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    Welcome to the seventeenth installment of Complete the Hero! As you all probably know, this famous contest is now entering it's next epic round. We have all seen great times, and even better heroes in these contests, and I invite you all to participate in the hardest challenge of creativity on PlayDotA! You will match your wits against the most creative DotA players of the world, seeking to overcome the limitations of the challenge and create a hero that will be remembered... forever.

    The question is; are you ready?


    To the winner: I can further modify/crop it to suit a specific size if you'd like​

    Without further ado:

    In third place, we have:
    The Pandaren Wardancer by menage0a0trois
    [with a final score of 182.5/200]

    In second place, we have:
    The Dream master by Klagger
    [with a final score of 184/200]

    In first place, we have:
    [with a final score of 185.5/200]

    The Score Table




    • No post count or previous hero making experience required.
    • Contestants have to submit the link of the nearly finished entry via PM to the host. The host will decide from submitted entry if contestant is fit to participate. Note that the hero idea has to be original and preferably formatted.

    • Requires previous hero suggestion review or CTH judge experience.
    • Judge have to submit the link to a hero suggestion and the link to his review or submit the link of CTH judged before. The host will decide from submitted PM if judge is fit to become a judge.
    • The host reserves the right to accept or decline the member as a judge.


    You must create a hero that has ultimate that can CHANGE PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE.

    Also, the hero's starting stats and growth should be equal between STR, AGI, INT.

    [/nqb][nqb]BONUS CHALLENGE

    You must fulfill one or more following conditions to earn the bonus points.

    • All normal skills give/gain different effect/number based on primary attributes. The main concept of the skill shouldn't be changed (casting type, cooldown, etc).
    • Each normal skills should have/gain effect on/from one attributes ONLY.
    • The hero shouldn't have the Attribute Bonus skill (like Invoker).
    REWARD: 20 points


    The first phase of this competition will involve creation of your hero to be judged in phase II. All contestants should finish their hero at the end of this phase or the entry will be disqualified.

    Please keep modifying the first post that you make about your entry. Further posts will not be considered for judging and voting unless you PM the host about it before the phase II.

    CLOSED AT : June 24th, 2011


    In this phase, judge starts to judge all the entries. Contestants and outsiders may vote for your favorite hero. You can vote for only three best entry in the contest. Please give the rank between them or the voting will not be accepted.

    • You must vote privately via PM to the host, and cannot discuss your votes inside the thread. Do not attempt to contact any other member regarding their vote.

    • Contestants can't vote for their own hero suggestion. If we spotted any illegal ways to vote for own suggestion (such as multiple ID), they will be DISQUALIFIED

    CLOSED AT : August 10th, 2011

    1. NoThlnG, also known as The Impossible
    2. Super_Duflair
    3. vhang123123
    Judges can choose their own names.[/nqb][nqb]

    1. Paradox, the Unstable Elemental <rafiiki>
    2. Duto Kenjee, the Pandaren Wardancer <menage0a0trois>
    3. Arcanite, the Dragonspawn Sorcerer <Necamijat>
    4. Zu, the Draconian Warrior <lancer60>
    5. Zalazane, the Alterator <hugfangi>
    6. Heist Dawnkiller, the Lost Archmage <Lotus V Eater>
    7. Geminis, the Doppleganger <Labyrinth Suite>
    8. Jalchar, the Tidal Revenant <Beary>
    9. Secret Assassin, the Secret Warrior <shahryar32>
    10. Davion Wannabe, the Footman <O_xD>
    11. Arbeh, Choshech and Dever, the Eser Ha-Makot <Evfeed>
    12. Archos, the Phantasm <Straight Flush>
    13. Harpy, the Dream master <Klagger>
    14. Dingle, the Tonberry <ChaoS_ThronE>
    15. Homunculus, the Artificial Lifeform <doomed2die>
    16. Leech, the Absorber <yaumal>
    17. Charles, the Juggler <Dzin-Zakk>
    18. Muk, the Sludge Beast <kings.empire>
    19. Hydrax, Hydrus and Hydrai, the Hydra <Unan1mous>

    {|}TOTAL: /200

    Bonus Challenge: /20

    <Only the host will update this part. Judges do not have to include the above marks in their judging.>


    Abilities: /120
    <Here, try to primarily judge the primary function of the ability including originality and simpleness. Use your discretion. Do not judge balance.>

    Skill 1: /30
    Skill 2: /30
    Skill 3: /30
    Skill 4: /30​

    Synergy: /30
    <Only judge synergy between skills. Thematic / Role synergy could be included as well but Hero and Item synergy are excluded.>

    Gameplay: /30
    <Here, judge the hero's playstyle, suitability to DotA and how fun he is to play.>

    Hero Concept: /20
    <Judge how original and creative the hero concept is. Concept means something overall and thematic not the details.>

    <Penalties and bonus points will be deducted / added from the total score. This one is given by each judges not by host.>

    Balance: /20
    <There will be penalties for imbalanced factor in the hero. Only serious imbalances tghat cannot be balanced at all will be counted here. Slight overpowers or underpowers are excluded.>

    Cosmetics: /10
    <Give penalties if the cosmetics of the entries are seriously bad until causing problems in judging. Slightly bad cosmetics are excluded.>

    Cosmetics: /15

    <Give bonus points for entries with really appealing visuals. Slightly good cosmetics are excluded.>[/tab][/nqb][nqb]


    When you PM me, please try to make sure you have one of the following as the PM title [copy paste it out]:
    • CTH 17 Contestant Application (w/attached link)
    • CTH 17 Judge Application (w/attached review)
    • CTH 17 <Your Name Here>'s Votes
    • CTH 17 Clarification
    Please be nice enough to do this because I have a lot of PM's already and it gets very messy. And if you don't, I won't complain outwardly, but I might just get all grumpy. And none of want that.[/nqb]
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    One more important notice.

    Since this one doesn't have any registration phase, I will only add entries which is "nearly" finished only.

    Yes, it is subjective but I don't think you guys want me to change the rule to "completely" finished.
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    Draconian Warrior that changes fighting style.

    Dragon Knight

    Draconian Warrior




    [table]_14 + 2.1_|_14 + 2.1_|_14 + 2.1_[/table]



    Starting HP/MP:|416/182
    Attack Range:|500[/table]


    [note="Ability Type: Active
    Targeting Type: No target
    Ability Hotkey : F"]Special Skill[/note]
    [table][​IMG]|[​IMG]|[​IMG]|Zu uses a Special Skill that goes well with his fighting style.[/table]
    [tab]Flames and Fire|Wild Fire|Burning Flames
    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|100|26|800|-|0.1/1*|Fires 3 Fireball that mini stuns every hit and the final Fireball will stun the target. Fires one after the other. Deals 40 per hit.
    2|100|23|800|-|0.1/1.5*|Fires 3 Fireball that mini stuns every hit and the final Fireball will stun the target. Fires one after the other. Deals 60 per hit.
    3|100|20|800|-|0.1/2*|Fires 3 Fireball that mini stuns every hit and the final Fireball will stun the target. Fires one after the other. Deals 80 per hit.
    4|100|17|800|-|0.1/2.5*|Fires 3 Fireball that mini stuns every hit and the final Fireball will stun the target. Fires one after the other. Deals 100 per hit.[/table]

    • (*)-Ministun/Stun
    • Only for Strength Zu only.
    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|100|11|-|400|-|Deals 75 damage around him.
    2|100|11|-|400|-|Deals 150 damage around him.
    3|100|11|-|400|-|Deals 225 damage around him.
    4|100|11|-|400|-|Deals 300 damage around him.[/table]

    • For Agility Zu only
    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|30|10|600|-|10|Burns enemy by 4
    2|30|8|600|-|10|Burns enemy by 6
    3|30|6|600|-|10|Burns enemy by 8
    4|30|4|600|-|10|Burns enemy by 10[/table]

    • Orb Effect
    • Only for Intelligence Zu only

    [note="Ability Type: Passive
    Targeting Type: No target
    Ability Hotkey : "]Draconian Blood[/note]
    [table]__________[​IMG]__________|Grants Zu's blood from his ancient tribe.[/table]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|-|-|-|-|-|+2 HP regen.
    2|-|-|-|-|-|+3 HP regen.
    3|-|-|-|-|-|+4 HP regen.
    4|-|-|-|-|-|+5 HP regen.[/table]

    • Special Effect
      • Strength-Adds 50/100/150/200 HP
      • Agility-Adds 2/4/6/8 Armor
      • Intelligence-Adds 25%/50%/75%/100% Mana Regen

    [note="Ability Type: Passive
    Targeting Type: No target
    Ability Hotkey : "]Flame Attack[/note]
    [table]__________[​IMG]__________|Zu fires a fire ball that damages a tiny area.[/table]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|-|-|-|200|-|30% Splash Damage.
    2|-|-|-|250|-|30% Splash Damage.
    3|-|-|-|275|-|30% Splash Damage.
    4|-|-|-|300|-|30% Splash Damage.[/table]

    • Activates when attacking a unit.
    • Special Effect
      • Strength-Deals 3/4/5/6 burn for 2 seconds.
      • Agility- Slows MS by 5%/10%/15%/20% and AS by 3%/6%/9%/12% for 3 seconds
      • Intelligence-Doesn't get this skill instead it gets the another skill.

    [note="Ability Type: Active
    Targeting Type: Ground
    Ability Hotkey : F"]Flame Bolt[/note]
    [table]__________[​IMG]__________|Zu fires a flaming light that damages enemies that goes past it.[/table]

    [table]|Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|150|20|900|200(AoE)/900(distance)|-|Deals 4.5 per INT Attribute.
    2|150|16|900|200(AoE)/900(distance)|-|Deals 5 per INT Attribute.
    3|150|12|900|200(AoE)/900(distance)|-|Deals 5.5 per INT Attribute.
    4|150|8|900|200(AoE)/900(distance)|-|Deals 6 per INT Attribute.[/table]

    • Only Available for INT Zu
    • Like a laser beam.

    [note="Ability Type: Active
    Targeting Type: No target
    Ability Hotkey : "]Equip[/note]
    [table][​IMG]|[​IMG]|[​IMG]|Changes his weapon and also changes his fighting style.[/table]

    |Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|AoE|Duration|Effects
    1|-|-|-|-|-|Gains 3 subskill.
    2|-|-|-|-|-|Gains 3 subskill.
    3|-|-|-|-|-|Gains 3 subskill.[/table]
    • Changes the hero model.
    1|Adds 10 Str and Zu becomes a Strenght Attribute. Becomes Melee.
    2|Adds 15 Str and Zu becomes a Strenght Attribute. Becomes Melee.
    3|Adds 20 Str and Zu becomes a Strenght Attribute. Becomes Melee.[/table]
    1|Adds 10 Agi and Zu becomes a Agility Attribute. Becomes Melee.
    2|Adds 15 Agi and Zu becomes a Agility Attribute. Becomes Melee.
    3|Adds 20 Agi and Zu becomes a Agility Attribute. Becomes Melee.[/table]
    1|Adds 10 Int and Zu becomes a Intelligence Attribute.
    2|Adds 15 Int and Zu becomes a Intelligence Attribute.
    3|Adds 20 In't and Zu becomes a Intelligence Attribute.[/table][/tab]
    Still searching for the STR Zu.gif
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    Yes. You are completely fine to start now.

    The notice just meaning that the "judging" phase will be delayed until the CTH 15 judging is nearly finished to prevent "lack of judges" incident to happen (ofc it will go as planned at first if CTH 15 judging ends much faster than expected)
  7. IplayRandom

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    Hm, the very old Morphling wasn't a very succesful hero.
  8. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    That's why it is a challenge :p

    Also, I don't say the ultimate's effect should be exactly same with old Adapt. You can distort it in anyway and add whatever effect you want as long as the concept of changing primary attribute remains.

    And, Spellsteal wasn't a very successful spell as well (in term of balance) but Icefrog has made it pretty ok (though I don't really like it until now)
  9. Lotus V Eater

    Lotus V Eater Well-Known Member

    "You must create a hero that can CHANGE PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE with an ultimate."

    i don't clear on that i should create one non-ultimate spell that can change primary attribute when comboed with ultimate or what?
  10. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    Clarified the OP.

    It means the ultimate is the skill that can change primary attribute.
  11. IplayRandom

    IplayRandom Well-Known Member

    Balance isn't a problem, it's the fact that the idea of having 3 into 1 was not good. Because I don't think a skill that changes attribute will have meaning if it doesn't alter the gameplay of the hero to suit to the attribute it changes. And that is the problem.
  12. Lotus V Eater

    Lotus V Eater Well-Known Member

    also, must the thematic thingy (spells, model & etc) revolving around water only? coz i don't think it is a good idea though...makes people thinking that this is more like a remake for Morphling than creating a new hero idea though...
  13. Nevfigalo

    Nevfigalo Well-Known Member

    Heh, it's funny, because I was creating such a hero, but I had some problems with codeability. I can almost say that I born ready.

    However, I dislike the theme challenge a bit. :/ Mainly, because there is no fitting models in ladder warcraft (as long as you don't like turtles and crabs). :D

    I heard that old Morphling has a skill changing his primary attribute. If it is true, the hero with aquatic theme will be some kind of recycling.

    I think it is the best main challenge for a long time. Good job.
  14. Ryugo

    Ryugo Well-Known Member

    First bonus challenge is pretty boring, IMO. I have saw that concept many times. :sick:

    I will go with the last one, then.
  15. LysanderXonora

    LysanderXonora Well-Known Member

    This is a bad BAD idea.
  16. Ryugo

    Ryugo Well-Known Member

    A bit boring. :sick: But if you will keep it, I will try. :rambo:
  17. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    Nvm then. Removed the theme challenge coz I personally don't like visual being added as bonus.

    And about bonus challenge, if you want challenge that is OMGWTF hard, I can surely make one (I mean a lot of them) for you but I'd prefer optional challenge to become a good direction to make the hero (especially in gameplay) instead of the opposite.

    EDIT : Added 3rd optional challenge for those who wants "tougher" challenges :p
  18. fan.god

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    Enlighten me on something... If "his hero's starting stats and growth should be equal between STR, AGI, INT", meaning his 3 attributes will be approximately the same, what is the point of changing his primary attribute?

    Of you mean changing other hero's primary attribute?

    And does changing primary attribute involve changing model? (like Troll's ranged and melee form)

    On optional challenges: 1)All normal skills give/gain different effect/number based on primary attributes. and 2)Each normal skills should have/gain effect on/from one attributes only. From what I understand, you need 1) before you can finish 2). So why try for 2)?
  19. gamerinboxers

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    Wouldn't everyone's ulti be more or less the same? =P
  20. Ryugo

    Ryugo Well-Known Member

    This isn't a challenge. :mellow: I am out, then. Looks like I will participate on the next RTA.

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