Control unit without selecting it?

Discussion in 'Advanced Mechanics' started by Nikolai007, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Nikolai007

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    A while ago I watched a gameplay where, I think it was Miracle, controlled one of his illusions (cant remember if there were more than 1) without selecting it. How can you do that?

    His main hero wasnt moving at all, so he wasnt using the control modifier, I think.

  2. EebstertheGreat

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    Are you sure he didn't select it? In Dota 2, hotkeys for specific heroes can persist from game to game, so he may have just pressed the hotkey for that illusion. It's also possible he shared control and an ally moved it.
  3. Nikolai007

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    Im sure I watched him behind the trees while he was controlling the image and the avatar wasnt blue. It could have been one of those countless replay glitches, but im not sure about this.

    I tried to find the replay but it seems I deleted it...

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    I think I found another one. Here, he has sven selected but he is moving the centaur minion:

    He does it again on 10:32, 11:20 and several other times.
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  4. andrfid

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    In Dota 2, try this:

    Go to options and check unified units orders with CTRL (below double tap ability..., this is unchecked by default), this let you give an order to all your units by holding CTRL without selecting them.

    Problem is, when you do this, your hero moves also.

    Now, I think he does it like this (tried it, it works):

    - give an order to Sven (like attaking neutrals in the vid)
    - go to centaur minion's location
    - hold SHIFT and CTRL
    - move to desired location (ancient)

    This virtualy force sven to attack neutral before moving to ancients (undesired action for Sven, this can be canceled later when you release CTRL) and your minion to move directly to ancients.

    Try it with Lone Druid, select Lone Druid, move him to a location, hold Shift + CTRL and move your bear to another location, Bear will move to that location while Lone Druid is moving to the first location before moving to your Bear's location

    This CTRL thing is really powerful but requires some serious training tho :). You can also combine it with stop command like hold CTRL move to location and quickly release CTRL and press stop command, like this, you can move your minions and stop your hero from moving and let you hide behind trees for example. Or simply CTRL, move then quickly move hero somewhere else.
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  5. Nikolai007

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    I understand. That seems like a lot of fingery work, and unfortunately I already have a hard time pressing alt + whatever :( My hand anatomy sucks.

    Thanks for your answer
  6. TheImperial

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    u can remap ctrl to spacebar for example
  7. JicktheDog

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    Maybe he share the control of his units to his allies.