges are worth exactly 1 more sec of firefly, or 1 more hit from him.
  5. Exacerbated

    Exacerbated Well-Known Member

    Windrunner might work, but she will still be scraping last hits and Batrider will still be able to keep her off the creep line. Medusa and Sniper will get utterly destroyed. Doom has to get that Wildkin + RoB, and he will still have trouble winning the lane. Batrider is just a pain in the ass when it comes to the laning phase. Mana Burners have worked out well for me.
  6. ShadeIzPain

    ShadeIzPain Well-Known Member

    Actually, windrunner is one of the best counters, just get 2 levels in windrunner, the slow sort of counters bat's slow by slowing down bat and preventing firefly from actually touching you, physical immunity prevents bat from hitting you, and your high MS allows you to move back.

    just make sure you have a chicken to ferry and early boot and constant regen.

    Though if you get 10 stacks on you, you are dead.
  7. DracoLich

    DracoLich Well-Known Member

    only if she turn back to tower once got 4 stack, cause after it even Windrunner will not save her ass.
    err... no
    died on level 3 like np
    havent farm at all, also killable
    invoker will die on lvl 2, 3, 5. Then Bat going to gangs.
    both of them will die once get 5 stacks, and -2 int for 1 min doesnt make spamming impossible.
    no way. if he will do vortex, he will die. Batrider is going to enemy's ass when has got lvl 2, even if Panda lvl 2 too, she will be slowed by Vortex and die much faster.
    maxed? oO reasons?
    and he also fragile
  8. chick3nfist

    chick3nfist Well-Known Member

    How would pugna work out against bat?
  9. Exacerbated

    Exacerbated Well-Known Member

    But you won't be last hitting very well, and you will most likely be playing defensively. That's the pure beauty of Batrider, because he is one of the few heroes that can effortlessly keep the enemy off the creeps and at the same time get farm. Probably the best thing to do is burn his mana or just have a dual-lane mid.
  10. Exacerbated

    Exacerbated Well-Known Member

    I said that they can alleviate some problems, but the lane will still be difficult. Plain and simple, he is a monster. The only way to negate Batrider's presence is in numbers.

    Pugna could stand his ground but he will still play defensive.
  11. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury Banned

    Nuke with Tinker?
  12. Drickosh

    Drickosh Well-Known Member

    WR because she has the best escape mech against batrider and still farm with powershot.
    Sniper and Medusa, because their huge range and ability to farm with skills, benefit from stacked wand very much too.
    Doom because stacking armor for a hero with 3.2 str is nice and lvl death & scorched earth is a good skills to face batrider.

    I feel mana burners is not a good counter for batrider because he didn't have any mana problem just with Rob and Urn.
  13. syuts

    syuts Well-Known Member

    Lesh/Pugna/WR can actually survive and last hit/deny using their 600 range, as well as their nuke (PS/Blast/LS) to farm/push/harass Bat at the same time and grab rune.
    Nonetheless, they have to stay defensive to not have +4 stacks at any given time, and have to control the flow of creeps with their AoE to avoid facing Bat under the ramp.
  14. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member


    May the stacking war comence
  15. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    Just get back after 2 or 3 stacks and pack a magic wand. Not that hard, really.
  16. fgiveme

    fgiveme Well-Known Member

    Pick Venom, get Stick/Wand, 1 lvl of Gale and max Ward first.
    Last hit with Wards while you back off, use Gale to escape if necessary.
    Don't forget to drop some Wards uphill to gain vision.
  17. Milk

    Milk Well-Known Member

    y'all forgetting bout GONDAR.
  18. vvjacobo

    vvjacobo Well-Known Member

    Naix with stout shield and wand can free farm against him.
  19. da_j0sephz

    da_j0sephz Well-Known Member

    lol i think this will work best :O
  20. s.ops_Freak

    s.ops_Freak Well-Known Member

    SF, trolololol.

    Seriously, just get a Boots first or get one ASAP.

    Other than that, try heroes like Bane/Lion/Shadow Demon/Destroyer/*Insert Disabler here*/*Insert Nuker here*/*Insert Invisible hero here*.

    Oh and I forgot, try a Magic Stick too.