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    -=Compilation of Useful Links=-

    This is a list of all the useful threads scattered around the suggestions forum. The list might seem small now, but it will hopefully grow in due time.

    Post any comments, ideas or threads that I might have missed here.

    [tab]General|Hero Ideas|Item Ideas|Ability Ideas|Visuals|Remakes

    [GUIDE] What Does a Hero Truly Need?

    [GUIDE] Guide to Suggesting

    [GUIDE] How to Get Your Suggestion Noticed

    • Big List of Uncodeable Things
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  3. Jenova-

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    Thank you very much, Cp6uja. Will add that link right away.

    EDIT: Added a few more.
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  4. Foede

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    I demand stickyness.
  5. Eye

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  7. triangle

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    Grats on the sticky. Good to see. We need some item work, IMO.
  8. NoThlnG

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  9. Jenova-

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    Sure thing. However, bear in mind that this is not advertising nor a personal thread of mine, so essentially any thread that proves to be useful to the general community will be added here.

    Added, thanks for the link ;)

    Indeed, specially since they are one of the hardest suggestions to correctly make. We have to encourage people to make one big item making&commenting guide.

    I really like what you did there. PM me when you finish it and I'll add it right away to the list.

    And yes, I agree with you on that. However, the list is still very small, so I'll wait until we have more content before I do a revamp on the layout (otherwise, We'll have a lot of categories taking space and actually no guides needing such an organization).

    Thanks for your help providing me with links. Keep them coming!
  10. king_james

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    Surprised not to see the SDRC. We are here to standby to further improve the ideas of the of the forum, in order to maintain cleanliness and unique skills.

    - The primary goal is to have a system that focuses more on the improving of suggestions through review and discussion.
    - Another goal is to shift away from a very high quantity suggestions to fewer but more manageable quality ideas.

    It can fall under a new category; "Suggestion Improvement".

    Btw, congrats on the sticky, surprised to see it up there, since SOMEBODY said it was impossible. :)
  11. Axidos

    Axidos Well-Known Member

    Would prefer not to see the SDRC listed here for the same reasons it wasn't stickied. Take a look at the links here and note the consistent theme of simply being resources. Contrast this to endorsing a "committee" with unfortunate elitist connotations.

    Considering the neutrality of the list, the SDRC would probably be something like; "List of reviewers you can PM"... which isn't what it's described as. king_james, it is hardly a committee, it is a list with peoples' names on it who want to review suggestions. I have problems with the elitist impressions created by calling it a committee.
  12. triangle

    triangle Well-Known Member

    So it's just the term committee?
  13. Jenova-

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    Oh, this sure does bring back some memories :p.

    Any user who has visited DA in the past, will know that Axidos and I were one of the fiercest opposers to any sort of elitism. Attune to that, we opposed to an attempt of creating an organization very similar in goals and execution to the SDRC thread. It was alleged to be just a group of people with interest on reviewing suggestions, but the whole thread had an "exclusive club" feel to it that was just wrong and out of place.

    With all due respect king_james, the SDRC thread is in a similar situation to the aforementioned thread. The basic idea behind the thread isn't bad (a list of people to PM if you need a review), but there are certain aspects and details to it that would need revising for it to be completely neutral.

    It doesn't even have to give people a chance to conceive the idea that reviewers in that thread are better than others (because they are not, and everyone's opinion is just as valid as any other), and words such as "certified" and "committee" are not precisely helping. They give the wrong impression, and they would even more if the forum officially supported it.

    Also, IceFrog thinks likewise. I talked to IceFrog about the content of the thread, and it was ultimately decided to leave SDRC out of it. We as the official suggestions forum have to promote objetivity and equality on the opinions, and endorsing a thread with the characteristics of the SDRC could really give users the wrong message.

    I hope you understand, and there's no problem in you and other users maintaining the existence of the SDRC thread. However, it will have to be without official support from us as moderators.
  14. king_james

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    Its alright, I was getting my hopes up anyway, :D

    Congrats yet again to this thread.
  15. Jenova-

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    Thank you very much, but I'm not the one to congratulate. The community is, as it will be the main benefitted from it ;)
  16. NoThlnG

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    BTW, did you read my PM? I've finished by guide...
  17. Jenova-

    Jenova- Moderator

    Yes, and it has been added. Thank you very much for the contribution.
  18. uo111

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    I made a guide to the remake suggestion a long time ago at DA.

    Posted it here because I've seen a lot of really unnecessary remake suggestions recently.

    Guide to Remake Forum
  19. R.B.Economy

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    Hi Jenova-, can you add this to the list? Collaborated DotA Statistics

    I hope it can serve the purpose of listing out various statistics regarding DotA, useful and what not. Need volunteers to keep the research going, as I hope it can be a community effort. Thanks.
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  20. Jenova-

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    Both added. Thank you very much for your contribution.