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    Welcome to the eighteenth installment of Complete the Hero! This contest is made to compel the thirst of Creative Forumers for a competition against each other, We all expect a tight battle of wits, and creativity. But because that Summer Break is imminent, Shouldn't We take a little break?

    The question is; are you in holiday?

    No, We still need to continue this. Let the Battle Begin!



    • No post count or previous hero making experience required.
    • Contestants have to submit the link of the nearly finished entry via PM to the host. The host will decide from submitted entry if contestant is fit to participate. Note that the hero idea has to be original and preferably formatted.

    • Requires previous hero suggestion review or CTH judge experience.
    • Judge have to do a review given by host if He/She applied to prove whether He/She is legit to become a Judge or no.
    • Judge chooses the part of which He/She wants to judge in. This includes Concept, Synergy, Cosmetics, Balance, Originality. Judges can do more than one part.


    Create a Hero that is based on ZODIAC.

    Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn.

    Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)
    Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius)
    Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces)

    [/nqb][nqb]BONUS CHALLENGE

    You must fulfill one or more following conditions to earn the bonus points.

    • Has a connection with any Hero in DotA, thus his/her/it's skill can be either similar in concept or in theme feel.
    REWARD: Up to 25 points on Concept
    • Veil of Discord as a core Item, and explain why
    REWARD: Up to 25 points on Synergy


    The first phase of this competition will involve creation of your hero to be judged in phase II. All contestants should finish their hero at the end of this phase or the entry will be disqualified.

    Please keep modifying the first post that you make about your entry. Further posts will not be considered for judging and voting unless you PM the host about it before the phase II.

    CLOSED AT : July 16th, 2011


    In this phase, host will choose each representative of Zodiac, means that only one of each zodiac can enter Phase II b. Judges can also choose if he/she wants to. In Phase II b there will be assuredly 12 contestants (at most) left. If your hero has a mixed form of 12 zodiacs, your victory will be more likely (You'll be put to an empty zodiac slot)
    Make a different zodiac hero from anyone else. You'll enter Phase II b




    In this phase, judge starts to judge entries from Phase IIa. But please keep useless posts to minimum, and wait patiently


    1. ChaoS_ThronE
      Judging in : Concept, Synergy, Cosmetics, Balance, Originality.
    2. gilvert
      Judging in : Concept, Synergy, Balance, Originality.
    3. LysanderXonora
      Judging in : Concept, Synergy, Cosmetics, Balance, Originality.

    1. [color="Silver"]doomed2die[/color] <Astrologist> - All Signs
    2. [color="Silver"]FlameTalon[/color] <Mute Bard> - Mutable Signs
    3. [color="Silver"]rafiiki[/color] <Fire Crab> - Cancer Sign
    4. [color="Silver"]menage0a0trois[/color] <Scorpion Tank> - Scorpio Sign
    5. [color="Silver"]Klagger[/color] <Aquamental> -Aquarius Sign
    6. [color="Silver"]SECXIIKILLA[/color] <Sagittarius> - Sagittarius Sign
    7. [color="Silver"]LANCERO[/color] <Libra's Keeper> - Libra Sign
    8. [color="Silver"]GenocYda[/color] <Sword> - Libra Sign
    9. [color="Silver"]KyonoRocks[/color] <Celestial Warden> - Virgo Sign
    10. [color="Silver"]Labyrinth Suite[/color] <Celestial Elemental> Aquarius Sign
    11. [color="Silver"]Strutter[/color] <Vindicator> Aries Sign
    12. [color="Silver"]Denki[/color] <Zodiac Archer> Sagittarius Sign
    13. [color="Silver"]O_xD[/color] <Crab Dude> Cancer Sign
    14. [color="Silver"]Lotus V Eater[/color] <Pasture Wanderer> Capricorn Sign
    15. [color="Silver"]gamerinboxers[/color] <Centuar Astronomer> Sagittarius Sign
    16. [color="Silver"]FallinDevast[/color] <Brazen Bull> Taurus Sign
    17. [color="Silver"]yaumal[/color] <Leo Beast> Leo Sign
    18. [color="Silver"]fremdlaender[/color] <The Untouchable> Virgo Sign
    19. [color="Silver"]Ryugo[/color] <Sting Revenant> Scorpio Sign
    20. [color="Silver"]HamsterXD[/color] <Celestial Spirit> Scorpio Sign
    21. [color="Silver"]Bench_[/color] <Gnoll Jailors> Gemini Sign
    Aquarius: Labyrinth Suite <Celestial Elemental> 2 votes
    Pisces: doomed2die <Astrologist> Slotted to Empty Slot, Pisces entry incomplete
    Aries: Strutter <Vindicator> Only one
    Taurus: FallinDevast <Brazen Bull> Only one
    Gemini: Bench_ <Gnoll Jailors> Only one
    Cancer: rafiiki <Fire Crab> 2 Votes
    Leo: yaumal <Leo Beast> Only one
    Virgo: fremdlaender <The Untouchable> 2 Votes
    Libra: GenocYda <Sword> 2 Votes, Both do not have story
    Scorpio: menage0a0trois <Scorpion Tank> 2 Votes
    Sagittarius: Denki <Zodiac Archer> 2 Votes
    Capricorn: <Mute Bard> 2 votes, Pasture Wanderer resigned[/nqb][nqb]

    {|}TOTAL: /500
    <Only the host will update this part. Judges do not have to include the above marks in their judging.>


    Ability Concept: /100
    <Here, try to primarily judge the primary function of the ability including originality and thematic feel induced within. Do not judge balance.>

    Synergy: /100
    <Judge the synergies of skills. The more synergies you can make, the better the score.>

    Originality: /100
    <Judge the hero's role, skill, model, etc. Does he/she/it bring a new/fresh thing to DotA?>

    Balance: /100
    <Judge the matter with Balance, Do all four skills tend to be imbalanced? IF so, give zero. This depend on the Judge himself>

    Cosmetic: /100
    <Judge the Iconset, the Presentation, The Model, and the word used to summary the hero.>

    <Bonus points will be added from the total score. This one is given by each judges not by host.>

    Bonus Point : /50




    Gilvert does not judge cosmetic (means he has -100 scores on the max) Total Score would be :
    550 + 550 + 450 = 1550​


    Celestial Elemental

    Ability Concept: 50/100
    Star River : Mini Dark Rift, Limited Cast Range, Deals damage and stun. Overall decent (17/25)
    Eridanus : Ice Vortex, Immolation, Speed Aura (12/25)
    Tranquility : lolwut, silencing rain, with 360degree difference effect to ally (Regen?) Rather Out of Concept (13/25)
    Diffusion : Er... Death Pulse... Ultimate Version (Only the difference is this is AOE Based) (8/25)

    Synergy: 45/100
    Real synergy here might just be the Star River and Diffusion (aka better positioning) Other than that, It's just a random mix of skills that connects the Water and Astrology Theme.

    Originality: 48/100
    Hero : Morphling (0/20)
    Star River : A Pit Lord's Dark Rift/Tuskarr's Snowball, tweaked version (10/20)
    Eridanus : Rather Original (17/20)
    Tranquility : Rather Original (16/20)
    Diffusion : As told above (5/20)

    Balance: 77/100
    Star River : Compacts too much versatility within a skill, can be support, nuke, stun, positioning, etc etc. (13/25)
    Eridanus : Fair (22/25)
    Tranquility : Regeneration seems to be way too high(20/25)
    Diffusion : Fair (22/25)

    Cosmetic: 63/100
    Model : (10/15)
    Star River : Not Fitting (8/15)
    Eridanus : Fair (13/15)
    Tranquility : Ladder Spell (14/15)
    Diffusion : Ugly (5/15)
    Presentation : Fair (10/15)
    Neatness : Just No (3/10)

    Veil as Core (18/25)
    Three points you gave are all acceptable, but not wholly. Mainly only the outer rings are considerable. Such As Armor (Everyone needs that, your hero just lack it more) INT (Essential to any INT Heroes) and Spell Amplification (Cuz you are Spellcaster?)
    Connection (10/25)
    Given due to only the Similarity of Regen Manipulation (Tether) and Dynamic AoE Change (Spirits).

    TOTAL : 311/550
    VERDICT : B-

    Ability Concept: 70/100
    Level 1 : (1/1)
    Cardinal : (24/33)
    Aries is the carbon copy of Cold Snap
    Cancer is a good and dependable shield, may seem rather OP since it's passive
    Libra is Deafening Blast from behind, with redundant buffs
    Capricorn is conceptually based from Berserker's Blood
    Fixed : (20/33)
    Leo is straightforward Nuke + Heal
    Scorpio is Torrent + Typhoon
    Aquarius is Mini Black Hole
    Taurus' Summon similar to Rain Of Chaos (both are golems)
    Mutable : (25/33)
    Sagitarius is an awesome concept you brought. I like the idea, although it may bring out false impression of Powershot at the beginning (I do)
    Pisces' ability is rather Obscure. Can't give actual comment.
    Gemini is Blink + Mirror Image
    Virgo is gradual Grave Chill, which has more precautions

    Synergy: 25/100
    Literally no synergy inbetween Constellation Group. You might need to consider moving some skill to a right path.

    Originality: 63/100
    Hero : Furion (0/25)
    Cardinal : Pretty good originality except for Aries (23/25)
    Fixed : Less original due to Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius (18/25)
    Mutable : Well made, I love Sagitarius and Virgo (22/25)

    Balance: 77/100
    Cardinal : Pretty good originality except for Aries (23/33)
    Fixed : Less original due to Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius (18/33)
    Mutable : Well made, I love Sagitarius and Virgo (22/33)

    Cosmetic: 83/100
    Model : Again? (5/15)
    Icons : (55/60)
    Presentation : Nice (13/15)
    Neatness : Good (10/10)

    Veil as Core (10/25)
    You already need a quick hand to cast barrage of spells.. Still, veil? Point given on the Magic Based Spell Manipulation
    Connection (13/25)
    Model = Furion, Skillset = Invoker? Not connected, more to a carbon copy

    TOTAL : 341/550

    Ability Concept: 61/100
    Ram : Something like Nether Strike + Ensnare, still, very well made. (18/25)
    Trip : Dream Coil... (5/25)
    Nerve : Counterpart of Backstab, well, most of the 1v1 case would prove this skill useful (16/25)
    Awe : Jinada Concept, The Debuff is very nicely made, conceptually and thematically (22/25)

    Synergy: 80/100
    Strong concept, torture enemy for not attacking you, but deal more damage when enemy tries to attack you. A little too strong, because two skills cause movement disable..?

    Originality: 58/100
    Hero : Satyr Hellcaller (5/20)
    Ram : Half Original (13/20)
    Trip : Good (17/25)
    Nerve : A Counterpart? (13/20)
    Awe : Half of the concept is in Gondar (10/20)

    Balance: 62/100
    Ram : Rather Strong (14/25)
    Trip : Rather Strong stun (12/25)
    Nerve : Good (21/25)
    Awe : Rather Strong (15/25)

    Cosmetic: 63/100
    Model : (15/15)
    Ram : Good (15/15)
    Trip : Good (15/15)
    Nerve : Not Fitting, imo (8/15)
    Awe : Half Fitting (10/15)
    Presentation : Nice (12/15)
    Neatness : Good (10/10)

    Veil as Core (16/25)
    Don't really like the Veil as Core for him thematically, He is a badass hitter, yet deal magical damage... Just.. awkward
    Connection (20/25)
    A counterpart of Rikimaru, strong indeed.

    TOTAL : 360/550
    VERDICT : B+
    Brazen Bull

    Ability Concept: 77/100
    Bull Rush : Like Skewer, with more added effects (16/25)
    Hulk Smash! : Vengeful Pawnch! Nicely made (21/25)
    Cogs Of War : Whoa, what an idea there! Alas you made something like Berserker's Call.. (20/25)
    Outrage : Basically it's cool chaosmaker. Scale well lategame, too. I just don't like that you put too many taunt based skills (20/25)

    Synergy: 85/100
    Very good. Taunt and bulk Vengeful Pawnch, Wreak Havoc, and profit. Pretty straightforward

    Originality: 77/100
    Hero : Iron Golem (20/20)
    Bull Rush : So-so (15/20)
    Hulk Smash! : Partially Original (15/20)
    Cogs Of War : There's berserker call.. (11/20)
    Outrage : Good (16/20)

    Balance: 58/100
    Bull Rush : : The Pathmaking is purely useless in his role. (14/25)
    Hulk Smash! : Rather.. OP (13/25)
    Cogs Of War : Good (17/25)
    Outrage : Damage might be too high later on (14/25)

    Cosmetic: 79/100
    Model : (15/15)
    Bull Rush : (13/15)
    Hulk Smash! : (5/15)
    Cogs Of War : (10/15)
    Outrage : (13/15)
    Presentation : Nice (13/15)
    Neatness : Good (10/10)

    Veil as Core (16/25)
    Don't really like the Veil as Core for him thematically, He looks like a badass hitter, yet deal magical damage... Just.. awkward.. (Same with Krios there)
    Connection (16/25)
    A connection with Earthshaker, silly me. You made some skills to connect with him, still, thematically lacking imo.

    TOTAL : 408/550
    VERDICT : A-
    Gnoll Jailers

    Ability Concept: 70/100
    Quiver Dart : A Silencing Venom, Good Idea (12/14)
    Astral Wrath : Just like MoM with added Magical Damage Transformation, pretty typical (6/14)
    Twinpaw Bond : It makes this skill second most useless after one dies, not versatile (8/14)
    Ball'n Chain : A slowing slug, lol. Good Idea too! (12/14)
    Gemini's Protection : Spirit Link-ish, Still new in DotA though (10/14)
    Synchronisation : Creative idea, although the the timeframe may seem too short (13/14)
    Vengeance : As this, makes the imbalanced twins more imbalanced, just like a final gambits whereas either one skill's mostly disabled due to the lost of synergy.. (9/16)

    Synergy: 78/100
    Ball and Chain + Quiver Dart is pretty much an overkill

    Originality: 84/100
    Hero : Cute Gnolls <3 (16/16)
    Quiver Dart : Original, as it seems (10/12)
    Astral Wrath : MoM (5/12)
    Twinpaw Bond : Original (11/12)
    Ball'n Chain : Partially concept of Swarms, requiring hit to die blah blah.. (10/12)
    Gemini's Protection : Spirit Link-ish (9/12)
    Synchronisation : Original (11/12)
    Vengeance : Original (11/12)

    Balance: 74/100
    Quiver Dart : Might be imbalanced early, as you can just ask a disable hero (Rhasta) and deals whooping 300ish damage at level 1(7/14)
    Astral Wrath : Decent (11/14)
    Twinpaw Bond : Subpar (10/14)
    Ball'n Chain : Hard to hit, slowed unit means crippled, they just want to run in most case (11/14)
    Gemini's Protection : Makes Strongjaw be killed easily, and then Quickpaw go rampage (11/14)
    Synchronisation : Imbalanced when used in proper way, otherwise pure useless (10/14)
    Vengeance : Original (14/16)

    Cosmetic: 78/100
    Model : (10/10)
    Quiver Dart : (7/10)
    Astral Wrath : (6/10)
    Twinpaw Bond : (8/10)
    Ball'n Chain : (7/10)
    Gemini's Protection : (6/10)
    Synchronisation : (7/10)
    Vengeance : (8/10)
    Presentation : Nice (9/10)
    Neatness : Good (10/10)

    Veil as Core (17/25)
    It suits really well, but only in Quickpaw.
    Connection (15/25)
    Meepo much? I don't think so. Yes you can tint the icons purple-ish, but you can't deny the fact that one dies all dies on meepo, while yours become more to killing machine..?

    TOTAL : 416/550
    VERDICT : A-
    Fire Crab

    Ability Concept: 79/100
    Pyrostatic Pillar : Additional DPS upon casting spell, not bad, but not so good (16/25)
    Fire Spark : Chaotic idea, I love that (20/25)
    Overflow : This one just make what you have casted hits harder. Rather typical (15/25)
    Advanced Exoskeleton : Defend, period (13/25)

    Synergy: 72/100
    Decent, only Fire Spark + Overflow, other things seems to be out of hand

    Originality: 73/100
    Hero : Crab?! (13/20)
    Pyrostatic Pillar : Decent (17/20)
    Fire Spark : Good (18/20)
    Overflow : Rather typical (14/20)
    Advanced Exoskeleton : No? (11/20)

    Balance: 63/100
    Pyrostatic Pillar : Minimal Damage, not so OP (21/25)
    Fire Spark : Might be OP if you got the luck (14/25)
    Overflow : Can be powerful, can be useless.. So it is balanced, eh? (15/25)
    Advanced Exoskeleton : You can manipulate this easily, damage return rather high (13/25)

    Cosmetic: 79/100
    Model : (12/15)
    Icons : (47/60)
    Presentation : Nice (13/15)
    Neatness : Good (10/10)

    Veil as Core (18/25)
    Suits it rather well, Skills are logical enough and has some good use we can think of.
    Connection (14/25)
    Medusa, eh? AoE Presence yeah, but with the hero itself.. no

    TOTAL : 398/550
    VERDICT : B+
    Leo Beast

    Ability Concept: 31/100
    Call Spirit + Explode Spirit : Pay 100 Mana to deal 100 damage, disarm, and, much forced synergy requiring Spirits (8/20)
    Demolish Claw : A strange toggle, well, effect is concept-wise.. (11/20)
    Leo Zodiac Mastery : Forced Passive. (6/20)
    Spirit Mastery : Witchcraft, period (2/20)
    Asura Strike ! : Blink strike, stun, requires spirit, meh (4/20)

    Synergy: 25/100
    You just need Call spirit and yada yada

    Originality: 49/100
    Hero : Lion (18/20)
    Call Spirit + Explode Spirit : Stacking idea (8/16)
    Demolish Claw : Attack modifier, decent (12/16)
    Leo Zodiac Mastery : Meh (4/16)
    Spirit Mastery : More Meh (2/16)
    Asura Strike ! : Uninteresting (5/16)

    Balance: 75/100
    Call Spirit + Explode Spirit : Minimal (18/20)
    Demolish Claw : Not so OP (15/20)
    Leo Zodiac Mastery : Balanced (18/20)
    Spirit Mastery : OP (10/20)
    Asura Strike ! : Not that OP (14/20)

    Cosmetic: 65/100
    Model : (10/15)
    Icons : (35/60)
    Presentation : Typical (12/15)
    Neatness : Decent (8/10)

    Veil as Core (0/25)
    Not Clarified
    Connection (0/25)
    Not Clarified

    TOTAL : 216/550
    VERDICT : D+
    The Untouchable

    Ability Concept: 86/100
    Harpy's Pride : Sissy Berserker's Call lolz (21/25)
    Unyielding Tempest : Very Well Made (23/25)
    Inviolable's Gust : Revenant + Invulnerability W00T! (18/25)
    Winged Guardian : The Owl's so 1337! Driving someone to fountain is lulzy (24/25)

    Synergy: 85/100
    Inviolable's Gust is the integral skill for this. Winged Guardian, Harpy's Pride, all synergies decently well

    Originality: 84/100
    Hero : Harpy (16/20)
    Harpy's Pride : Semi Berserker's Call (14/20)
    Unyielding Tempest : Very Well Made (19/20)
    Inviolable's Gust : Good (18/20)
    Winged Guardian : Semi Meathook from fountain (17/20)

    Balance: 68/100
    Harpy's Pride : Quite a damage and knockback (20/25)
    Unyielding Tempest : Balanced, unless you make the creeps are also affected (22/25)
    Inviolable's Gust : Invulnerability (10/25)
    Winged Guardian : Can't be broken by any means.. so it's rather OP (16/25)

    Cosmetic: 92/100
    Model : (12/15)
    Icons : (55/60)
    Presentation : Nice (15/15)
    Neatness : Good (10/10)

    Veil as Core (20/25)
    Clarified enough
    Connection (23/25)
    Ok, explanation accepted

    TOTAL : 458/550

    Ability Concept: 62/100
    Meditation : Pipe Much (13/25)
    Fast : Anti-Hitter spell, this one's amusing (21/25)
    Inner Fire : It's very hard for a Pulse Nova, but much inferior (12/25)
    Rebirth : Simple, yet hard to use (16/25)

    Synergy: 50/100
    Only Fast and Inner Fire would seem to synergy, other else, I can't think of

    Originality: 51/100
    Hero : Jugg (0/20)
    Meditation : Pipe Much (10/20)
    Fast : Borrowed time much (13/20)
    Inner Fire : Pulse Nova much (12/20)
    Rebirth : Aegis? lol (16/20)

    Balance: 79/100
    Meditation : 70% for 10 secs? let's ignore the chanelling part, it still is OP (15/25)
    Fast : Balanced (22/25)
    Inner Fire : 90 Damage may seem high, but seeing the requirements... (21/25)
    Rebirth : Again, the requirements... (21/25)

    Cosmetic: 71/100
    Model : (5/15)
    Icons : (42/60)
    Presentation : Nice (15/15)
    Neatness : Good (9/10)

    Veil as Core (15/25)
    Just Inner fire
    Connection (18/25)
    Decent connection, as we can see some counterparting spells

    TOTAL : 346/550
    Scorpion Tank

    Ability Concept: 73/100
    Soul Strike : Cool Idea for splash attack (20/25)
    Devitalize : Although rather abusable, this makes him second Pugna. neutral here (18/25)
    Barrage : I understand clearly, Something like a controllable-AoE Freezing Field. Good skill, Good explanation (22/25)
    Infernal Contraption : Meh (13/25)

    Synergy: 80/100
    Infernal Contraption works with everything (it does upgrade every skills) Soul Strike and Barrage synergize with Devitalize making it AoE.. Great Work

    Originality: 66/100
    Hero : Tank! (20/20)
    Soul Strike : Splash attack (10/20)
    Devitalize : Decrepify Passive form (13/20)
    Barrage : Freezing Field's inferior (13/20)
    Infernal Contraption : Meh (10/20)

    Balance: 64/100
    Soul Strike : 100%? Might be too strong.. IMO (17/25)
    Devitalize : Mass Etherealization might be too imba (15/25)
    Barrage : Good (22/25)
    Infernal Contraption : Meh (10/25)

    Cosmetic: 95/100
    Model : (15/15)
    Icons : (55/60)
    Presentation : Nice (15/15)
    Neatness : Good (10/10)

    Veil as Core (23/25)
    Yeah, magic damage whore.. + Ethereal
    Connection (19/25)
    Conceptually yes, thematically no.

    TOTAL : 420/550
    Zodiac Archer

    Ability Concept: 77/100
    Impaling Bolt : Original Idea, Love it (22/25)
    Celestial Sphere : Lol ballz.. Pretty versatile, Good idea (20/25)
    Atrocity : Decent Reverse of Berserker's Blood (19/25)
    Equinox : Pssh.. I expected better idea.. Not bad, but not that good (16/25)

    Synergy: 60/100
    Maybe only Impaling Bolt and Celestial Sphere. Equinox does a little, and not so serious

    Originality: 70/100
    Hero : Centa (10/20)
    Impaling Bolt : Original, except the sheer similarity to Shackleshot (17/20)
    Celestial Sphere : EMP lol (15/20)
    Atrocity : Reverse is Reverse (11/20)
    Equinox : Somewhat (17/20)

    Balance: 83/100
    Impaling Bolt : The knockback... (17/25)
    Celestial Sphere : Balanced (25/25)
    Atrocity : Semi Balanced (IAS) (21/25)
    Equinox : Not problematic (20/25)

    Cosmetic: 73/100
    Model : (5/15)
    Icons : (47/60)
    Presentation : Icon Error (12/15)
    Neatness : Good (10/10)

    Veil as Core (21/25)
    Ensure Precision, well used
    Connection (15/25)
    Too many connections, I did ask only one connection

    TOTAL : 399/550
    VERDICT : A-
    Mute Bard

    Ability Concept: 70/100
    Blues : Slow, MS Boost, DPS. Trilogy of boring things (16/25)
    Rock : Rocket Barrage o_O (15/25)
    Pop : I like this one (21/25)
    Multiple Chords : Just a carbon copy summoning (18/25)

    Synergy: 30/100
    None at all. Multiple Chords plays same spell, just that.

    Originality: 58/100
    Hero : Guitarist Bara (10/20)
    Blues : Trilogy of boring things (10/20)
    Rock : Nope (10/20)
    Pop : Slight Similarity with Counter Helix in terms of shockwave or blah blah (15/20)
    Multiple Chords : Divided We Stand (13/20)

    Balance: 84/100
    Blues : Slow, MS Boost, DPS (14/25)
    Rock : Balanced (25/25)
    Pop : Fair (20/25)
    Multiple Chords : Balanced (25/25)

    Cosmetic: 73/100
    Model : (7/15)
    Icons : (48/60)
    Presentation : Uninteresting (10/15)
    Neatness : Fair (8/10)

    Veil as Core (20/25)
    AoE based, so yeah...
    Connection (14/25)
    Only similar to Tauren in regards of ultimate.

    TOTAL : 349/550
    Sorry if my criticism isn't favorable.. I judged this on three different times and alas, three different moods

    CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE WINNER, FallinDevast with his Taurus Hero, Brazen Bull!

    Here's the prize for the winner :

    and Here's for participants who feel they're eligible to earn it :

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    I like, may enter.
  5. Captain Planet

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    Oh lordy lord. Good luck with this guz. I dun have a single idea for this theme, lulz. Should make for some interesting heroes.
  6. Klagger

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    ^ me too , if host can change the phase I date to july 13-16 ...
  7. ChaoS_ThronE

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    lol......... brainstorm brainstorm

    Edited the date
  8. Unan1mous

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    You...BASTARD D:
  9. Klagger

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    Thx ! ^^ love you man ...xD
    XD ...:p
  10. Lotus V Eater

    Lotus V Eater Well-Known Member registration might be late due to judging the CTA...can i postpone the judging process and join

  11. ChaoS_ThronE

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    Hey judges please
  12. Klagger

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    You may PM the new judge name vhag 123 i think if i not wrote wrong but he still a newbie here...just wanna let your know ^^
  13. Lotus V Eater

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    not this time C_T, i edi got an amazing concept i want to use for my hero idea...
  14. Unan1mous

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    I have a feeling that theres going to be a LOT of gemini heroes.

    Regarding judging, I MIGHT do it, depending on my upcoming schedule (which is yet to be determined).
  15. One.More.Game.

    One.More.Game. Well-Known Member

    I'm in.

    Also, can I ask, what does the VoD item do?

    Only debuff?
  16. GenocYda

    GenocYda Well-Known Member

    [tab]Hero Introduction|Attributes|Skills|Synergy|Challenges
    [tab]Hero Model|Introduction|Background Story
    Don May
    No one knows from where this orc belongs. The only sure thing is someone brought him into an orphanage. The strange thing is that he was an chaos orc and there were no signs of any chaos orcs for whole years. They called him Don May, as he was found on May Monday. Don was almost uncontrolable as a child, but as it was church orphanage, he stayed here for his entire lifetime to gain control over his mind by training his mental abilities and agility to compress his brute wild strenghf force which always put him down. He lived happily for a long time, until scourge came and overrun the whole land even with the church. Don managed to escape, but he lost his home, so he sworn to make scourge pay for it, so he joined sentinel in this epic battle.
    Don was born in Outland, but his clan was defeated defeated by the Dreanei. His own arent managed to escaped, but they were chased, so they had no much time, so when Don's parents found out demon gate, they put Don into it. Don appeared in the middl of forest and he was lucky good human found him and brought him into orphanage.
    Don May=Monday, just play with letters a bit
    [/tab]{|}[tab]Statistics|Advanced Statistics

    20+ 2
    14+ 2.5
    20+ 2
    [/table]|[table]Starting HP/MP:|530/260
    Base Stats:|54
    Stats Gain:|6.5
    Primary Role:|customRole[/table][/table]​
    [table]Affiliation:|Sentinel||Attack Animation:|0.33 / 0.84
    Damage:|43-52||Casting Animation:|0.3 / 0.51
    Armor:|3||Base Attack Time:|1.7
    Movespeed:|305||Missile Speed:|Instant
    Attack Range:|Melee||Sight Range:|1800 / 800[/table]​
    {|}[tab]Meditation|Fasting|Inner fire|Rebirth
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: N/A
    Hotkey: E[/table]|Sword is able to go into meditation, strenghtening self and his nearby allies souls and bodies against magic, avaible to consume almost every damage dealt to him that way. Sword is avaible to wake from the Meditation anytime. The effect of the meditation last on Sword twice as longer than channeling.Channeling[/table]

    1|130|10|N/A|400|2 seconds|Grants 70% magic resistance.
    2|120|10|N/A|400|3 seconds|Grants 70% magic resistance.
    3|110|10|N/A|400|4 seconds|Grants 70% magic resistance.
    4|100|10|N/A|400|5 seconds|Grants 70% magic resistance.[/table]
    • Note1.
    • Effect is extended on Sword by the duration of channeling.
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Enemy units
    Hotkey: F[/table]|God orders targeted units to go paste, restricting battles. Unit's life energy is transformed to the attacked one when he breaks the order and attacks any unit. The order is dispeled if the order is breaked 5 times[/table]

    1|75|15|500|N/A|3|Transform 200% of base damage to additional mana+HP for attacked unit.
    2|85|15|500|N/A|4|Transform 200% of base damage to additional mana+HP for attacked unit.
    3|95|15|500|N/A|5|Transform 200% of base damage to additional mana+HP.
    4|105|15|500|N/A|6|Transform 200% of base damage to additional mana+HP.[/table]
    • Enemy with this buff don't break the Inner Fire.
    • Note2.
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Toggle
    Targeting: N/A
    Hotkey: R[/table]|Sword's able to channel god's power through self, burning down the corrupted ones. However, the power is interrupted when Sword is injured by the corrupted ones. The power is restored in 2.5 seconds.[/table]

    1|N/A|N/A|N/A|250|N/A|Deals 45 damage per second
    2|N/A|N/A|N/A|250|N/A|Deals 60 damage per second
    3|N/A|N/A|N/A|250|N/A|Deals 75 damage per second
    4|N/A|N/A|N/A|250|N/A|Deals 90 damage per second [/table]
    • The ability is disabled only by physical damage (even abilities).
    • Even creeps and neutrals disable this ability.
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Allied units
    Hotkey: B[/table]|Sword uses 50% of his own life energy to fully revive targeted allied unit, but it takes a while. However, if the targeted unit loses 20% of its max HP, the spell is canceled. If the spell proceed without problems, then 50% of the healed HP is speared as damage to nearby AoE. The time it takes to revive is randomed and depends on level.[/table]

    1|150|100|600|300|8-10 seconds|Restores mana, HP, resets cooldowns and removes all buffs.
    2|200|80|600|300|6-8 seconds|Restores mana, HP, resets cooldowns and removes all buffs.
    3|250|60|600|300|4-6 seconds|Restores mana, HP, resets cooldowns and removes all buffs.[/table]
    • Both damage types are magical.
    • The unit cannot be revived when dead.
    {|}[tab]Skill Synergy|Hero Synergy|Item Synergy




    Primary challenge: Libra + Bonus challenge: Connection to Axe​
    My hero is opposite of Axe. The visuals (Axe is demonic strenght/brute force using hero. Sword is holy agility/faith using hero)

    Also the skills alone are kind of... Reversed in it's essence.

    Berserker's Call= AoE debuff with Physical protection on self - Meditation= AoE buff protecting against magical attacks.
    Theme is Hatred and no self control vs selfcontrol and peaceful balance of soul

    Battle Hunger= You are damaged until you kill unit - Fasting= Targeted unit is healed if you attack it.
    Theme is Hunger vs Fasting (or just not eating=diet)

    Counter Helix= You deal AoE damage when you are attacked - Inner fire= You deal AoE damage when you aren't attacked.
    Theme is Bruty Physical force vs God's power channeling through your body

    Culling Blade= You kill target unit if it reaches some amount of HP - Rebirth= You completly revive targeted unit if it doesn't reach some amount of HP

    Bonus challenge: Why Veil of Discord?​

    Sword is quite a good supporter and semi-tank self, but he has surviveability by his own skillset, so he should make support items (don't forget he can't and shouldn't be carry due channeling and due fact carries are focused, thus making his 3rd ability useless)

    So directly to why it should be Veil

    [​IMG]- The abilities he has deal magical damage in AoE, fits the viel purpose. He has low number of mana, so the bonus int would really be handy. You have really great Anti-Nuke mechanism, so the Armor is great bonus. Also fits support role.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2011
  17. ChaoS_ThronE

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    and laguna will heal enemy target by making it orgasms
    will give u 500 point for that
  18. ChaoS_ThronE

    ChaoS_ThronE Well-Known Member

    i doublepost, but ff yeah

    yes? You can make a nuke hero to get +25 but sacrificing the hero because it's damn boring unless u can amuse me
  19. GenocYda

    GenocYda Well-Known Member

    No, it will heal 500HP if targeted female and it will heal male heroes around 500 units.
  20. ChaoS_ThronE

    ChaoS_ThronE Well-Known Member

    u fail to amuse me with those number xD