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    Templates are found within the opening post, at the helpful links section.
    I suggest using Dark Kenshi's template or the offical one, as they are the most easy to use and edit.

    Beginning a hero suggestion normally starts with having a good idea or generally a good concept. If you are more expirienced, however, you can start with an unused model and think about what it could bring into DotA. To start at the 'expirienced' level, I'd suggest you to read trough the several guides about hero making within the Compilation of useful links.

    Edit: Icons can also be found within the useful links section or you can ask other persons to find/ create some.
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    hero's story > "unused" model.
    Plus most likely these suggestion will be inspiration for Blizzard Dota, which has no restrictions for character models, only limited to our creativity.
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    I don't want to start another "power levels" type argument with you, but stating that this is likely going to be an inspiration for blizzard DotA is just far too much. I don't really understand why you believe that this fourm here is of any inspiration to anyone, and honestly I don't care, but stop giving fake information and false hopes to people, and mostly yourself. If it happen, fine, but it is deffinitely not likely, let alone most likely.
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    Guys review on My hero could really be helpfull

    note: this noob just noticed you need to PM the boss for entry :(
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    Interesting challenge
    I should join this contest

    If I cannot find any decent model , can I use model hero in dota?

    Note : I create hero with robot skin . Based on WoW , gnome races .
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    Check hiveworkshop.
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    Blaze of Glory - Very good skill. Synergizes with the other spells really good. Somewhat balanced, no other comments.

    Crystalline Volley - Its basically a channeling spell? If it is, it'll be a pain in the a$$ and somewhat breaks some synergy with Blaze of Glory. Please say no! Its a good spell really, good for harassing, and probably babysitting.

    Skyfall Star - Okay, its really a good spell but I don't get the "Each successive cast within 10 seconds is twice as powerful as the previous", I mean you need to make another within ten seconds and then the cooldown is ten seconds? Please explain to me, I don't get it.

    Plight of Norgannon - Now this makes Skyfall Star IMBA. First of all I'm okay with increasing cast range and reducing cooldown. But increasing Skyfall Star's aoe by 250! Imagine a 750 aoe slow and damage every seven seconds. That's just imba. Maybe 25 or 50 aoe sounds better.

    Overall - Its a good hero with good spells. Just needs some nerfing and buffing. Spells have good synergy between each other which is good.
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    Yeah, I'm not really sure what I was thinking with 250. Live and learn :3. As for Skyfall Star, the way it works is, is as follows:

    0:01 - You cast Skyfall Star (level 4) in an area with one unit - <hero x> in it.
    0:01 - <Hero x> suffers 100 damage (pre-resistance) and is slowed for 25%.
    0:08 - You cast Skyfall Star in the same area with two units - <hero x> and <hero y>.
    0:08 - Both <hero x> and <hero y> suffer 200 damage (pre-resistance) and are slowed for 50%.
    The next time you use it, they'd both take 300 damage (200*2=400, but it's capped at 300) and be slowed for 75% (again, because of the cap).


    0:01 - You cast Skyfall Star (level 2) in an area with one unit - <hero x> in it.
    0:01 - <Hero x> suffers 50 damage (pre-resistance) and is slowed for 15%.
    0:10 - You cast Skyfall Star (level 2) in an area with two units - <hero x> and <hero y>.
    0:10 - Both <hero x> and <hero y> suffer 100 damage (pre-resistance) and are slowed for 30%
    The next time you use it (within 10 seconds), they'd both take 200 damage, and be slowed for 60%.

    The idea is that at level one you aren't able to dish out as much damage with it, somewhat giving you more of a reason to level it. But I think I'm going to increase the improved effect period and increase the cooldowns accordingly. Oh, and Crystalline Volley is not channeled.
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    You must live a sad depressing life, i feel sorry for you.
    You can find inspiration in whatever you do, no one can tell you otherwise. Stating your suggestion won't be inspiration just goes to show you don't have what it takes to move people.
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    Hello, everyone. I am very interested in the contest and willing to join in. I will bring the Mag'har hero Garrosh Hellscream, a reckless battler. I see none of current contestents have brought such heroes. Hope you will like it.

    [tab]Hero Introduction|Attributes|Skills|Synergy|Gameplay
    [tab]Hero Model|Introduction|Background Story
    Garrosh Hellscream is a powerful melee fighter but easily gets into dangerous situation. He has a cut-in skill which provides an awesome disable especially for spellcasters. He has awesome damage skills but they damage himself heavily. He is lacking in ranged-combat skills, so he has to get into dangerous situation. To make up for it, his ultimate skill can gain some life for him and heavily damage an enemy.{|}[​IMG]
    Separated from the orcish horde due to an epidemic, Garrosh and his fellow orcs were free from the corruption of the Burning Legion. When he was finally welcomed into new free orcish horde, he was filled with hatred towards the demons. To show his extreme hatred, he became a reckless battler. He would fight bravely with his full strength till the very point of death.[/tab]{|}[tab]Statistics|Advanced Statistics

    19 + 2.8
    21 + 2.4
    16 + 1.4
    [/table]|[table]Starting HP/MP:|511/208
    Base Stats:|56
    Stats Gain:|6.6
    Primary Role:|Tank, DPS[/table][/table]​
    [table]Affiliation:|Sentinel||Attack Animation:|0.30/0.30
    Damage:|54-68||Casting Animation:|0.00/0.00
    Armor:|4||Base Attack Time:|1.70
    Movespeed:|310||Missile Speed:|
    Attack Range:|128||Sight Range:|1800/800[/table]​
    {|}[tab]Berserker's Rush|Intrepidity|Furious Nature|Last Stand
    [table] View attachment 61505 |[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Point
    Hotkey: R[/table]|Garrosh charges to the target point at great speed, and releases roars on the path. The roars silences and limits movement.[/table]

    1|75|9|99999|225|2.5|600 distance, affected enemies cannot move more than 65 distance per 0.25 seconds
    2|75|9|99999|225|2.5|700 distance, affected enemies cannot move more than 60 distance per 0.25 seconds
    3|75|9|99999|225|2.5|800 distance, affected enemies cannot move more than 55 distance per 0.25 seconds
    4|75|9|99999|225|2.5|900 distance, affected enemies cannot move more than 50 distance per 0.25 seconds[/table]
    • Charge speed is 1800.
    • Silence is blocked by Linken's Sphere.
    • It does not affect magic immune units. However, if a unit is already affected and gets magic immune, only the silence will be canceled.
    [table] View attachment 61506 |[table]Type: Toggle
    Targeting: No target
    Hotkey: E[/table]|Garrosh is a reckless warrior. By employing a reckless strategy, he deals extra damage and cleaves in his attacks, but deals damage to himself.[/table]

    1||||225||Increases 20% base attack, 20% cleave, self damage is 20% strength
    2||||225||Increases 40% base attack, 25% cleave, self damage is 40% strength
    3||||225||Increases 60% base attack, 30% cleave, self damage is 60% strength
    4||||225||Increases 80% base attack, 35% cleave, self damage is 80% strength[/table]
    • Self damage is physical.
    • AOE is cleave AOE.
    [table] View attachment 61507 |[table]Type: Passive
    Targeting: No target
    Hotkey: [/table]|Garrosh's furious nature gives him a chance of getting extra power in attacks. Gives a chance in his normal attack to increase attack speed in the interval between this attack and next attack.[/table]

    1||||||25% chance, 200% attack speed increase in the next interval.
    2||||||30% chance, 200% attack speed increase in the next interval.
    3||||||35% chance, 200% attack speed increase in the next interval.
    4||||||40% chance, 200% attack speed increase in the next interval.[/table]
    • Here is a calculation: The level 4 skill is equivalentl to 55% IAS if you have no IAS, 70% if you have 100% IAS, and 80% if you have 200% IAS.
    • If you trigger the skill, your illusions and summons will also enjoy the effect.
    [table] View attachment 61508 |[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Unit
    Hotkey: T[/table]|Garrosh is so reckless that he often gets into desperate conditions, so he uses this technique to save himself and heavily damage an enemy hero. Also stuns the target for 0.01 second. If the hero target dies in 3 seconds after the skill is cast, you will additionally regain 36% the amount previously regained.[/table]

    1|50|24|125|||Regains 35% HP lost (max HP - current HP) and deals damage to the target by the amount regained
    2|60|18|150|||Regains 35% HP lost (max HP - current HP) and deals damage to the target by the amount regained
    3|70|12|175|||Regains 35% HP lost (max HP - current HP) and deals damage to the target by the amount regained[/table]
    • It can also target enemy non-heroes or points. However, if targeting a non-hero, you regains 80% the amount. If targeting a point, you regain 60% the amount.
    • You will play the attack-slam animation on casting.
    • Damage type: Pure.
    {|}[tab]Skill Synergy|Hero Synergy|Item Synergy
    View attachment 61506 View attachment 61508
    You can reduce your HP with your second skill so that damage of ultimate is maxed. The ultimate also keeps your HP from going too low.

    Healers are always his friends.

    They suck foes together so that he can deal massive cleave damage with the help of his disable.

    Shields are good on him since they can reduce his self damage.

    This is his core item.

    Lifesteal works excellently on him.
    [/tab]{|}Here I explain why he is a balanced hero, and how should he be played.
    His advantage include good cut-in and disable, high physical damage and great counter-kill ability. These make him excellent in ganks and good in team clashes with a BKB.
    However, he has some disadvantages that keeps him from being overpowered. Firstly, he has no AOE. That means he is quite useless in early game against pushes. Secondly, he is quite squishy in early game and has no regeneration, which means in laning he fears harrasment. Thirdly, he fears disables before he gets BKB.
    How to play this hero? Firstly, laning phase. He has high base damage and an excape, so he can get some last hits with the help of a babysitter. Take Stout Shield or PMS to block the self damage of second skill to make lasthitting easy under the second skill. You can level some points of third skill in early game to increase burst damage.
    After you reach level 6, you can gank or farm lanes. With Vanguard or HoD, and high levels of second and third skill, jungling is also easy for him. Ganking is simple: Rush to a caster, toggle on your "suicide" attack, attack, cast ult, and rush again if allowed. Your primary task is to get BKB. If team clashes do not happen early, you can delay your BKB and buy items like Battle Fury, Cuirass, HoT first.
    You are a good late gamer. After you get some good items, you are capable of team clashes. Blink in, BKB, turn on "suicide", and enjoy slaying!!

    Template by The Lord God.
    Made using Saguine's Hero Maker

    [table]Primary Challenge|
    Secondary Challenge|The special movement disable of Berserker's Rush[/table]
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    Official argument thread. A special callout to AmplifyMagic, with whom we have been spamming this thread since it began. Please, take the argumnet there, so that the rest can finally have their peace ( and fremdlaender doesn't disqualify me).
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    this contest seems too restrictive if you ask me, i suppose ill wait til the next one to make my debut
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  14. fremdlaender

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    The contest makes you have a certain theme (that you even can choose yourself) and the hero needs to have an unique disable.

    Every other conceptual or gameplay aspect is up to you.
    I'd say, this is one of the most free contests ever, but I don't want to force you to join. :p If you don't like it, you don't like it.
  15. R.B.Economy

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    Guy I think we should join for the sake of contributing not winning. Of course that doesn't mean we should give out any less effort in contribution than a competition. It's all about our mentality. ;)
  16. Lord_Talron

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    well it just seems like that to me because i have to go and find an existing idea and i cant make my own using the skill ideas mentioned. id rather build a story around a skill rather than a set of skills around a story i guess :eek:n2long:
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    ^ You're wrong my friend.You don't have to build a set of skills around a "story".You just have to go with the theme of the character you chose.That's totally easy.Look at my hero,Baron.The guy is nothing like his counterpart in WoW and I can change his skills to shadow theme like no problem but then I'll be disqualified if I don't find a guy with shadow theme
    My thoughts.Decision is still yours
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  19. CSDT

    CSDT Banned

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    Jastor Gallywix
    Trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel

    [nqb]Description:Jastor Gallywix is range agilty hero , that really ambitious to kill anyone at the range , Magnetic Hook , pull target and steal MS , Rapid shot able you to increase attack speed depending how close you and target , Gunblade active to gain splash damage , Magnetic field pull all target withing range for a few second ​


    [nqb]Background Story:Jastor Gallywix is the much-maligned Trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel, one of the most powerful goblin trade guilds on Kezan. Jastor Gallywix now with different skin , he now is robot with magnetic power , no one can run from him .[/nqb]
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Strength - 21 + [2.25]
    Agility - 22 + [2.15]
    Intelligence - 18 + [1.75][/table][/table]

    Starting HP/MP:|549/234
    Attack Range:|600[/table]|[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Magnetic Hook - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Enemy Unit
    Hotkey: R[/table]|Jastor Gallywix use his power to pull enemy and steal MS every second , last 5 second[/table]

    1|95|20|700|N/A|5|Deal 60 damage , pull target by 300 units . Steal MS by 10 every second
    2|100|18|700|N/A|5|Deal 120 damage , pull target by 350 units . Steal MS by 15 every second
    3|105|16|700|N/A|5|Deal 180 damage , pull target by 400 units . Steal MS by 20 every second
    4|110|14|700|N/A|5|Deal 240 damage , pull target by 450 units . Steal MS by 25 every second[/table]
    • type damage: magical
    • Pull have 500 units speed
    • Cannot steal MS if target have 100 MS
    • after 5 second , MS back to normal

    Rapid Shot - (Passive)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Self
    Hotkey: T[/table]|start from 600 range for +5/7/9/11 bonus AS . Increase AS every 50 range closed you and target .[/table]

    1|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|Increase AS by 2 , up to 23
    2|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|Increase AS by 4 , up to 43
    3|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|Increase AS by 6 , up to 63
    4|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|Increase AS by 9 , up to 92[/table]
    • minimum range for bonus AS is 150 range
    • only work on heroes
    explanation for bonus AS =
    • 600 range = +5/7/9/11 AS
    • 550 range = +7/11/15/20 AS
    • 500 range = +9/15/21/29 AS
    • 450 range = +11/19/27/38 AS
    • 400 range = +13/23/33/47 AS
    • 350 range = +15/27/39/56 AS
    • 300 range = +17/31/45/65 AS
    • 250 range = +19/35/51/74 AS
    • 200 range = +21/39/57/83 AS
    • 150 range = +23/43/63/92 AS

    Gun Blade - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Self
    Hotkey: E[/table]|Active to gain great splash to nearby enemy units for a few second[/table]

    1|50|25|N/A|N/A|10|40% splash in 100 AOE , 20% in 250 AOE , 10% in 375 AOE , 5% in 550 AOE
    2|50|25|N/A|N/A|10|60% splash in 100 AOE , 35% in 250 AOE , 20% in 375 AOE , 10% in 550 AOE
    3|50|25|N/A|N/A|10|80% splash in 100 AOE , 50% in 250 AOE , 30% in 375 AOE , 15% in 550 AOE
    4|50|25|N/A|N/A|10|100% splash in 100 AOE , 65% in 250 AOE , 40% in 375 AOE , 20% in 550 AOE [/table]

    Magnetic Field - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Hotkey: E[/table]|Create a magnetic field within 700 range , all enemy units will be pulled every second . Last 6 second[/table]

    1|150|90|N/A|700|6|40 damage per pulled , pull by 75 units every second
    2|175|90|N/A|700|6|50 damage per pulled , pull by 100 units every second
    3|200|90|N/A|700|6|60 damage per pulled , pull by 125 units every second[/table]
    • Type damage is Magical
    • Pull take 0.5 second
    • Cannot Block by Linken


    Changelog :
    • Change 3rd ability from platinum body to be Gun Blade
    • now rapid shot only work on heroes
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