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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jenova-, Sep 24, 2009.

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    I don't really like advertising for my own guide, but oh well:
    [Guide] What does a hero truly need?

    The only suggestion guide so far, that develops a theory about what heroes are, which important aspects they are composed off and what a hero needs in order to be good.

    Perhaps it's a bit more hero idea specific than anything else, but it also concerns remakes and to some extent abilities.
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    Quite comprehensive indeed o_O

    I think I'll add it under general, because as you said, it covers lots of different aspects.
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    Grats on the sticky. Good to see.
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    nice it's useful link
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    Thanks for this, going to be usefull :evil:
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    OP : is this updated??
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    ^It should be.

    If you notice something missing, let me know.
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    Thanks bro I needed this
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    very good.... nice one
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    Nice, thanks for the info.
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    thanks !!!
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    Gave several changes on the original post (give tags to be easier to identify, changed the templates, etc)
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    I hope it can serve the purpose of listing out various statistics regarding DotA, useful and what not. Need volunteers to keep the research going, as I hope it can be a community effort. Thanks.
    ple aad this link in your list
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    I think we should include the the user who makes on the guides since there could be more than one guide with same topic (like hero suggesting)
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