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    Anub'seran, The Nerubian Weaver​
    The Spirit Spider



    Weaver is a tough to play hero that has excellent payoff if you take the time to learn his spells. Due to the recent buffs to Weaver through the addition of Urna Swarm he has become a much better, more synergetic hero. His ability to silence a decent size area for up to 24 seconds total (20 DPS during entire 24 seconds) is unparalleled by any silence currently in the game. Combined with Time Lapse and Shukuchi to provide great juking capabilities and Geminate Attack for high DPS he is both a well rounded and lethal hero. Also, Urna Swarm gives a free map hack that is close to being on par with Weaver's old map hack spell. Overall, Weaver is adept at disrupting the spell casting of 2-3 heroes on the enemy team, running in and dealing some DPS, then getting out of the fray virtually unscathed.



    • Introduction
    • Pros & Cons
    • Hero Information
    • Skill Build
    • Item Build
    • Basic Strategy
    • Advanced Strategy
    • Using Your Spells
    • Weaver's Role
    • Best Allies & Worst Enemies
    • Epilogue
    • Links & Replays
    • Changelog



    • Free map hack from Urna Swarm.
    • Spammable max MS and Invisibility from Shukuchi.
    • Excellent survivability from Time Lapse.
    • Longest silence in the game from Urna Swarm.
    • High DPS potential with Geminate Attack.
    • Excellent Juke potential.

    • Low HP.
    • Vulnerable when Time Lapse/Urnas are down.
    • Terrible attack animation that makes it hard to last hit.
    • Terrible starting stats.



    Strength: 15 + 1.5 each level
    Agility: 14 + 2.5 each level
    Intelligence: 15 + 1.8 each level
    Base HP: 435
    Base Mana: 195
    Base Damage: 46 - 56
    Base Armor: 2
    Base Move Speed: 290
    Range: 425 (Ranged)
    Attack Speed: 0.67

    Urna Swarm (W)

    Raises a Scarab from a corpse. The Scarab can burrow to hide itself, or use Infestation to silence and deal damage over time in an AoE.

    Level 1 - Maximum of 2 Scarabs.
    Level 2 - Maximum of 4 Scarabs.
    Level 3 - Maximum of 6 Scarabs.
    Level 4 - Maximum of 8 Scarabs.

    Mana Cost: 10
    Cooldown: 14/11/8/5
    Casting Range: 900

    Additional Information: Scarabs have 450 movement speed, 200 HP, 6 armor, 1400/1400 normal vision, 400/400 burrowed vision, and 26-38 bounty. Scarabs are immune to magic. Infestation silences and deals 20 non-stacking damage per second in a 275 AoE for 3 seconds. Burrowed Scarabs are invisible and immobile. If you order infestation to be cast while having multiple Scarabs selected, only one will cast instead of all of them.

    This is an excellent skill and IMO much better than his original ghost summoning skill. Urna's basically have the same maphack potential (although they are slower and only invisible when burrowed) with the added advent of an imba 24 second potential silence.

    Shukuchi (C)

    Causes the Nerubian Weaver to move so fast as to become invisible. Any units passed through will take damage. Lasts 4 seconds.

    Level 1 - Nerubian weaver becomes invisible. 90 damage to units passed through.
    Level 2 - Nerubian weaver becomes invisible. 100 damage to units passed through.
    Level 3 - Nerubian weaver becomes invisible. 110 damage to units passed through.
    Level 4 - Nerubian weaver becomes invisible. 120 damage to units passed through.

    Mana Cost: 60
    Cooldown: 12/10/8/6

    Additional Information: Deals magic damage. Can be used to dodge missile spells. Can only damage a unit once per cast.

    Weaver's signature move is great overall; Max MS, invisibility and phase rolled into a spammable skill that damages enemies you touch... This is great for escaping, chasing and killing.

    Geminate Attack ()

    Occasionally the Nerubian Weaver will send out two swarms, attacking an opponent twice. You must do an ordered attack to activate this.

    Level 1 - Nerubian Weaver sends out two attacks.
    Level 2 - Nerubian Weaver sends out two attacks.
    Level 3 - Nerubian Weaver sends out two attacks.
    Level 4 - Nerubian Weaver sends out two attacks.

    Mana Cost: N/A
    Cooldown: 6/5/4/2.5
    AoE: 175

    Additional Information: Geminate Attack is an Orb Effect. The extra attack will never trigger attack effects (orb effects, bash and critical strike). Nerubian Weaver needs an attack order for this ability to activate. The attack in which this skill procs is considered an Orb Effect Buff Placer, while the bonus attack is considered only an Orb Effect. Can affect towers. The extra attack can hit an enemy even if they have run out of your attack range.

    This is a good skill that gives you high DPS late game and is good for last hitting and killing heroes if you know how to use it. The fact that you need to order an attack to activate it is a little annoying at times.

    Time Lapse (T)

    Warps the Weaver 5 seconds back in time, resetting the HP, Mana and position. Does not affect cooldown, gold or experience.

    Level 1 - Warps Nerubian Weaver 5 seconds in the past.
    Level 2 - Warps Nerubian Weaver 5 seconds in the past.
    Level 3 - Warps Nerubian Weaver 5 seconds in the past.

    Mana Cost: 150/75/0
    Cooldown: 60/50/40

    Additional Information: Removes negative buffs from Weaver.

    This skill is just plain excellent. It provides you with so much juke potential and survivability with a low cooldown and no manacost. The only problem with this skill is that you can only use it once in a skirmish; meaning that proper timing and prediction is oh so important when using Time Lapse.



    Basic Skill Build

    Level 1 - Shukuchi
    Level 2 - Urna Swarm
    Level 3 - Shukuchi
    Level 4 - Urna Swarm
    Level 5 - Shukuchi
    Level 6 - Time Lapse
    Level 7 - Shukuchi
    Level 8 - Geminate Attack/Urna Swarm
    Level 9 - Geminate Attack/Urna Swarm
    Level 10 - Geminate Attack
    Level 11 - Time Lapse
    Level 12 - Geminate Attack
    Level 13 - Urna Swarm/Geminate Attack
    Level 14 - Urna Swarm/Geminate Attack
    Level 15 - Stats
    Level 16 - Time Lapse
    Level 17 - Stats
    Level 18 - Stats
    Level 19 - Stats
    Level 20 - Stats
    Level 21 - Stats
    Level 22 - Stats
    Level 23 - Stats
    Level 24 - Stats
    Level 25 - Stats

    Traditional Skill Build

    Level 1 - Shukuchi
    Level 2 - Urna Swarm
    Level 3 - Shukuchi
    Level 4 - Geminate Attack
    Level 5 - Shukuchi
    Level 6 - Time Lapse
    Level 7 - Shukuchi
    Level 8 - Geminate Attack
    Level 9 - Geminate Attack
    Level 10 - Geminate Attack
    Level 11 - Time Lapse
    Level 12 - Urna Swarm
    Level 13 - Urna Swarm
    Level 14 - Urna Swarm
    Level 15 - Stats
    Level 16 - Time Lapse
    Level 17 - Stats
    Level 18 - Stats
    Level 19 - Stats
    Level 20 - Stats
    Level 21 - Stats
    Level 22 - Stats
    Level 23 - Stats
    Level 24 - Stats
    Level 25 - Stats

    The Basic Skill Build focuses on a combination of Urna Swarm and Shukuchi; this build is for intermediate players. You will level Shukuchi because it is spammable and gives you Phase/Max MS/Invis for low mana. Shukuchi will be maxed first because of its ease of use and its usefulness in the early game. Two levels of Urna Swarm are gotten early because this gives you 4 bugs (2 for runes and 2 for extra sight/silence). Geminate is then maxed as it increases your DPS significantly. Time Lapse is gotten whenever possible because you need to save your mana for other things. Grab this build if you are familiar with Weaver's spells but you aren't great at Microing multiple units and unit groups.

    The Traditional Skill Build is based off of the old Weaver's Spells. Shukuchi was maxed early, 1 level of Urna Swarm was gotten because more ghosts wasn't better than Geminate Attack. Time Lapse is still levelled whenever possible.



    Starting Items


    Starting Gold (603) - 1x Gauntlets of Strength (150) - 2x Tango of Essifation (180) - 4x GG Branch (212) = Remaining Gold (61)

    Early Game


    Gauntlets of Strength (150) + Magic Wand (484) + Boots of Speed (500) + Sacred Relic (3800) = 4934 Gold (Roughly 90 Creeps)

    Mid Game


    Gauntlets of Strength (150) + Magic Wand (484) + Power Treads (Strength) (1450) + Radiance (5150) + Scroll of Town Portal (135) = 7369 Gold (Roughly 54 More Creeps)

    Late Game/Luxury

    [​IMG] or [​IMG][​IMG]

    Blademail (2200) + Magic Wand (484) + Power Treads (Strength) (1450) + Radiance (5150) + Butterfly (6000) + Scroll of Town Portal (135) = 15419 Gold (Roughly 178 More Creeps)



    When it comes to tanking items (for after Radiance) you have a really wide spread of choices. The main choice used to be HoT but after it's nerf BM has become a viable alternative that synergizes well with Time Lapse. Vanguard, HoD, and BM all provide cheap forms of tank for after Radiance, whereas HoT and Linkens cost more but give some better extras.


    Damage items are also really flexible for Weaver. In my opinion Radiance is the best because of its synergy with Shikuchi and Time Lapse and the fact that it's damage isn't impeded by Geminate Attack.

    Stay Away From


    Geminate Attack is an orb ability you scallywag.


    If this seems like a good idea you should probably lay off the sauce for a while.

    Starting items are pretty basic. One Gauntlets gives you HP which you need at the start. GG Branches gives the best Stats/Gold value and you lose the least for selling them, best starting choice IMO. Lastly, Tangoes > Salves in my opinion because they can be used to juke and make paths through trees as well as heal.

    In early game you should be working towards getting your Sacred Relic. It is usually best to grab Sacred Relic before Boots if you can because of the cheap MS boost from Shukuchi (If you cast Shukuchi every 6 seconds for 12 seconds at level 4 you will have an average MS of 444 over 12 seconds without Boots). After your Relic you can grab your Boots and Upgrade your branches to a Magic Wand. It's your choice whether you want to upgrade to your Radiance before or after your Boots and Wand (I usually do before).

    In mid game you should work towards your Radiance if you haven't already finished it. You can also buy a bottle if your mid doesn't have one and use your Urna's to control runes.

    Late Game you should focus on building tank items to support your Radiance and DPS.

    Optional Items include your choices of tank items which are pretty flexible. Blademail is good against Burst Damage enemies (ie. Mortred, Lion, Lina), HoD is good against heavy nukers (ie. Zues, Lina, Leshrac), Vanguard or HoT is good against physical DPS (ie. Drow, Viper, Clinkz), and Linken's is good for those pesky single target casters (ie. Bane, Rhasta, Roof). As far as damage items go you have a few choices. Your main options are Buriza, Radiance, or MKB. MKB gives the highest Damage/Gold of the three but the bash and extra damage doesn't work on hits from Geminate Attack. Radiance gives the second highest Damage/Gold of the three and the AoE damage synchronizes well with Shukuchi and Time Lapse. Buriza gives the lowest Damage/Gold of the three and the crit doesn't work on hits from Geminate Attack. Overall Radiance is the best choice, otherwise grab MKB over Buriza. Lastly, you could grab Butterfly if you think that would be a better choice.

    Stay away from any orb items none of them will work in conjunction with Geminate Attack.



    Lane Selection

    Proper lane selection is an important aspect of playing Weaver. Weaver is best played in a side lane for a few reasons. Firstly, he has a poor attack animation and only 400 range so farming against a strong mid solo (SF, Tinker) will be hard. Secondly, the trees on side lanes provide excellent hiding places for Urna Swarms in preparation for a gank. It's possible to solo mid with Weaver by utilizing Urna Swarm for rune control but overall he is more effective with a lane partner in a side lane.

    Weaver's main farming source is creeps in lane, although he has some gank potential early he will often find himself outgunned by nukers/disablers if he tries to gank too much. You need to farm up some cash and level up your Urnas before going for heroes. Around mid game when you have higher levels of Urna Swarm and some Geminate you can start farming off of heroes and participating in team fights.


    1. Double Damage - Geminate Attack makes this a deadly rune against enemy towers/heroes.

    2. Illusion - Extra damage and juke potential is decent but Illusions don't get Geminate.

    3. Regeneration - You don't have a large MP or HP pool but grab this if no one else needs it.

    4. Haste - You already have Haste, leave this for someone else.

    5. Invisibility - You already have Invisibility, leave this for someone else.




    Juking is extremely easy with Weaver. By combining Time Lapse and Shukuchi you can essentially escape from any gank rather easily. Shukuchi can be used alone to dodge missile spells like Storm Bolt and Hellfire Blast as well as spells like Poison Nova and Arctic Blast. Simply cast Shukuchi before the animation hits you, if you fade into invisibility before the projectile hits you it will cancel. This can also be used to dodge physical attacks from units and towers (you must be out of the tower's True Sight range before the projectile hits you). If you are being chased by someone with a missile spell (Leoric/Sven/Venomancer) and you suspect they are going to stun/hit you with a spell have a finger ready on Shukuchi so you can cancel it.

    Shukuchi and Time Lapse can also be used to juke away from chasing enemies. Shukuchi alone can be used for the invisibility and maximum movespeed it provides; simply cast to easily evade enemies. If your enemy has True Sight you can still escape by utilizing the max MS to outrun your enemy or the Phase to quickly escape through a creep wave that your enemy must go around. If you are running away from your enemy and you run into trouble (more enemies/dead end) you can use Time Lapse to take you back 5 seconds to a potentially safer spot. Using Time Lapse in conjuntion with Shukuchi makes you one of the hardest heroes to chase (even when the enemy has True Sight). Shukuchi gives 522 MS for 4 seconds thats 2088 Units in 4 seconds, if you add another 365 units for 1 second of normal movement your total is 2453. The average hero with Boots of Speed has 350 MS which after 5 seconds will move them 1750 Units. That's a difference of 700 Units (longer than the cast range of many stun spells). If your opponent is fast or has Blink and he keeps up with you, simply cast Time Lapse to instantly move 2453 Units backwards (if you Shukuchi in the opposite direction thats another 2088 units). This is why it's so hard to chase Weavr; if you are slow he can just escape using Shukuchi, if you are fast he can just escape using Time Lapse, if you try to stun he cancels the spell, if your stun hits he just Time Lapses then Shukuchis away.

    Urna Micro

    *Basic Micro Combo - Auto Attack with Urnas (#2) - Control Weaver (#1) - Use (#2+F) combo every 3 seconds

    To successfully micro manage Urnas you are going to need to use Control Groups. Most people already put their hero in a Control Group (by selecting the hero and pressing Ctrl + 1) to make it easy to select your hero. Usually I will add one group for my Urna's (usually #2) and I will have another for weaver and the Urna's (usually #3). This allows you to select Weaver, Urna's, and Both groups so you can easily control either during battles and both during movement. When using Urnas in battle I will usually control both groups seperately because I don't want Weaver moving with the Urnas and visa-versa. To utilize the AoE silence that Urna's get from Infestation you simply need to select your Urna group (#2 for example purposes) and have them all attack your silence target (this will make them all follow the target at 400 MS). With the whole group selected whenever you press the F key, 1 of the Urnas will cast Infestation giving 3 second of silence and 20 DPS for 3 seconds. If you Press the #2 Key + F Key every 3 seconds you essentially can have a maximum of 24 seconds of silence on your target.

    Note - If you are getting confused in team battles while controlling two different groups it helps to time your actions in your head. Counting 1-2-3 then pressing #2+F can help constantly keep your silence going.

    *Advanced Micro Combo - Manually control Urnas (+2) - Control Weaver (#1) - Use (#2+F) combo every 3 seconds

    The only difference between this combo and the basic micro combo is that this one allows you to place Infestation more tactically. If you have sufficient micro you can easily silence 2-3 heroes although it requires constant movement of the Urnas to keep up with your targets.

    Burrows Spots

    Urna's, like wards, have many applications. They can be used for sight to avoid ganks and scout for runes/enemies. They can also be used to block neutral creep spawns. I usually will position one Urna at a rune spot (top or bottom, it doesn't matter) as this effectively gives vision of both sides. I will usually use the second Urna to scout in the forest or river to watch for ganks. Potential Burrow spots are shown on the map below.

    1 and 2 - Rune Spots
    3A and 3B - Gank Watch Bottom Lane
    4A and 4B - Gank Watch Top Lane
    5A,5B,5C and 5D - Gank Watch Mid Lane
    6 - Roshan Watch (against Ursa, Troll, Lycan, etc.)
    7A and 7B - Ancient Spawn Watch (against Troll, Naix, etc.)



    Urna Swarm

    Urna Swarm is a spell that has many uses and thus is rather difficult to use. I don't consider myself to be the best Weaver user however I will describe to you how I use Urna Swarm. Generally I will park 1 Urna at the closest rune spot (since 1 is all you need to control both runes) and I will have a second in the woods watching for ganks. Generally I will keep the Urna's unburrowed until they see an enemy since I can quickly burrow them by pressing (#2 + R) and they have a much larger sight range will unburrowed. I will then keep whatever leftover Urna's I have 2-6 near me (either burrowed in the actual lane or unburrowed in the forest). This way I use a little of their vision power and a lot of their silence power. You can of course use more Urna's for vision and less for silence if you want.

    In a battle format I will auto-attack my main silence target with all my Urnas and will press (#2 + F) every 3 seconds to keep the silence going.


    Shukuchi can be used to last hit creeps, damage heroes, dodge missiles, escape ganks, and set up Time Lapse. Last hitting creeps is easy with the damage from Shukuchi. Wait till 1-2 creeps are at low health and cast Shukuchi for an easy 90-100 gold. Damaging heroes is also easy, just run through them. Dodging missiles is simple, just cast Shukuchi when the Storm Bolt/Poison Nova/Attack Projectile is coming your way to cancel it. To set up Time Lapse all you have to do is run a long distance with Shukuchi then Time Lapse back, this will throw off 90% of enemies.

    Geminate Attack

    For Geminate attack to work you need to issue an attack command. That means that if you move to a spot and Weaver automatically starts attack a creep Geminate Attack won't work, you need to tell him to attack a creep by attacking the ground of targeting a creep.

    Time Lapse

    Time Lapse is excellent against Burst Damage and for escaping. Against burst damage casters like Lion and Lina cast Time Lapse after their combo to fully heal effectively making them waste their spells and mana. Time Lapse can also be used to Blink backwards to where you were 5 seconds ago to refresh MP/HP or to escape chases; with Shukuchi and Time Lapse you shouldn't ever be caught by chasers.



    Early Game

    Weaver's early game role is to farm up to his Radiance. Without Radiance you really lose a lot of your effectiveness. Laning with an item-independent hero like CM, Rhasta, Warlock is advised as they won't contend for farm with you and they can babysit you by harassing the enemy. Help you team by using some Urna's to scout runes and ganks.

    Mid Game

    Mid game you are somewhat dominant as long as you have radiance. With proper usage of Time Lapse and Shukuchi you should be able to stay alive for most team fights or at least escape if things get dicey. If you are getting focused really hard you can farm with Radiance and Geminate until you get one of your tanking items.

    Late Game

    Late game you have decent DPS and good survivability with Butterfly/Blademail up and your Time Lapse Shukuchi combo. You should be able to easily silence your targets with Urnas and then destroy them with your DPS. Most heroes except for hard carries will run from you.



    Best Allies

    Damage Amplifiers & Armour Reducers

    Say "Yes" to more DPS.


    These guys make farming and staying alive in your lane a piece of cake.

    Worst Enemies

    Long Disables

    If you are disabled for a long time you are easily taken down, this is why Linken's is a good option against these kinds of baddies.

    Long Silences

    Without Time Lapse or Shukuchi you are really squishy.



    There we go, my 8th guide is done. Weaver is a great hero to play if you are decently skilled and want to learn a more complicated hero. All of his spells can be mastered and are quite rewarding if you master them. Weaver is a great counter to burst DPS and to heroes that are ineffective while silenced. Overall, I hope this guide makes you want to try Weaver or at least try the build that I suggest for Weaver if not my playstyle. Thank you for reading this far, please comment/rate.



    Thanks to Ironfisto for the Dota Layout I used for Burrowing Spots.

    Thanks to Dotastrategy.com and Playdota.com for their extensive hero and item information sections.

    Replays coming soon!



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